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    Yes, I have several level 2-5 villagers that have changed what they trade. My Farmers change almost daily. It’s annoying because when I set them up, I kept breaking their workstation until I got the trades I wanted, then I leveled them up. Now they randomly change trades for no reason.

    Soooo many bugs with this update on PS4. My main village is almost comical with 8 fancy Llamas and about 40 cats. I have a new wandering trader every couple of days and he keeps leaving his Llamas behind. And the cats are driving me insane. Since I have walls around the village, I guess they can’t leave and they aren’t despawning. That’s all I hear in my village. Cats meowing or cats dying. So I had to go on a cat killing spree which made me dead on the inside. 🥺

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    Sorry, I put this in the wrong forum. This seed is for PS4.

    Seed: 2597935293231745637

    World size: classic

    To the right of spawn is a Woodland Mansion. Right next to that is another Woodland Mansion and behind both of those is a small village.

    Can’t wait to explore this seed further.

    Let me know if you are using this seed and find anything cool!


    X: -238, Y: 70, Z: 129 - Woodland Mansion

    X: -257, Y: 67, Z: 175 - Woodland Mansion

    X: -137, Y: 66, Z: 108 Village with Blacksmith

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