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    ----OOC Info----

    -Minecraft IGN: Shanked_Penguin

    -Do you have any prior roleplay-related experience, if so could you give an example? Alaurin Roleplay, TheBigDigmc Fallout, and though it was semi-serious… gmod.

    -Define Power-gaming in your own words: Being able to do anything or extreme actions with little interference or resistance. Such as punching someone so fast they don't get a chance to react.

    -Define Meta-gaming in your own words: Using Out Of Character knowledge to assist you In Character.

    -Define Role-Playing in your own words: Roleplaying is applying your imagination into a new character or idea and fleshing it out with others. It allows someone to be who they’re not and give them interactions and experiences.

    ----IC Info----

    -Character name: Giarc

    -Character race: Orc

    -Character gender: Male

    -Character age: 30

    -Character Occupation (optional, note you still must talk to the lord about loaning or purchasing any stall/shop for your character if he/she would have one. This more or less helps us to better understand your characters starting skill set): Bodyguard

    -Character description (At least one to two paragraphs describing your character’s visual appearance.): Giarc is a simple orc with rough grey eyes, he has a broken iron pauldron on his left shoulder, with his completely bald head. His body is partly covered with straps to keep his useless equipment attached and wears a comforting red loincloth. He has heavily stained covered brown boots with the white hide on the inside. His skin is that of a fair green as most of his other brothers are with it given a dark hue on his shaved head.

    -Character personality and traits (At least one to two paragraphs describing their personality traits and/or quirks.): Giarc is a quiet, charismatic lad who values his compatriots. Though he is quite strong this does strain his intelligence and he himself believes to be the most articulate orc alive. Though he says this he is easily impressionable and does what most tell him to do.

    -Character biography (At least three paragraphs describing your character's history and experiences):

    Giarc of the arc family was born within a stronghold within The Pact. His family were warriors that were given a homestead the Fall of Tenifae when Giarc's father suffered large wounds, protecting a commander. During the age of 7, Giarc's family was given a plot of land that soon turned into a mass homestead and Giarc spent time helping them work their worth. The plot of land faced much scrutiny as other races under the pact quarreled with his family for not continuing the fight when they could. After some time they learned that his family won't give up their homes... they stopped. During the time of The Cult's mayhem, his families land and livestock were destroyed through their movements because their personal beliefs didn't fit that of the Cults. The years have allowed them to moved away from the warrior lifestyle. During a disagreement with the cult members for not allowing them to stay at their stead, they set up a plan to get back at Giarc's family. Late one evening they were attacked by the drunken troops, and their rage cost Giarc his family and lifestyle. Though resilient in protecting their land, they were wiped out with Giarc being forced to run with his life savings.

    Giarc was unable to get the education others had because of his families status and was mainly taught through there experiences and told what and what not to say to anger them. These teachings led Giarc to grow a need to be liked among humankind and he did this through his feats of strength and endurance, having a drinking contest with the adults and generally lightening the mood before the incident.

    Giarc was a man who was taught the ways of combat at a young age, he did not, however, manage to do good in these training until learning how to throw javelins and use a bow, this which surprised his family and the nearby locals who watched the homes and were surprised at hearing an orc who prefers bows to warhammers. Throughout the years he’s farmed and managed to get a sizable fund to begin his adventures which he told his parents and friends of in the past before the incident occurred. He set sail on the boat to travel far from his home to another part of Saphriel, hoping to escape from his past by making new memories.

    -Please give us a short RP response to these two scenarios. (At least one paragraph for each):

    You’re walking around the markets at around noon. There’s a lot of people around you, still gathering their items as they prepare to shut down their many stands. Suddenly you feel a gentle lifting of your coin purse as a child graces you and soon after they take off sprinting. You have been robbed.

    Running after the boy, Giarc would yell for the boy to come back and persist in his pursuit. If the boy ran in alleys, Giarc would follow and try to catch up. After the child ran to a dead end, Giarc would move up and grab the child by the leg, lifting him over him. He’d take the purse back, set the boy down and hand him some of the coins “Go get some food.” and let the boy leave.

    You’re heading back to the city through the woods when you hear a whining coming from nearby. Upon further investigation, you come across a grey-colored wolf that appears to have its leg caught in a bear trap. Around it is three smaller lumps of fur, obviously puppies belonging to the trapped mother. Without help, they’ll all die, but wolf skins are quite valuable too, not to mention that the nearby farms suffer quite a bit from the wolf population.

    Within the moment Giarc would decide to save the wolf as it’s the one currently dying. He would move his pauldron to separate him and the wolf moving his hands to the handles of the trap and pressing down to release the wolf. After that he would take a few quick steps back, watching the wolf waiting for it to leave or attack.

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