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    Quote from BalanceMan

    Hey Guys! The names BalanceMan! And I am hiring people who are multi-talented. All who are good at recording, editing, drawing, painting, franchising, and many more you can think of! I welcome ALL! Email me at [email protected] or post a reply after this topic. Come and sign up! I have a channel called TheBalanceManShow. And I need videos to post it in it. Did I mention that everyone is welcome to sign up?? The show will have different segments or scenes. There will be a segment called Server Pranking or Minecraft News! Many more! The format of the application is at the bottom. Join me now! All who join and participated in any way of the production will be absolutely recieve credit. -BM
    P.S. I am in a little group called the M.C.Trio (I didn't mean to copy). There will be a segment of that too. Visit the website at mctrio.com.

    ~The TheBalanceManShow Application:

    Minecraft Name: shdsteel
    Talent/Hobby: pretty much everything
    Why do you want to join?:
    Skype? or Skype Name:taylor.johnson67
    Email:[email protected]
    Comments (optional): 16 gigs of ram, 3.46MHz x 8 core i 7 extreme edition, gtx590 gpu,150gb ssd, 1tb hhd,and a 1200 watt power supply.
    Questions (optional):

    Any questions? Have a comment? Email me at [email protected] or at Twitter @BalanceMTrio.
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    My IGN is shdsteel
    and i am 15 years old
    i wish to join the per constructum because I would eally contribute to your server and help out others.
    I am in my school's robotics team and i love engineering. Minecraft helps me build things i have thought of before.
    I am also very close to getting my Eagle Scout Rank. I regret to inform you that i have been banned from two servers before- both for griefing. I am very disappointed in myself and i am very bad at being mean. I took the time to contact the admins of both servers and was only able to reach one of them to apologize about what i have done. I have a youtube channel- shdsteel, on which i put videos of lets play minecraft. I have just bought a good recording program so i will be making videos on this server if i am allowed. I have a really, shall i say,"GOOD" computer(16 gigs of ram, a gtx590 and other stuff), so if you need something done, you can count on me. I am quite good at world edit and have a extraordinary building skill. I can also be a sponsor for your server. I am exeedingly good at advertising. I have a skype account and my name is taylor.johnson67 If you ever need help financially with the server a new part you can let me know and i will get that taken care of. I have all my life lived in usa, arizona.
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    Guys let me just say that this THE BEST server I have ever played on, and iv'e played on ALOT of different servers.
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    yay! thank you you wont be disappointed and if you could please send me the ip. thank you!
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    ign: shdsteel
    why do i play minecraft? BECAUSE it is the BEST game EVER!!
    feelings towards rules: I accept and understand them as Im a to be Eagle scout
    I am not too familiar to forums but i will do my best with it
    i am an above average builder (6-7)
    I am a freak when it comes to landscape!!!(10)
    what i usually make are redstone devices that are not too complicated and usually cool bases
    as i said before i am not too familiar with forums so i cant show you a world i am currently working on that are giant tunnels under a huge mountain for the planes mod(yay)
    i usually play minecraft too long during school days like 8 hours into the night or something like that usually 5 hours a day
    i am currently as you see above a son to be eagle scout, i am involved in FIRST robotics, currently i am a trusted Op on a classic server and a beta server(bombtech01 for classic)
    thats just a little bit about me
    Oh yea, and i love to use skype(not video face time) to chat with other players
    I AM AGAINST GRIEFING!!!!!!!!!!!
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