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    How do i fix this? When i launch my server this is all i get. When i run PFPortchecker its fine.
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    posted a message on Very, very new server. Vanilla. Whitelist.
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    posted a message on I like Cactus.
    Boy: Mom i hate trees
    Mom: Why
    Boy: Because this cactus farm is to cool for it.
    Mom: Aslong as i get food i'm happy.
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    posted a message on Chainmail
    ITs diffrent. It takes all the damage instead of just blocking it....
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    Chainmail... Always loved the look.... Realy notch craft it with fire? heh

    Welcome to the thread! I will be suggestiong a way for chainmail and a new use for it.

    PART 1 Uses
    I have thought of a new use for chainmail. Instead of only giving you half damage from any thing. It takes full damage. But it only works for attacks like a zombie. Not e.g. Falling down a hole.Clearly this would then be a war item instead of a item to where every where.

    PART 2 Crafting
    Oh this armour would be hard to craft. But its durable!
    It would require miners to harvest days for just 1 set.

    Materials needed: Fernace diamonds:24 iron:48 crafting bench.

    First off you need a stone to smash it with. So i think this will come in handy.
    :|: :Iron:
    Thats a mallet. You need to have that and crush up some diamond and some iron.
    :|: = mallet
    :Iron: :|:

    That will make metal mix.
    :GoldBar: :Iron: :GoldBar:
    :GoldBar: :Diamond: :GoldBar:
    :GoldBar: :Iron: :|:
    That will make reinforced metal mix.

    Just pop either one in the fernace and you get either a steel ingot. or a diamond studded steel ingot. You can then craft those into reinforced chainmail or chainmail armour.

    PART 3 About

    Ok so some facts!
    Chainmail will be about as strong as iron armour. Just that... we wont let you have that recorce go to waist!
    So if you pop it in a fernace and let it use up 1 hole lava bucket you will get it back all brand new!
    Reinforced chainmail has the durability of diamond
    It also can regenerate uses over time. 1 use per 5 minuets.
    Its diamond studded and it has gold all over it!
    They bolth pritty much look the same accept one has little fadded blue dots on it.
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    posted a message on ★The Best Bed In Minecraft?★
    I woke up and i sniffed the air. My legs where nice and worm. Then i got this nice smell... Mmmmm. Its so nice you get breakfast when you wake up!
    These have been reported from our heated bed!
    Legs might be a bit sun burned
    heart falure
    Back problems
    hot bed
    List tags are malformed.
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    posted a message on tnt radius changer for linux server?
    Theres a map called flat map! Search it on google. Theres a few to pick from.
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    posted a message on Spiders in your mob farm
    I thought i let you know. Unless the spider is pushed up by another mob it can not climb soul sand.
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    posted a message on What level are mob spawners found on.
    Quote from Xenominim »
    They don't have a most common I think. Far as I know they should be below sea level but after that they're pretty much random and can be right near the surface many times. I personally have never found any as deep as where you find diamonds but far as I know they can still spawn there also with equal chance, I just don't hang out that deep for very long.

    I find most of mine above the sea
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    posted a message on What level are mob spawners found on.
    There is none. They can appere any where under the first layer of ground.
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    posted a message on My same world!?
    When minecraft deleats a world. Sometimes it only deleats the name from the board. And leaves the folder and the .save or something there. Then if you make a map of that name it will just use that .save. And you will get the world it was... accept it will be a bit diffrent. The map saves your inventory dosent.
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    OH MY GOSH AFTER ALL THIS TIME I FIND OUT ITS A SIMPLE TOY THAT HAS GEARS IN IT!!!!!! HOLY COW!!! I have been enoyed by this nose for about a week. and i find out that its nothing more than a toy under the table!
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    posted a message on Is multi player realy bad?
    Well I just hate single player. I just do. It scares the crap out of me.... but on multi player i'm fine. I love how theres more than mobs to interact with, and finaly not an AI. I go in a cave in single player. I'm out the next minuet. I just am afraid of caves. But on multi player its diffrent. I don't mind caves There fun to play in, main reason is that there is a chat. and i can chat to people what i'm doing get a response and gain confidance. I like to work with people and build stuff with people. Is multi player realy that bad...
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    posted a message on toggling redstone torch from the top of a block
    I'm no expert but i belive
    :RFlower: = rtorch
    :VV: = R
    :Iron: = pressure plate
    :soil: []
    :stone: :RFlower:
    That should work if not then make sure that the blank space is blank.
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    posted a message on Fix mods
    I find myself intrested in mods that fix gameplay. Such as i have a finit water mod that adds finit ammount of water to the world. I want to know if other people find themselfs more intrested in fix mods that fix things such as hunger or fire or something. Or survival mods.
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