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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 3.1? (not 4)
    Azanor, everytime you change Thaumcraft, I'm very pleased with all the surprises :) . It is really fun to rediscover everything you have altered.
    I just think that the vis stuff takes waaaay too long to recharge, and the tunnel bore consumes way too much of it, (this could be so it don't become OP), but I hate to lose my loved pickaxes on it.

    I loved the idea of a funnier minigame for research, this is my favorite part!

    Could you implement another way to enchant them tools with repair/recharge? I'm not the best xp hunter in the world you know... and also, I hate killing the poor cows for books :( . Maybe exchange a huge lot of vis for an specific enchantment would be an option!

    But go on! Change everything as you please! You know we're gonna love it :D

    Hope you read it :)

    P.S.: (put something like the destruction catalist, but extrEmely expensive please)
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    posted a message on [Forestry] ThaumicBees - Beekeeping is Magic [Updated 01/01/2013]
    Man... there goes my free time.

    Excelent! Downloading it now!
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    posted a message on Direwolf20's AMAA Post
    Hi Dire, how can you still play that much Minecraft after this whole time? I mean, man... you build the whole world... TWICE!!!

    Do you know Eloraam in person?
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    posted a message on ForgeCraft Wallpaper!
    I said it was a cool avatar Pahimar ;)
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    posted a message on Equivalent Exchange 3 - 0.1.142
    Man, this Rocks! ... really, only the stones are working for now, and I'm loving it anyway =D
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    posted a message on Direwolf20's Modded Lets Play series
    Congrats Dire :)

    Care to try a new series about the basics of modding? ;)

    Keep up the show!
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