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    posted a message on Private vanilla minecraft server MATURE ONLY
    2:Minecraft name: shutomaster

    3:skype: crazyrabbit3243 or OmGGGTickleFarts (try both)

    4:how long have you played minecraft for: 2.5 years

    5:why should i accept you: Because I feel I am a decent skilled builder and a good friend

    6:can you donate a short amount of money to keep the server up: sorry no, but if I can I might

    7:Do you know what mindcrack is: Mindcrack is a server composing of approx. 24 YouTubers, who do collaboration builds and have houses and build villages and stuff. The current twist of the season is the WORLD BORDER

    8:Do you film: Yes with BANDICAM

    9:what type of servers do you normally play: Depends on my mood. I make maps and stuff so I'm mostly on SinglePlayer but I'm sometimes on HG and Walls and stuff

    10:what do you have to offer: I would say my redstone experience.

    Pls accept me I understand all rules, and I feel that I would be useful. I play minecraft just about every day but yeah pls accept me.
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    posted a message on Private vanilla server! Community craft apply now professionally hosted minecraft server
    IGN (In-Game-Name): shutomaster
    Age: 13 (I don't sound or look it, but take me srsly pls)
    Youtube: RedHatter (filter down to channels and ur good)
    How long have you played Minecraft? 2 yrs
    Why would you like to join the server? I want something new and I want to feel like it's just me and a bunch of others
    Why should we accept you? Because I'm bitesized and if I'm recording, I WILL RAGE IF U PRANK MEH and is funny
    What would you bring to the server? Abstract builds and concepts, and a giant fortress of dirt because I'm a boss ass noob
    Who is your favorite Minecraft youtuber and why? MumboJumbo, the redstoning brit
    Additional information (optional) [surprise inside]
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    posted a message on Vanilla Mindcrack like server
    IGN: shutomaster
    Skype: crazyrabbit3243 (don't judge me)
    Age: 13 (maturity: decent)
    YouTube Channel if recording: I actually CAN'T record, but my name is TheCanadianTimbit (I'm too lazy to post the link)
    Country: ---------------------------------------------------------> /\ /\ /\
    Fav Minecraft Block: Cobblestone
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    posted a message on MindCrack Fan server 100% vanilla No whitelist
    Hi there!! My name is Hunter, and I have been looking for a server that is like MindCrack but I haven't found one... until Now!!! I would like to join, I'm a good guy, and will not grief. Please add me, I don't have IGN unless that's a screen name thing but otherwise, I'd like to join. Please reply!!

    Minecraft Username: shutomaster
    Skype name: crazyrabbit3243
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    posted a message on Minecraft Let's Play: Help Needed!
    Quote from Babbage540

    Minecraft name: Babbage540
    Skype name: SetoGolem
    First name: Seto
    Time to record: Usually about twenty minutes a day, but sometimes I am otherwise engaged
    Youtube channel name: SetoGolem
    What brought you here: I wanted to do more videos with different people, and I would like to make my channel more popular.
    Time zone: Eastern
    Also: I am eleven years of age, and while I do not believe my voice to be annoying, you may think otherwise.
    OK, can you host a server for as long in a day as possible? (8am - 8pm)
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    posted a message on [CTM][Collection] Vechs' SUPER HOSTILE Series (Spellbound Caves II out now!)
    Q1: Could you use mods like optifine that enhance gameplay??

    Q2: Could you use mods that make the game more difficult like mutant zombies??

    Q3: Could you use mods like Too Many Items that show you how to craft an item (if you are using mods that add more items)???
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    posted a message on New ruby?
    I'm working on a texture pack that I will be using alot, and I come across a ruby texture. the file says ruby, and this is no lie, I swear. What is this, some prank?? Help!!
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    posted a message on [ADV] Eronev Mansion Adventure [1,000,000+ Downloads!] 1.9 Verified. The Classic Pumpkin Adventure.
    Quote from _Reed501_

    Great map and love your videos, but there are some flaws.

    • long (but not too long)
    • multiple endings
    • creative use of redstone
    • zones
    • minecart use
    • ending stuffs (all that netherrack, where'd it come from??? :o )
    • the upgrade system (was I ever able to destroy webs?)
    • cobweb use (couldn't jump correctly, made some parts impossible without cheating)
    • Confusing (didn't know which way was correct and which was optional, was I supposed to save the people in like the town hall? Where can I get all the redstone? I was told not to save someone so I didn't. :( )
    • CREEPERS!! (arrrggghhhh! One blew up my tutorial at very beginning! Should include a mod which disables creepers.)
    • inventory cluttering (make stuff drop less, I don't know)
    Amazing overall 9/10

    Creeper problem solved in 1.4: /gamerule mobGirefing false
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    posted a message on Minecraft Let's Play: Help Needed!
    why do I do this?
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    posted a message on Minecraft Let's Play: Help Needed!
    oops, unneeded comment
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    posted a message on Minecraft Let's Play: Help Needed!
    Quote from SupaLawlCat

    What does that mean?
    I accedentilly commented but I didn't want to comment.
    Quote from SupaLawlCat

    1: Minecraft Name: SupaLolCat
    2: Skype Name: SupaLolCat
    3: First Name: Melbourne (no h8 plz)
    4: Do you have a REASONABLE (at lease 4 days a week) amount of time to record: I'm off school so I'm pretty much free all the time.
    5: YouTube channel name/link: Click my signature image, or http://www.youtube.com/supalawlcat
    6: What brought you here: I am kind of bored, and it seems a good way to get more videos.

    Here is a sample of the quality and whatnot:

    I was really tired when I made that. I usually have more enthusiasm. Also note that the slight lag is caused by the glitchy terrain generation of the game. It is in early alpha.

    I have some questions though;

    1. Would this be uploaded on my channel, or yours? If it would be uploaded on your channel it might not be worth the time and effort to me. That's not to say I wouldn't do it, but you'd have to prove yourself.

    2. How old are you? Age doesn't really matter though, basically, are you mature and do you have a non-annoying voice?

    3. Is your computer stable and fairly powerful? Since you wouldn't be recording it wouldn't matter too much, but I'd like it if you could play on far with 30+ FPS.

    4. You didn't mention anything about server hosting. I can do that too if you wish.

    And the "email me the recordings to edit thing" wouldn't really work. The raw fraps files are 50GB+, and even after rendering them for upload to YouTube they are like 2GB each.
    1: Yes it would be.
    2: 11. And not a really annoying voice
    3: What does it matter if I played on far?
    4: I do have server hosting, but it is vanilla, not bukkit.

    What is your time zone? I want to know incase I am giving you a skype call at 3 am your time?
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    posted a message on Minecraft Let's Play: Help Needed!
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    posted a message on Minecraft Let's Play: Help Needed!

    If you can't tell by the title, then you have no brain to the accordance of what you are about to read. I want to do a Minecraft let's play, but I can't record it. I was hoping that someone could help, so if you can, please fill out the survey below (not really a survey)

    1: Minecraft Name: (ex. shutomaster)
    2: Skype Name: (ex. crazyrabbit3243)
    3: First Name: (ex. Hunter)
    4: Do you have a REASONABLE (at lease 4 days a week) amount of time to record:
    5: YouTube channel name/link: (ex. MiniZeldaMaster)
    6: What brought you here: (ex. ?)
    7: Time Zone: (ex. Pacific Time)
    8: Do you have a server that can be up as long as possible? (me: no)
    You only have to input the numbers, and you MUST be able to record. I can edit the recordings, just email them to me. See you later folks!


    PS: I would appreciate it if you input the numbers, and I do not have server hosting, I have a computer issue.
    PPS: All of the above examples are what I would input.
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    posted a message on The Legend of Minecraft Part 1

    The email "[email protected]" has been deleted. If you sent an email to it, resend it to [email protected] thx!

    That email's mine... How did you figure it out?I'm going to be re-creating this map using the new redstone physics and MCEdit and so much more stuff. Knowing the owner quite well, I'm sure he will not mind. I hope you enjoy the NEW edition remake, with tons more quests.

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    posted a message on Survive the Story
    Don't forget. I have 4x the attack and defense. Plus a budder pick, which does +2 damage. Multiply that by 4, you have a titan on your hands. Plus me. that is a total of 50 AT and 40 DF. Bring it on.
    Quote from racoonrock42


    iron golems punch your face
    Your avatar, you douch
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