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    posted a message on [Forge Multipart] ProjectRed - v4.7.0pre12.95 - 02/08/2016

    Is there a way to stop frames from "sticking" to the front of block placers without manually adding a cover to the frame? I ask because I remember being able to place a frame with a block placer in Redpower 2, and then being able to move the frame with a motor without said frame trying to move the placer. Is that behavior possible in ProjectRed?

    I'm using ProjectRed 4.7.0 pre12.95 for Minecraft 1.7.10

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    posted a message on Preparing to visit the Nether...
    Quote from Anongineer
    • Write down the coordinates of your Nether Portal as soon as you get there.

    Very much this ^

    Getting lost in the Nether is, without question, the biggest threat you face. Fortunately, food is readily available if you bring a single wooden bowl, as mushrooms of both varieties occur frequently.

    As for preparations, I recommend you bring:
    • some cobblestone (for building Ghast proof structures and making tools) I usually bring 3 stacks.
    • wood/sticks - for tool handles. I prefer to bring wood as it is a bit more flexible and easier to store.
    • A wooden bowl, as mentioned above.
    • Tools - Stone pickaxes work just fine in the Nether and are very cheap to make (Netherrack breaks extremely easily to picks of any kind)
    • Flint and Steel
    • A Chest
    The last two are vital. Once you get in the nether, place the chest, put the Flint and Steel in it, and build a cobblestone shield for it (I'd recommend the structure be built around the portal too) That way, should your portal somehow be disabled, you don't need tor rely on Ghasts to light it for you.

    However, the most important thing about the Nether is:
    • Never, I repeat, NEVER bring something you can't afford to replace.
    The Nether is a dangerous place. A place full of nasty mobs and lava. Keep that in mind.
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    posted a message on Your worst "NOOOOOOOO" moment.
    I was playing Technic, and had just put some uranium cores in my reactor to test a hotter chamber build when a creeper walks up from heaven-knows-where and blows me to hell. That alone isn't all that bad, but the problem was that the cooling parts for the reactor were in my inventory when I died. I hadn't put them in yet. To make matters worse, the reactor shield I had built was still missing a wall... you know, the one facing my base?

    I didn't even try to make it back to the chamber. I just stood by my bed in my base and screamed at my monitor for about twenty seconds before me, my reactor, my base, and a good chunk of the mountain it was in were all atomized.

    I deleted the world and didn't play Minecraft for a month.
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    posted a message on What have you done recently?
    I just started a new world and have settled on a Mushroom Island. I found a zombie spawner dungeon almost directly under my house, so I've built an XP grinder. Now I need to build the zombie-siege-safe NPC village I designed yesterday.
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    posted a message on How do YOU start survival?
    The first thing I do in any world is find a tree and punch out three wood blocks from it. I then make a crafting table, wooden axe, and wooden pickaxe from it. Then I dig down through the soil layer and mine twelve cobblestone.

    Once that is done I set out to find a place to live. Along the way I collect any seeds, wool, cactus, sugercane, etc that I come across.

    When I find a place to live, I built a small home, place a bed, and using the twelve stone I have, make a furnace and a stone pick. Then I begin digging a mineshaft down to level ~15.
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    posted a message on What mob do you hate most?
    Ghasts; a million times Ghasts. I hate those things. They float around randomly, engage at tremendous range, and pretty much cannot be avoided if you're trying to explore. Worse still, their attack destroys terrain and sets thing on fire; its like the creeper gift that keeps on giving.

    For me, the only consolation with Ghasts is the feeling of perverse glee I get when I kill one with its own fireball.
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    posted a message on Iron Golem Protection?
    A better option would be to live in a Village and build it up at least 16 villagers so that the place spawns Golems on its own.
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    posted a message on What is Your Favorite Shelter/Home in Survival Mode
    I usually build a small wood or dirt house, gather some resources (seeds, wood, wool) on the first day, and then dig down to about lvl 20-30. Then I begin building a big underground base. :D

    Quote from MrKEKEKE

    find a village, built a castle.
    im the king of the village!

    Lol, I'm actually thinking of doing this, especially with villager trading and zombification. They have resources I can use, and need the protection i can provide :D
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    posted a message on I think i might be the luckiest little butt alive :D
    I've killed well over a hundred of those big ugly brutes, and never seen a skull yet :(
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    posted a message on 1.4.2 Discovery
    That is both very weird and extremely cool.
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    posted a message on Do You Miss Your First World?
    My first world was back in Survival (as in, back before Beta, Alpha, Infdev AND Indev) so no, not really.

    Back then, lighting didn't affect mob spawning, and creepers would explode regardless of how they were killed, so building anything interesting was... difficult.

    My first Infdev world however, THAT I loved. I still have it too, though I need to convert it. (I was actually waiting for 1.4.2 to release to do just that, so I'll probably convert it tonight :D )
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    posted a message on [WIP] Thaumcraft 3 [WIP NO LONGER]
    I have a suggestion (which may have already been suggested somewhere in the previous 500 posts :\ )

    I was thinking that, if ArcanaCraft were to be something beyond another tech mod, it needs to have a definite effect on the environment, or in other words, actions in the mod would need to effect the game world beyond what just really powerful tools can do.

    My idea for this harkens back to when Thaumcraft 2's aura would affect the biome code. I suggest that the cultivation of specific types of crystals in sufficient quantities would dynamically alter the biome, such as:
    • Fire and Air crystals would shift the biome to a desert, over time replacing dirt with sand, trees with cactus, etc, and lowering the water table.
    • Aqua crystals would slowly raise the water table in surrounding chunks, eventually creating large lakes and potentially even oceans.
    • Aqua and Earth crystals would first create plains, then forests, then jungles, depending on how many crystals existed.
    • Large quantities of tainted crystals would create tainted versions of normal biomes, and large numbers of Vis crystals would create "magic" versions of normal biomes.
    • Etc. (you get the idea)
    • Finally, there would need to be a final biome type generated by the absence of crystals (and thus absence of aura, tainted or otherwise)

    Doing this would require fundamentally change the biome code, as biomes would be generated by the crystals within them.
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    posted a message on [64x] GLIMMAR'S STEAMPUNK v.22 NOW RELEASED! + Latest Newglim City Download! + GS Redstone Pipes Add-On Pack!
    Holy crap, how did I not know about this texture pack? o.O
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    posted a message on 1.1 seeds
    "assorted 1" (without the quotations) produces a really nice mix of terrain with some nice flat mountains (perfect for base building) within 150m of spawn.
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    posted a message on The Stacktory! [Bukkit | Hawkeye | IC2 1.23 | BC 2.2.5 | Railcraft 1.52 | RedPower Pre3b]
    IGN: shrike

    Do you accept that as server owner, I retain my right to kick, ban, or otherwise take punitive action against you if you choose to:
    1.) Steal materials from other players.
    2.) 'Grief' or modify players structures without their consent
    3.) Not maintain a respectful attitude for all players, regardless of the circumstances
    4.) Build obnoxious structures such as 1-block dirt columns, or explore excessively.
    5.) Use unfair (subject to interpretation by me) mods such as X-ray or Flight

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