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    posted a message on Builders needed

    Name: Ben
    Minecraft Name: shootscore7
    Skype: (Can be private if you dont want to say publicly)
    Why did you pick our project?: It looked very interesing and looks high quality.
    What is your building skill (0/10): 7/10
    What servers have you built for before?: I built on two small servers but they shut down.
    What can you bring to the project in terms of personality, attitude, etc...?: I can bring in positive vibes and smiling happy people
    How long have you been building?: 2 years
    How long can you commit to the server each day?: 2-3 hours

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    posted a message on SERVER NEED CO OWNER AND STAFF!

    Hello im looking for a co owner and a couple developers and all other staff ranks including builder! relpy to this if iterested

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    posted a message on Starting a OP prison Server and need somone to help with plugins,also need a builder

    i can help

    ign shootscore7

    skype benanderson06

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    posted a message on Looking for partner for creating a new server.

    Age: 14[/b]

    Timezone: CST[/b]

    Skype: benanderson06[/b]

    Experience: I was builder and helper on a server once[/b]

    Why you want to make a server: I would love to make a server with you because it is a lot of hard work but it is very fun in the process.[/b]

    How much time can you devote: As much as i would like[/b]

    About yourself: I play hockey and golf and am onterested in baseball and football[/b]

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    posted a message on ███ RELEASING IN 2-3 DAYS ███ Looking for Staff & Beta Testers ███ Minebrine ███ Custom Factions with Rankup Kits ███
    Position (staff, betatester, dev, builder):Staff, betatester or builder!
    Your experience as this position: i have experience building and as a mod and helper on smaller servers
    How many hours are on per day/week? : Between 1-3
    Your Strengths: Helping others
    Your Weaknesses: not much
    (ex: friendly, gets along, building skill, quick to anger, swears, ect..):friendly, gets along, building skill
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    posted a message on Need Staff/Builders

    IGN: shootscore7

    IRL Name: Ben

    Skype: benanderson06

    age: 13 almost 14 (in a week)

    what can you do to improve the server: I can provide a safe environment for others playing.

    detailed description of ways you will help out the server: I can help build spawns but i am not the best. I can always be on and just be helpful

    Why do you want to be apart of the server: I would like to be apart of the staff team because it would give me the chance to help others and be myself.

    how can i trust you: You can watch over me so i can show you that i am worthy of the postion.

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    Name--- Ben

    Age-- 13 almost 14

    Skype-- benanderson06

    Experience--i was mod on a small server

    Anything else we should know - i would like this spot because it would give me the chance to helpother people out!

    Position-- Mod or Admin or Builder

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