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    I return, I guess. Things have changed a bit while I was gone from the forums (read: holy **** what is this)

    But anyway, I'm working on Link's Awakening at the moment. Good fun. Will finish the entire overworld + dungeons + house interiors, so stay tuned.


    In the meantime go look at my youtube channel for more minecraft ****
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    I assumed you did not search because you didn't find this thread:


    The fact that pork does not stack is so that you cannot become a one-man-army, switching between a sword and a huge stack of food. Non-stacking makes you slow down for a bit and take it out of your inventory; if you wanted to have many pieces at the ready you'd have to fill up your inventory bar with them and you'd sacrifice space.

    In other words, food isn't supposed to be a thing that can instantly refill your health in the heat of battle, but rather a thing that heals you after the battle.
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    Quote from prepare2fire »
    Quote from Ladon »
    +1. I hate having to search for enemies on indev when I need stuff. If you kill the leader some of the enemies should die.
    This would make for an interesting wolf mob!

    I gave this thread a -1, its horrible and the worst idea I will ever lay my eyes on. Simply the sight of this idea made me vomit. I had to scrub my eyes with soap to feel cleansed of this disgusting idea. I hope you feel ashamed of yourself op.

    I am now as ashamed of myself as I can possibly be. I shall cut off my hand to prevent myself from posting such a ridiculous suggestion ever again then clean up the mess I have made with my remaining appendages.
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