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    i have a suggestion:
    you could store electrical energy as sugar using the electrosynthesis machine. then you could use the cellular respiration generator to convert sugar, or any type of food into electricity. the electrosynthesis machine would need a type of green plant in order to function and the cellular respiration generator should require a special geneticly modified cell. you get this cell from combining a bottle of water, any type of food and the genome which could be made from slime + something. in order to keep these cells alive they would have to be fed from time to time by either putting them in a crafting grid with any type of food or put them in the cellular respiration generator and insert sugar or any food. then the generator would generate power when the cell's hunger meter is full. there would be little energy loss and could be a cool way of storing and generating power.
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    Quote from DrBashier

    hi all
    i got a bit of a weird problem, NEI icons on th left dissapear when i create a new world

    but when i load one of my other ones there are they

    this shows what i mean

    any ideas?

    my guess is that you have turned on recipe mode globaly and cheat mode on the worlds that it works in.
    i reccomend checking your settings.
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