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    we will be playing Minecraft and Maybe some other games so come and check it out
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    Its happening to me to I wonder whats up Unless there Updating it
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    posted a message on Coming Soon: dotVirus - Batch Video Game
    I Have figured out how to create a Roguelike in Batch and have started developing the dotVirus Roguelike RPG Game
    where you are In search of the Blessed Ultra AntiMalware Chip and Must use it to Destroy all the viruses

    There will be the following

    About 50 Floors of the Main levels [The Hard-Drive]
    A Puzzle Level Which will add about 40 Extra floors [The Memory (R.A.M)]
    The Static Levels [The R.O.M] (These are Basically only accessible Once you die for the first time and allow you to
    search these levels for lost items you may find items you may find nothing but they may all be cursed also)
    The Depths of the System Levels
    And the Mega Virus which Consists of 5 Floors

    This will be about 200 Floors of Gameplay and will feature permadeath and a flicker free screen
    I Already have movement working and the flicker free part

    this will be highly based around NetHack and be a huge Modification of it

    Basically you could call it NetHack for Batch

    EDIT1 Currently working on for the roguelike

    I Have gottne dieing of hunger working
    the turn counter is working
    I have fixed the flickering problem that batch files have when making games
    Made it so that the turn counter and hunger counter do not decrease as soon as you load a save file
    Next I will be working on more of the game mechanics such as enemies which could be tough

    Oh and also I Have been test driving the Item Mechanics and they sort of work I mean if you walk over the one Item I Have Placed Depicted by an "H" it will disapear and create ITEM.BAT (yup mostly everything has capitals now)
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    Quote from baggerboot

    You can use your bare fists to slam a nail into a piece of wood, but that doesn't mean you should. Hammers were invented to do this, so you don't have to hurt yourself badly in the process.

    Sure you can make a simple game in Batch, however, if you really are as good a programmer as you are trying to make us think you are, you'll also know that this batch file will eventually explode into a huge piece of unmanageable spaghetticode. The question is not if this will happen, the question is when it will happen.

    What do you mean this batch file Currently there are 43 files that go along with dotVirus and it is all very well programmed

    EDIT1 Also Tonight I Will be starting to gather ideas for a dotVirus RogueLike game :D as Basically a roguelike version which would be developed alongside dotVirus in a different language
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    Yes you can call sounds in batch Look it up on google

    Also I have added the Infinite Leveling System Now

    The Game is coming along Nicely
    with an Infinite Leveling system which means I no longer have to Manually program In levels
    However every level you gain doubles the amount of experience you need

    EDIT1.1 the Statweak Effect now divides your current xp and the needxp By your Level
    That way your Level does not sporadicly rise heaps when you are effected by the statweak

    EDIT1.1.1 Nope didnt like the idea of diving your xp and needxp by your level so Instead I have now changed it to divide your xp and needxp by the %wep_lev%

    And also to the one talking about sandboxing this: I am not that stupid to create a virus to wipe every file off of a persons machine nor would I probably be experienced enough to make a virus that would do that nor do I intend to learn how to as I am not a Bad person

    Shields can No Longer be a ShieldOfSwordiness I have added a Little check to see if it is either a sword or shield and to correctly display either Swordiness or Shieldiness :D

    Also yes I do Know how to program I have made a Minecraft Mod before and Have made Multiple games in another language Also I Know a bit of Python and BASIC

    EDIT1.2 Special Resistances

    I Have decided to add special resistances to the game such as Hunger Resistance or Health Resistance or Infect Resistance

    basically what these will do is Eliminate their abillity to kill you using that method Meaning if you are Resistant to hunger your Hunger will Be able to Be Minuses Infinitely Until of course a Virus strips you of your Hunger Resistance which would result in InstaDeath meaning you may still want to eat Unless of course you had the Drain Resistance which Prevents you from Being Drained of any Resistances except for the Drain Resistance (and out of all your resistances How often would your Drain Resistance Be Targeted)

    These will only work if their file exists

    EDIT1.3 Hunger Resistance has been added

    I have sucsessfully added hunger resistance to the game and also You can buy Hunger Resistance in the shop for 5000 Bytes
    and since food costs 100 Bytes each it might be quite a while till you get The Hunger Resistance to not have to purchase food any more

    Resistances will be expensive and only Buyable in the shop for 5000+ Bytes
    Food however only costs 100 Bytes which your buying food quite often and since you only start with twenty I decided to make it give you +2 Max Hunger each time you level up so your not relying on prayer which only comes every 30 Turns

    Oh and also I am adding a Turn Counter
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    There is a glitch with the StatWeak effect where if you still have the require amount of experience then It will level you up again
    I know how to fix this and will

    The death effect works perfectly and I am about to test to see if you can pray its effects away by doing
    -> pray
    -> cursed
    and it will clear your inventory Effectivly getting rid of all cursed Items and also is set up to delete the random_die.bat under SAVEDATA which is created when you get an ItemOfDeathLevelWhatever

    EDIT1.1 I am also going to be adding in Hunger

    Basicall if you run out of hunger then your maxhealth will go down by 1 Every turn Also you can always pray if you can and have your hunger restored to full

    You will start with 20 Hunger which will go down 0.5 Each turn
    You must eat food otherwise You might die Im going to make it you can buy Food from the shop for about 100 Bytes per food and food will restore 5 Hunger And if it were to make your Hunger go Over 20 then it will set your Hunger to 20

    You can Increase your Max Hunger by Praying and only Praying

    Also If you happen to get a Cursed Item Of Death and you have not yet obtained a Blessed Item Of Praying then you can pretty much count your self dead unless you strike lucky and get a Praying item before you die which will let you pray away your death sentence

    EDIT1.2 I am changing the price of the Infect skill to 3000 and your starting money to 2000 Also
    I Have added buying food [You can buy any kind of food with any kind of name [PS Don't buy a piece of food called back because it wont let you eat it]

    EDIT1.3 Just a quick recap On the current features of dotVirus

    Completely random number generated Deciding on wether you will battle and enemy or obtain an item
    Randomly Created items when you create an item
    Item effects work perfectly [Currently Items that raise or lower your stats have permanent effects I think this is adds a good amount of challenge meaning you cant just pray your status drains away you have to level up or pray them back up slowly]

    Cursed Uncursed and Blessed Items along with effects [Very Unique Effects]
    Shops where you can buy new PAIDSTATS [Currently only Infect is availible and does Nothing at the Moment]

    You can buy Food at the shop just type the name of something and it will ask you if you wish to buy that as a Food Item and if you tell it yes then you pay 100 Bytes for the Piece of food and you can eat it to regain 5 Hunger I may make more powerful food in the future that have preset names and have special effects when you eat them similar to the cursed uncursed and blessed system I have

    The Player can Level up [Not Many levels have been implemented yet Im also going to try and add an Infinite Leveling System Like I did with one of my Previous Projects that I never posted here]

    You can pray away cursed items at a cost of clearing your entire inventory [This will change in the future to be only clearing out the cursed items]

    If either your level or Max Health go below 1 then you are Deemed to weak to continue and the Viruses basically Infect your character and you die and you get game over [Im about to change this to check if your health is Less than 0.1 to be more accurate Just incase I make items which give you health in the decimals :D]

    If I have forgotten anything I will probably post it up here shortly :D
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    Well, this will not go anywhere far, is my prediction.
    Batch is not intended for application programming of any sort, and should not be used for it.

    If you do not think Batch will allow me to add much to the game go and google "TIMESTREAMER BATCH FILE GAME" You will be amazed

    EDIT1.1: Effects work sort of but they take effect every time you Look at you inventory

    Im going to make so that this is called when you create the weapon

    EDIT1.2 Effects work Perfectly now I think (Took me like 15 Minutes to make sure that they worked and they did
    Also I have added KILLDATA\check_death.bat to check if you are eligible to die or not
    this depends on checking wether your maxhealth is below 1 or your level is below 1
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    posted a message on Coming Soon: dotVirus - Batch Video Game
    Thanks :D

    Also on progress report

    After what felt Like Hours and nearly giving up with the entire project I finally fixed an extremely annoying bug which would add Billions upon billions of trailing spaces (Basically I Mean it added an extra 1 space every time it saved) I Made a remove_space.bat with the following code in it

    [code]rem This is the solution to removing spaces from the SAVEDATA files IF EXIST "SAVEDATA\health.bat" CALL "SAVEDATA\health.bat" IF EXIST "SAVEDATA\level.bat" CALL "SAVEDATA\level.bat" IF EXIST "SAVEDATA\protect.bat" CALL "SAVEDATA\protect.bat" IF EXIST "SAVEDATA\room.bat" CALL "SAVEDATA\room.bat" IF EXIST "SAVEDATA\money.bat" CALL "SAVEDATA\money.bat" set /a "bytes=0+%bytes%" set /a "level=0+%level%" set /a "maxhealth=0+%maxhealth%" set /a "protect=0+%protect%" echo set "level=%level%">"SAVEDATA\level.bat" echo set "bytes=%bytes%">"SAVEDATA\money.bat" echo set "maxhealth=%maxhealth%">"SAVEDATA\health.bat" echo set "protect=%protect%">"SAVEDATA\protect.bat"[/code]

    Also I Have added Item Dropping

    [code]:start cls echo Here is a List of your Items [Item Filename Is Listed in these] IF EXIST "ITEMDATA\sword1.bat" CALL "ITEMDATA\sword1.bat" IF EXIST "ITEMDATA\sword1.bat" ECHO %item% [%addid%] IF EXIST "ITEMDATA\sword2.bat" CALL "ITEMDATA\sword2.bat" IF EXIST "ITEMDATA\sword2.bat" ECHO %item% [%addid%] IF EXIST "ITEMDATA\sword3.bat" CALL "ITEMDATA\sword3.bat" IF EXIST "ITEMDATA\sword3.bat" ECHO %item% [%addid%] IF EXIST "ITEMDATA\shield1.bat" CALL "ITEMDATA\shield1.bat" IF EXIST "ITEMDATA\shield1.bat" ECHO %item% [%addid%] IF EXIST "ITEMDATA\shield2.bat" CALL "ITEMDATA\shield2.bat" IF EXIST "ITEMDATA\shield2.bat" ECHO %item% [%addid%] IF EXIST "ITEMDATA\shield3.bat" CALL "ITEMDATA\shield3.bat" IF EXIST "ITEMDATA\shield3.bat" ECHO %item% [%addid%] echo. echo Which Item do you wish to drop echo. echo [Warning If you drop an Item you can Not get it back] echo [Type back to Return to the HUB] set /p drop=Drop Item: IF %drop%==back goto eof IF EXIST "ITEMDATA\%drop%.bat" goto dropsure ECHO You do not have %drop% pause goto start :dropsure cls echo Drop %drop%? echo [REMEMBER!: If you type Y then you will Never see the item again] set /p yn=Are You Sure Y/N: IF %yn%==Y goto dropyes IF %yn%==N goto start goto dropsure :dropyes echo Dropping %drop% IF EXIST "ITEMDATA\%drop%.bat" DEL "ITEMDATA\%drop%.bat" echo Drop Sucsessful goto eof :eof[/code]

    I Have not yet added the Weapon Effects (Might not do that till abit later)

    I also Fixed some Minor Bugs which included the %name% Not changing when you have too many of a certain item this was a very easy fix

    added the "FIXDATA" Folder for the bat files that fix data such as Removing the trailing spaces

    The Game now deletes the SAVEDATA Before it saves it again (Hopefully this might prevent some bugs in the future)

    Bugs left to fix that I Know of

    when in the item dropping menu it displays Missing Operator or Missing Operend I dont know why but Im going to look into it after watching this episode of lets play nethack (Hes up to the bigroom :D )

    EDIT1 Might also add in some more enemies to battle as it will get boring fast only having the 2 enemies to battle also I had this Idea of a Name generator for the enemies which could decide its advantages in battle that way I could make a single enemy script which has a bunch of random number generators to generate the enemy [Yes this sounds like a good idea im going to implement it :D ]

    EDIT1.2 Progress

    I Have Implemented that Enemy Script Idea and added a New folder
    "MONSTER_DATA" Holds all the data that is accessible by "enemy_script.bat"

    Heres the code for enemy_script.bat

    [code]:pre_gen echo Deciding Which Enemy :generate set /a enemygen=0 set /a enemygen=(20 * %random%) / 32768 + 1 IF %enemygen%==1 goto enemy1 IF %enemygen%==2 goto enemy2 goto generate :enemy1 IF EXIST "BATTLEDATA\MONSTER_DATA\mon1.bat" CALL "BATTLEDATA\MONSTER_DATA\mon1.bat" goto eof :enemy2 IF EXIST "BATTLEDATA\MONSTER_DATA\mon2.bat" CALL "BATTLEDATA\MONSTER_DATA\mon2.bat" goto eof :eof echo.[/code]

    Thats all it is :D It uses a RNG and chooses a random number between 1 and 20 and it keeps looking for a number until it finds either 1 or 2 Im going to add in more enemies and it will be much easier and take up less code in the dotVirus.bat


    i fIxed the Minor bug where it displayed Missing Operator I do not know what caused it
    But I deleted shield3.bat reobtained it and now the bug is gone :D

    Also I made so that you can not drop cursed items :D :D :D

    EDIT1.4 Feature addition
    Im going to make it you can choose a stat to have a bonus over the other stats
    For example

    Class: Infected
    Starts with the Infect stat Bought and paid for (Starts with +1 Infected)
    Starts with 0 Money (This is a Benfit as the Infect costs 1000 Money and you only start with 500)

    Class: Blacksmith
    Starts with a Random Item Not of your choice (It could be a cursed item :P )
    Starts with 750 Money and -1 On the Protection stat

    Class: Protected
    Starts with +1 Protection at the start of the Game

    EDIT1.5: Feature added

    I Have sucsessfully added all the above classes I Mentioned :D

    Still to add The effects the weapons actually have

    EDIT2: Feature decide

    I have decided that for the weapon effects The ones that alter your stats will be permanant [Hooray] However I will be changing it at a later date

    So any cursed weapons their effects will stick with you for life :D I will work on effects shortly

    EDIT3: I Have decided on how the game can be won

    Basically once you reach a certain level I will make so that you unlock a new number in the item generator
    and then If you recieve the very specific type of item Then you can use the "use" command and use that very specific item and win the game be warned however There will be viruses that can destroy items
    Also there are viruses that will always have a Higher Infect Level than your protect level
    [The way that works is by doing [code]set infect=%protect%+1[/code] that way it will always have more protect than you however I Might make it possible to use items in Battle so that you can use lets say a UncursedPotionOfProtectLevel1 which will up your protect by 1 During battle and it would protect you from the Infection

    About Item Levels

    Basically the item level tells you how much of the bonus you get If its Cursed then a low level is better if its Blessed then a High level is better Levels range from 1-10
    so if you have a CursedSwordOfDeathLevel10 [Oh yeah btw I switch the Of%type% around with Level%wep_lev%] then at random you could get game over because level 10 being the strongest and Death type being the worst Kind of Curse there is Level 10 Death causes InstaDeath at Random while anything below that Minuses your Max Health by %wep_lev% at random [InstaDeath works like this [code]set maxhealth=%maxhealth%-%maxhealth%-%maxhealth% This is to be sure that you can not protect yourself without having a BlessedAmuletOfLifeLevel10 Life is a status type given only to items and not equipment currently there are only a 30 Unique Weapons [15 Of them Being swords and 15 Of them Being Shields]

    EDIT3.1: Added new C.U.B [C.U.B Means Cursed Unblessed Blessed]
    I Have added a new C.U.B to the Game it is called HigherBlessed this will Basically double the effects of the Blessed Enchantment I Have set to Program in effects and plan to work on them tommorow
    [Well Ive programmed them in but their not working]

    EDIT3.2 Decided on the winning items Name

    Im going to call it the AmuletOfKillVirus

    Basically you type the use command if you have it
    and it must be at its strongest level and be Blessed more than HigherBlessed
    And if you do have it it will activate and disinfect all the computer systems in the world thus winning the game

    HOWEVER!!!! If it Happens a CursedAmuletOfKillVirus any Level then "use"ing it will result in Infecting every computer system in the world with the most deadly enemy virus which you only have a very slim chance of beating and if you do beat it then the game is considered beat but it is Considered a CursedWin not a BlessedWin

    If you use an UncursedAmuletOfKillVirus then the game ends with the world eventually beating the virus Infection but you are not the Hero that saved the world Instead you were eaten by the Infection
    This is marked as an InfectedWin meaning you won but didnt live to tell the tale

    If you use the SuperOmegaHigherwhateverBlessedAmuletOfKillVirus you disinfect everything and you live to tell the tale :D
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    Quote from jakus12

    Ok. I really care more about the little box if it's a text based game. Anyway, sounds interesting and I look forward to playing when finished.
    Im not entirely sure you can actually add a Little box for typing stuff into I will try my best to have a go at it
    But Im not making any promises

    EDIT ---Just a Note if your not following the development of this game then you don't need to read my EDIT1 EDIT2 etc but if it just says EDIT then its not to do with development

    EDIT1: I Have got the Item Maker working perfectly at the moment it can make one of 2 items either a shield or a sword and it is now also part of the RNG for the Battle Decider

    if it lands on 20 then you will find an item then when you press enter it creates your item :D but it does not tell you its stats until you add it to your inventory

    You get 6 Inventory Slots

    I Have not yet added a check to see if you already have the item

    If you do have the item im going to have it make another file with the item you just obtained defined as "itemname"2 or "itemname"3

    I think I will work on that part now

    EDIT1.1 Im going to make it so that you can have a Maximum of 3 Of the same item set
    for example you can have 3 swords and 3 shields but you cant have 4 swords and 4 shields
    You can have 3 of any item Basically
    you could have 20 Million items yet you can only have 3 of each item

    EDIT1.2: I Have sucsessfully added the check to see if you Have too Many of a certain item

    also I made it tell you the files Name for example

    If you already had 2 swords when it creates the third one it will say

    You Obtained a Sword Add it to your Inventory
    [To add it to your Inventory type "sort" at the HUB then set one of the slots]
    [To be sword3]
    To find out its stats

    also im going to be adding some more items

    Another thing I still have to add is the code that makes the weapons stats Have their effects

    For example (This is while Ive been testing it)

    In my inventory I have (Straight from the CMD window)

    Slot 1: UncursedShieldLevel1OfNormality
    Slot 2: BlessedShieldLevel4OfProtection
    Slot 3: UncursedShieldLevel3OfTrust
    Slot 4: UncursedSwordLevel3OfNotCursed
    Slot 5: None
    Slot 6: None

    [The reason They have no spaces is because it kept glitching and crashing when I had spaces but I have put Capitals at the start of the New words]

    With the Uncursed Shield Of Normality Level 1 It has no effects

    the Blessed Shield Of Protection Level 4 Im going to make it have the effect of giving you a +4 Protection stat while its in your inventory

    The Uncursed Sword Of NotCursed Level 3 will Be able to Uncurse Cursed weapons if they are below level 3-2 (An Item with the NotCursed Bonus can Uncurse items 2 Levels lower than it and below)

    items will have a level range of between 1-10 [Currently I have the item level cap set to 5 Im going to change this though]

    So im going to go and work on this stuff :D

    EDIT1.3 Here is the current list of Item bonuses




    NotCursed [<--- I might make this a Blessed Bonus]


    Awesomeness [<--- I might swap this for the NotCursed Bonus]

    EDIT1.4: I have made the wep_effects.bat file that will give the Items their Effects depending on the bonus they have Here I shall post the code for wep_effects.bat

    IF %wep_bonus%==1 IF %cub%==1 goto slowness
    IF %wep_bonus%==2 IF %cub%==1 goto statweak
    IF %wep_bonus%==3 IF %cub%==1 goto rust
    IF %wep_bonus%==4 IF %cub%==1 goto nothingness
    IF %wep_bonus%==5 IF %cub%==1 goto death
    IF %wep_bonus%==1 IF %cub%==2 goto normality
    IF %wep_bonus%==2 IF %cub%==2 goto bronze
    IF %wep_bonus%==3 IF %cub%==2 goto trust
    IF %wep_bonus%==4 IF %cub%==2 goto awesomeness
    IF %wep_bonus%==5 IF %cub%==2 goto swordiness
    IF %wep_bonus%==1 IF %cub%==3 goto power
    IF %wep_bonus%==2 IF %cub%==3 goto rustproof
    IF %wep_bonus%==3 IF %cub%==3 goto praying
    IF %wep_bonus%==4 IF %cub%==3 goto protection
    IF %wep_bonus%==5 IF %cub%==3 goto notcursed
    rem Makes you slower
    rem If your Slower then your Protection Level goes down Depending on the level
    set /a slowness=%protect%-%wep_lev%
    goto eof
    rem This Minuses all of your stats By the amount of Weapon Level
    set /a statweak_prot=%protect%-%wep_lev%
    set /a statweak_hp=%health%-%wep_lev%
    set /a statweak_lev=%level%-%wep_lev%
    goto eof
    rem This Basically Makes your weapon Rusty and Has no Penalty effects
    rem So no new Variables are set
    goto eof
    rem This Weapon will Nullify the effect of all your weapons
    set nullify=true
    goto eof
    rem This will have a random chance of Halving your Protect level in Battle
    rem If you have a weapon which has this effect in your inventory
    rem then at any time It might Half your Protect level
    set /a half_prot=%protect%\2
    goto eof
    rem No Effects what so ever this is just your normal basic weapon
    goto eof
    rem Just your average everyday Bronze weapon No special effects
    goto eof
    rem Just a Weapon which you have trust in Not that it does anything special
    goto eof
    rem Just a Weapon which you think is awesome It doesnt Do anything special :P
    goto eof
    rem Just a Weapon which is um well IDK swordiness????
    goto eof
    rem Ups your Protect Level By Its wep_level
    set /a power_prot=%protect%+%wep_level%
    rem This weapon can Not have the SubEffect of Rust Yup I just thought Of the idea of SubEffects as I was typing this line
    set subeffect=NoRust
    goto eof
    rem This Item will Let you Pray and get a Free Favour Don't use it to often though otherwise the God Might get angry and Destroy your Blessed Praying Item
    set pray=allowed
    goto eof
    rem With this Blessed Effect your Item will give you a Protect Bonus of %wep_level%+2
    set /a protect_prot=%protect%+%wep_level%+2
    goto eof
    rem With this Blessed Effect No items 2 Levels Lower or More than this weapons wep_level can Not Be Cursed
    set /a rid_curse=%wep_level%-2
    goto eof

    I still Have to figure out how to incorporate this into the game :D Don't worry I will figure it out
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    posted a message on Coming Soon: dotVirus - Batch Video Game
    Quote from jakus12

    Just a question: Why in Batch? Is it the only language you know, or do you just want a challenge? Because this really isn't what it was designed for (unless this is a text game) but I really like the concept. Kind of reminds me of 0x10c (Notch's in development game).

    If it needs graphics, I'm not the person to call but I think that a concept like this needs some kind of graphics, or at least a nice looking box to type in instead of a command line prompt.

    I will be adding a little box for you to type into Im trying to get the main important gameplay features working first
    and I like using Batch because I know it very well and it gives me a challenge
    and yes it is a text based game not really built for graphics but im sure I can include some kind of ASCII Graphics like they did with Nethack

    EDIT1: Progress with Item Maker

    Using random number generator to make the items
    Once the items random numbers have been made they are converted to words
    for example

    IF ""==1 set ""=one

    then when the inventory.bat processes them they are converted back to numbers like so
    IF ""==one set ""=1

    This way no errors happen :D
    I figured that part out by myself :D

    Ive only added in making shields at the moment

    EDIT1.1: Oh and before i forget to post it here

    I made a Batch file that processes those numbers and then sets the Weapons name
    I shall post its code


    rem This sets the weapons status
    IF %wep_lev%==one set wep_lev=1
    IF %wep_lev%==two set wep_lev=2
    IF %wep_lev%==three set wep_lev=3
    IF %wep_lev%==four set wep_lev=4
    IF %wep_lev%==five set wep_lev=5
    IF %cub%==one set cub=1
    IF %cub%==two set cub=2
    IF %cub%==three set cub=3
    IF %wep_bonus%==one set wep_bonus=1
    IF %wep_bonus%==two set wep_bonus=2
    IF %wep_bonus%==three set wep_bonus=3
    IF %wep_bonus%==four set wep_bonus=4
    IF %wep_bonus%==five set wep_bonus=5
    IF %wep_bonus%==1 IF %cub%==1 set wep_status=Slowness
    IF %wep_bonus%==2 IF %cub%==1 set wep_status=StatWeak
    IF %wep_bonus%==3 IF %cub%==1 set wep_status=Rust
    IF %wep_bonus%==4 IF %cub%==1 set wep_status=Nothingness
    IF %wep_bonus%==5 IF %cub%==1 set wep_status=Death
    IF %wep_bonus%==1 IF %cub%==2 set wep_status=Normality
    IF %wep_bonus%==2 IF %cub%==2 set wep_status=Bronze
    IF %wep_bonus%==3 IF %cub%==2 set wep_status=Trust
    IF %wep_bonus%==4 IF %cub%==2 set wep_status=NotCursed
    IF %wep_bonus%==5 IF %cub%==2 set wep_status=Swordiness
    IF %wep_bonus%==1 IF %cub%==3 set wep_status=Power
    IF %wep_bonus%==2 IF %cub%==3 set wep_status=Rustproof
    IF %wep_bonus%==3 IF %cub%==3 set wep_status=Praying
    IF %wep_bonus%==4 IF %cub%==3 set wep_status=Protection
    IF %wep_bonus%==5 IF %cub%==3 set wep_status=Awesomeness
    IF %cub%==1 set type=Cursed
    IF %cub%==2 set type=Uncursed
    IF %cub%==3 set type=Blessed
    set item=%type%%name%Level%wep_lev%Of%wep_status%

    the "rem" at the beginning denotes it as a comment
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    Im Currently Developing a Video Game about Battling viruses and what not

    Its called dotVirus its programmed in batch it uses a Random Number Generator for the battle sequences and basically relies on luck to be able to win

    Its currently In early pre-alpha at the Moment and has not been released but I wanna know what you guys think of it Here I will post the List of current features

    Random Number Generator for battle sequence: Working
    Level Up System - Working
    Bonus Stat Increase System: Working
    Remove Savedata On Game Over - Working
    Delete Enemy Virus Upon Defeating it - Working
    If you try to steal from the shop then the shopkeeper will attack you and if you lose it is game over (Im going to change this to That you lose a stat of some kind :D )
    If you steal from the shop and win you get to keep the item
    Abillity to load your own custom packages (Used for Loading in your own Gameplay and change the way the game is played :D )

    Not 100% Confirmed: When a Virus is not defeated but it doesnt infect you [Namely virus6.bat] The game seems to crash I have yet to fully confirm this and Have not yet Pinpointed why this bug happen Fixed

    At the Moment the Items you Purchase are not kept Im still thinking of how I am going to do this
    Probably with Inventory Variable

    The shopkeeper battle file is located under "SHOPDATA\SHOPFIGHT\shopvirus.bat"

    Current shop items:
    Infent+1 - This will give you a +1 one on the Infect stat which you do not have by Default it is stored under
    "SAVEDATA\PAIDSTATS\infect.bat" and is only created if you purchase it
    Like all SAVEDATA files it is deleted upon Game Over

    Added the Money counter which is Measured in Bytes
    You start out with 500 Bytes at the start of the game and you get Bytes from defeating viruses
    (Maybe I will make so that the viruses don't get deleted upon defeating them just to add more Time to the game and make it so that you need to get to the Highest level possible to be able to vs the Master Virus and beat the game yea that does sound like a good idea I will do that)

    If you do get Game Over when you create a new savefile all the enemy data is restored back into BATTLEDATA Directory

    When you level up you get to choose which stat you want to give a Bonus increment to Either Health or Protection stat are currently availible for Bonus increment at the moment more might be added

    No armor stats yet I might change this

    The way the Game decides wether its game over or not depends entirely on your protection stat and the enemies infect stat

    If you protect stat is higher than the enemies infect stat then if you happen to lose the battle then you will be safe and the game will continue as normal

    but if you lose and the enemies infect stat is higher than your protect stat then its game over for you D:

    There will be Hundreds of enemies to battle which with alot of the Higher level enemies requiring more than just pressing any key and the outcome appears some might need special items to protect from an infection attack or maybe a shield to be able to attack it
    I will be adding this all in

    The First time you run it and when you press any key the game will have appeared to crash this is not a bug this is suppose to happen just start up the dotVirus.bat again and it will load your save file :D

    so what do you guys think of the features and planning so far post your comments about it :D

    Readme (This is from the readme.txt I made for the game)
     dotVirus is a Video Game Created by Shubshub
    It Is a Game Based on a shitload of Luck
    One wrong Mistake could mean you lose the entire game
    Basically The Win/Lose System Depends on How Much Protection level you have compared
    To the Enemy Viruses Infection Level if they Have a Higher Infection level and you don't hit the
    virus with enough power then you will get game over however it is possible to defeat any virus
    With any Protection level but you only get one chance and if you screw up
    Its game over and you have to start again from scratch
    Each Virus has there own HP Level which is how much of a Minimum hit they need to take to die
    A Random Number Generator is used to determine how much Damage you will do and If you hit a Higher number
    Than the Viruses HP it dies and is deleted from the BATTLEDATA But if you get Game Over at any Point
    Everything is restored to its fully 100% Original state all SAVEDATA is deleted
    And all BATTLEDATA is Restored upon creating a new SAVEDATA
    Your Health Stat is used Later on when The Viruses start fighting back

    What Im going to add to the game is listed below

    Item Identification System
    Basically you will be able to find an Item Labeled "Mystery Item" you will be able to identify it
    this is where another RNG comes into place basically it will use the RNG to first choose a first number
    which will decide if the Item is Cursed Uncursed or Blessed then it will RNG a second number to depict
    what item it is and then if it is blessed it will RNG a third number to decide which Bonus it shall have
    and if its cursed it will also RNG a third number but to decide which Penalty Bonus it will have maybe the item Kills you if you use it or maybe it has the opposite effect and if its cursed it will also RNG a fourth number to decide which level of cursing it will have this will basically make it check which Level of Curse Protection you need to be able to get rid of it without any special items
    except to remove Cursed items you need to either 1) Not Identify them  2) Have a stronger Curse Protection stat than the Curse Level or 3) Use a Cursed Amulet Of CurseKill which Kills all the Cursed items in your Inventory and then Kills its self (The Amulet Of CurseKill can only be found as Cursed except it has no Penalties it is Cursed so that it Kills its-self after use)

    ITEMDATA Directory for Inventory
    The "ITEMDATA" Directory will be used for storing your inventory each item will be labeled as a Batch file and there will be another file which checks for the attributes of the item Basically if you have the item wielded it will be listed under "SAVEDATA\WIELD\*.bat" which will contain .bat files of the Items your wielding all Cursed items are automaticly wielded and can not be destroyed or unwielded without the right item (Generally a Cursed Amulet Of CurseKill)
    Mystery Items can not be wielded but can be wielded once Identified and they go under "ITEMDATA\MYSTERY\*.bat"

    Progress on the Inventory system
    I Have started working on the inventory system and so far it is working
    I am able to have it set an item to an inventory slot only if it is empty
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    Quote from xSup3r

    You updated 3 versions of this today.

    You must be a very busy man.

    Not really Just a really fast typer
    On A Side Note

    Im going to rewrite AntiRogue in PowerShell
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    UPDATE: I have Updated to Version 1.3 with AntiRogue

    New Scanner added as well which lets you scan the registries for the rogue registries that may lurk in there while the exe's do not exist

    This will search for the registries (I Have Made sure that Only registries that ONLY Assosiate with the Rogue software are in it Meaning Only a select few Rogue Registries are added at the Moment Better support will be added in later)

    EDIT1: Im thinking of adding a full blown Trojan/Malware/Virus Scanner to AntiRogue Possibly
    if I Can Figure out how :D

    EDIT2: Features to be added in the next version :D
    Auto Updater
    Using wget Pastebin and Mediafire you will No Longer have to come here to get the latest versions they will be downloaded automaticly upon AntiRogue Boot
    Also I Might be Porting it over to Windows PowerShell

    EDIT3: Im gonna be adding support for SpySheriff as I Just read a review that its pretty malicous

    EDIT4: Support added But Its Error Prone
    SpySheriff support has been added but its error crashing in the registry patch sector Im working on fixing it :D

    EDIT5: Now Might be a good time to Convert this work Over to Windows Powershell I shall Think About it tonight first to do some research
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    Thank you very Much for saying that :D

    I am currently fixing the following bugs

    Bugs with SpywareQuake
    Due to spywarequake Locations being in System directories it won't let you delete it without admin access
    however with admin access the registry patch doesn't want to work

    Also working on

    AntiRogue Registry Finder
    To find the nasty Registries automaticly and remove them :D

    Features Updated and Fixed
    Tasks Only get Killed now if they are actually running otherwise it says they are not running

    EDIT: Bug Fixed

    Now using VBS Patch spyquake_remove.vbs (PixelShub copyright 2012) to remove spywarequake
    also Using Cscript.exe with admin rights forced to be able to do it

    EDIT2 Bug Fixed
    Now The VBScript runs with admin rights each time and would you believe it I fixed it with a VBScript :D

    Added Folder VBS_Patches as I suspect in the future I will be Using *.vbs files more often to delete rogue security software from system directories :D

    EDIT3: Bug Fixed

    Turns out it was just a spelling mistake and now it works perfectly fine and normal again

    Fixed Features
    ANG Removal has been Updated to the vbs method I Knew I would need .vbs files again :D

    EDIT4: Feature Fixed

    ThinkPoint Removal for "bbotxxxxxx.exe" Has been Updated to the vbs method as it resides in the C drive and Batch files get access denied

    Still working on Bug Fixing and I Have not yet Added new rogue support yet I will do that last

    EDIT5: New Feature (Sort Of) + A Little better support for Strong Malware Defender

    Ive moved the location variables to patch_list.bat So that I do not have to go sifting through the Gigantic Mountainous code to change variables all the variables that hold locations and the reg patch data will be stored there

    I added little bit more support for strong malware defender as I found out the following EXE's are assosiated with Strong Malware Defender

    %AppData%\Strong Malware Defender\ScanDisk_.exe"

    EDIT6: New Feature Being added

    I Have got the registry searching working and I am Now adding the evil registries it has to find to it then I will work on the New Rogue security software support then I shall update the tool

    EDIT7: Feature Added Sucsessfully

    I have sucsessfully fully added the registry scanner which you can optionally start upon starting AntiRogue it will then search your registries for any of the known Rogue Security Software Registries then Pipe out the alert to BAT_Patches\roguefound.bat then AntiRogue will pick it up and then ALERT the User and Patch the registry automaticly

    Also it will only ask you to start the registry scanner if you chose to turn on Registry Editing
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    I Have now Updated AntiRogue to Version 1.2

    with support for Strong Malware Defender
    A Little note about Strong Malware Defender

    The EXE List for Malware Defender were a Bunch of exe's that always had a random set of characters however the shortcuts for it were
    not random and were static as Strong Malware defender.lnk so I made the AntiRogue search for those
    and I made a registry patch to remove Strong Malware Defender from startup if it does find those shortcuts

    Also I added a Registry Counter to keep track of How Many registries have been fixed

    Features for future versions
    Check if certain registries exist and equal a certain value for better protection against rogue software
    Check MD5 Hash keys maybe because for example The CleanThis gog.exe, gog.exe is also the exe of a Video Game (I think)
    And Many more features :D
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