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    posted a message on Compasses that actually point to your bed
    They really need to fix this and have your compass point to the last bed you slept in....
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    posted a message on PoisonedExe v1.1 (Written in Python) (Run exe's at school)
    I Have developed a new sort of program

    A Program that will allow you to run exe's (Exectuable Files) On a school computer (Probably)
    Using a number of different methods

    PoisonedExe v1.1
    Download Link: Click Here

    (This has been tested and verified working on my school computers)

    There is an included readme in the zip file please refer to that for help

    PoisonedExe is 100% Open Source and is Built using Python
    And Poison Programming Language v1.1 (Click to download Poison Programming Language)
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    posted a message on (Beta 1.8.1) (Modloader) Realms Of X-Craftia (ExtremeCraft Alpha Version 1.0.2) (Beta Pre-Release Out Now)
    Copyright Information
    Copyright 2011 To Shubshub Productions This Mod is Copyrighted to Its Owner (Shubshub) For Its Creation all Code Belongs to The Modding Team and Can Not Be Hosted anywhere Else Unless Permission Is Given By Me (Shubshub) The Only Websites That Can Host This Mod Is http://www.minecraftforum.net (Minecraft Forums) Unless Specified Otherwise By The Owner Any Breakage of This Copyright (Meaning Hosting the Mod without Permission) Can Result In a LawSuit Or Other Stuff Happening To You

    Credits: (The Great People Behind This Mod)
    cantpwnme: Texture Artist
    Pluto011: Modler/Coder
    Super Pickaxe: Coder
    Shubshub (ME =D): Coder

    Realms Of X-Craftia
    All About Realms of X-Craftia

    Go To This Link To See How to Help Make the Mod

    Download Links
    Download Alpha Version 1.0.2 For Beta 1.8.1
    -Link Removed As Pre-Release Does Not Work Yet-

    Realms Of X-Craftia Is A Stand-Alone WIP Mod For Minecraft It will Change alot Of Aspects In The Game and Add Tons Of New Blocks Upon The Already Existing Blocks Including Potions, New Mobs, New Ways Of Combat, ALL NEW SOUNDS, Over 50 New Blocks to Play with AND BEST OF ALL

    Basically This New Dimension Will Be Where All of This Mod Takes Place In a Place Called The Volcanic Plains
    Think Of It as a Brand New Game Altogether What It will Do Is Minecraft will Spawn You Naturally In The Overworld HOWEVER THIS IS WHERE EXTREMECRAFT MOD BEGINS With the Power of Modding The Game will Spawn A Room Around you with A Portal Made Out Of Portal Bricks The Room Will Be Made Out Of Bedrock so That You Can Not Escape
    Upon Entering his Portal You will Be Transported To The World Of X-Craftia A Place Of Huge Excitement All New Stuff to Do

    The Realm will Be Huge and Is Only Limited to What you Can do There will Be Custom Blocks Custom Scripting
    And Best Of All CUSTOM MOBS You will Be able To Program In Your Own Blocks and Scripts and Mobs which Will work With Everyone If You 1. Decide To Upload The Script To Our Wiki (Not Yet Created) And Someone Downloads It 2. You Package It with Either A. Your Map When You Give it To Someone Or B. Its Coded Into The Realms Of X-Craftia Server Software


    Visit the Realms of X-Craftia Wiki: Click Here

    Images (These Are Only Crafting Recipes To See More Go To: http://realmsofxcraftia.wikia.com/wiki/Blocks_And_Items)

    Glass = Glass Bottle For The Potions
    Click To View - Normal Health Potion

    Click To View - Super Health Potion

    Click To View - Ultra Health Potion

    Click To View(Red Dye = Ultra Health Potion) - Pure Ultimate Health Potion

    Click To View (Red dye = Ultra Health Potion) - Non-Pure Ultimate Health Potion

    Glass = Glass
    Click To View - Glass Bottle


    Realms Of X-Craftia Pre-Release is Out now Try out some of the Things we Have Been working On

    Videos (If you wish to Make a Video of it Make the Video then send me the Youtube Link Thanks)

    Video by cantpwnme (Hunter)
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    posted a message on Minecraft: End Of Time
    In the Year 2009 Minecraft Was Created
    In 2010 Minecraft Went Into Beta
    In 2011 Minecraft Continued to Be a Sucsess

    While I Make this Map I will Also Be Working On another Map Called Pokemon Unova Minecraft Version So Please Forgive me If it takes A Long time for this Map to be released

    However In the Year 90 Billion X5 The Minecraft Universe Is Ending

    This Adventure Map will Have You Exploring Caves and Dangerous Rifts Across the Void In a Race to Find the Levers To Open the Door Outside Of The Universe

    Message From Professor Sky
    (This Storyline Has Nothing to do with actual Minecraft)
    Prologue: The Minecraft World Has Finally started To Collapse In On its Self World Generators Slowly Generating Less and Less Each Time All But 1 Player Has Left the Universe In Search of a New home where They can Build and Have fun However this 1 Person Happens to be you. The Door To Leave the Universe Has Closed Before you were able to Escape and Now you Must find all The Levers Scattered About the Remains Of this Collapsing world To Escape In search Of a New Home

    Plot: There are Many Levers Scattered About the Remains of this Corrupt and Collapsing Universe and You Must find all of them To Open the Door to the Other Side To do this you will Need to Explore Dangerous Caves Jump Across Death-Defying Rifts and Most Imporant Of all To Survive
    The World Does Not Have Much Left In It However The More You Explore the More Chance you have Of Getting Erased From Existance along with the Rest Of the Universe

    This Is the Final Message we Could find From Professor Sky It was Hard Enough to Find And we Finally Managed to Decode It Here it is

    My Last Words My Freind: You are Bound to get Lost In the Slowly Collapsing world So I Built this Invention For you
    It will allow you to Get back To The Main Island Easily I Call It the Tesla-Transport 3000 It Is Very Well Made Invention But It Requires Power For It to work Hopefully If there is any left you May Find some redstone In the World which will Allow you to Activate The Power Source to Open the Tesla-Transport Once Inside It You Can Then Use it to Walk Back to the Main Island without Getting Attacked By Those Corrupt Enemies

    A Final Message That Was Written By an Unknown Person we Found it Deep Underground
    Near a Cave Of Lava

    Anonymous Person: By The time You read this I will have Either Died Or Left the Universe By Now However I found A Lever That may Be Connected to Escaping the Universe It Is Inside a Cave called The Cave Of Misfortune. Be Warned there Are Many Traps In this Cave One Wrong step and You will End Up Trapped Forever Never to Be Heard From Again Be Careful. AAAGH Im Trapped Noooo Come Save Me If you Dare Im At The Lever at the Deepest Part Of the cave

    Rules Of The Map
    No Breaking Blocks Unless You Have The Permission to Do So
    No Jumping Across Rifts Until You Have The Abillity To Do So
    No Hacking
    No Mods
    No Flying
    Do Everything your Told to do (Unless It says Permission Required)
    You Can Place Redstone Wires In Front Of another Piece Of Redstone Wire to Power The Tesla-Transport But No Where Else
    (You May Not Use It to Make Obsidian Using The Lava and Water Glitch as It May Ruin The Map)

    This Map Is A WIP and Is Not Yet Released

    This Map will Feature Many Things that I May Find Impossibly Hard to achieve but I will
    Complete this Map

    Also Feel Free to Send Me Ideas By Private Messaging Them To Me

    Areas In End Of Time
    There will Be 6 Areas In Total 5 Of Which will Contain Levers They will Be Very Large When all 5 Levers Have Been Pulled You Shall Escape This Universe Forever (There Will Be An Epic Ending)
    These Areas Are Listed In The Order I Thought Them Up and Can be Played In Any Order to Some Extent

    Area 1: Cave Of Misfortune
    Description: A Dark and Dangerous Cave Full of Traps That could Keep you there For all Eternity
    Permissions Required: None (This Can be Done From the Start)

    Area 2: Rifts Of Chaos
    Description: A Large Island with Chaotic Rifts Inside It A Very Dangerous Mystery Lurks Within The Chasms
    Permissions Required: Rift Jump (Required To Jump Across Rifts)
    Sub-Area: Chaotic Chasms (Deepest Area of The Rifts Of Chaos)

    Area 3: Infected Forest
    Description: A Forest Infected By Many Things Alot Of Zombies Live Here And Will Attempt To Kill You they are Said to Be The Reamins Of The Town Of NatureLife
    Sub-Area: NatureLife Town (Deepest Section Of The Infected Forest)
    Permissions Required: Soft Smash (Abillity To Break Wool Blocks)

    Area 4: Chaotic Ruins
    Description: The Ruined Remains Of a Secret Cavern Very Well Built and Very Dangerous Without A Light Source To Guide You. Many People Use to Believe That In the Deepest Part Of The Ruins Was a Portal To Another Dimension With a Dangerous Enemy Lurking Inside
    Sub-Area: Chaotic Corruption
    Permissions Required: Bright Eyes (Permission To Place Torches (YOU ONLY GET 1 TORCH))

    Area 5: Corrupted Islands
    Description: A Large Group Of Islands Near The End Of the Universe Or Where the Universe Has Collapsed To So Far Anyway Not Many People Lived In these Islands As They Believed a Deadly Enemy Was Watching From Below Ready To Kill Them At Any Moment (However This Is Not True But Something Does wait Below the Islands Ready to test anyone to The Most Impossible Tasks)
    Permissions Required: Rift Jump, Falcon Punch (Abillity To Break Golden Blocks with Your Fist)
    Sub-Area: Spiraling StairCase Of Doom

    Area 6: Universal Rift
    Description: Believe It Or Not When the People Of the Minecraft Universe Escaped The Universe as It was Collapsing The Universal Rift Was Created and Nobody Lived to Tell The Tale However There are Stories Of The Universal Rift that It is the Most Dangerous and Most Deadly Place of all and will Kill You Very Quickly Unless you have the Ultimate Skills

    Sub-Area: None (However The Universal Rift Goes Into the Final Section)
    Permissions Required: Rift Jump, Soft Smash, Falcon Punch, Bright Eyes

    Final Area: Vortex Of Fate
    Description: Anyone Who Entered The Vortex Of Fate Was Killed Instantly By The Deadly Virus That Lurks About this Vortex Killing Wanderers If you want To Escape the Universe Then you will need to Show The Ultimate Skills Of Minecraft This Vortex will Change Your Abillities Alot and You may Not Be able to Do things You could do Before Likewise You May Be able to do new Things

    Sub-Area: Dimensional Rift (GRAND FINAL AREA)

    Permissions OverRide: In the Vortex Of Fate You will Be able to and Not BE able to

    You May Break Cobblestone with a Pickaxe
    You May Craft Items
    You May Not Cheat
    You Can Not Place Blocks Unless It says You Can
    You Can Place Water From A Bucket (ONLY 1 BUCKET ALLOWED)
    No Bucketing Up Lava
    No Using Your Old Permissions Unless Stated In the Area
    You Can Only Place A Torch In an Area with Glass Around It
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Modding Tutorial: Adding New Blocks And Mobs, And Items That Heal HEARTS (With MODLOADER (No AudioMod Yet Sorry)) By Shu
    Hello this is my first Tutorial I will Be Using the Code I Used in my ExtremeCraft Mod to Tell you How to Make New blocks and New Mobs

    First A New Block

    Make a New .java File called mod_(mod name here) and Block(Block Name Here)
    Modify The code Below to your Likings for your Block

    package net.minecraft.src;
    import java.util.Random;

    public class BlockMagmaStone extends Block
    protected BlockMagmaStone(int i, int j)
    super (i,j,Material.rock);

    public int idDropped(int i, Random random)
    return mod_extremecraft.crackedMagmaStone.blockID;

    public int quantityDropped(Random random)
    return 1;

    public BlockMagmaStone(int blockID, Material material)
    super (blockID, material);
    Save It as Block(Block Name Here).java

    Now for the Mod file This will include 2 Different Blocks registered and Also Make 1 Of them Generate Into the worlds Terrain

    Make a New file and save it as mod_(mod name here).java

    package net.minecraft.src;
    import java.util.Random;

    public class mod_extremecraft extends BaseMod
    public static final Block magmaStone = (new BlockMagmaStone(159,Material.rock)).setHardness(1F).setResistance(30F).setBlockName("magma_stone").setLightValue(1F);
    public static final Block crackedMagmaStone = (new BlockCrackedMagma(160,Material.rock)).setHardness(1F).setResistance(30F).setBlockName("cracked_magmastone").setLightValue(1F);

    public mod_extremecraft()
    ModLoader.AddName(magmaStone, "Magma Stone");
    ModLoader.AddSmelting(Block.stone.blockID, new ItemStack(mod_extremecraft.magmaStone.blockID, 1, 1));
    magmaStone.blockIndexInTexture = ModLoader.addOverride("/terrain.png", "blocks/magmastone.png");
    ModLoader.AddName(crackedMagmaStone, "Cracked Magma Stone");
    ModLoader.AddSmelting(mod_extremecraft.magmaStone.blockID, new ItemStack(mod_extremecraft.crackedMagmaStone.blockID, 1, 1));
    crackedMagmaStone.blockIndexInTexture = ModLoader.addOverride("/terrain.png", "blocks/crackedmagma.png");
    public String Version()
    return "ExtremeCraft Version 1.1";
    public void GenerateSurface(World world, Random rand, int chunkX, int chunkZ)
    for(int i = 0; i < 60; i++)
    int randPosX = chunkX + rand.nextInt(16);
    int randPosY = rand.nextInt(40);
    int randPosZ = chunkZ + rand.nextInt(16);
    (new WorldGenMinable(mod_extremecraft.magmaStone.blockID, 4)).generate(world, rand, randPosX, randPosY, randPosZ);
    Replace the mod_extremecraft with the mod_(your mods name here)

    Now for Mobs

    Make a file called mod_(Mob Name).java and Put into it

    package net.minecraft.src;

    import java.lang.reflect.Method;
    import java.util.Map;

    public class mod_Magman extends BaseMod

    public mod_Magman()
    ModLoader.RegisterEntityID(EntityMagman.class, "Magman", ModLoader.getUniqueEntityId());
    ModLoader.AddSpawn(EntityMagman.class, 20, 3, 8, EnumCreatureType.creature);
    public void AddRenderer(Map map)
    map.put(EntityMagman.class, new RenderBiped(new ModelBiped(), 0.5F));

    public String Version()
    return "Magman 1.8.1";

    replace mod_magman with Your mod_(mob name)

    now For the EntityFile of your Mob Make a New file and name it Entity(Mob Name).java and Input the following code

    package net.minecraft.src;

    public class EntityMagman extends EntityMob

    public EntityMagman(World world)
    texture = "/mob/magman.png";
    moveSpeed = 0.5F;
    attackStrength = 4;
    isImmuneToFire = true;

    protected int getDropItemId()
    return mod_extremecraft.magmaStone.blockID;
    again replace EntityMagman with the Mob name you Chose

    This is How You Make a Food Item That will Heal Hearts
    (Again this is Using The Mod That Me and My Mod team are working On)

    This is a Quick Spoiler on how to Make a Food item that heals Health

    public class Item(NAME HERE) extends Item
    private int health;

    public Item(NAME HERE)(int i, int h)
    this.bs = 12;
    this.health = h;

    public ul a(ul itemstack, rv world, sz entityplayer)
    itemstack.a -= 1;
    return itemstack;
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    lol y would we give u an account activator gift codes always work its not like your fooling anyone
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    yea right noob
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