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    posted a message on [64x][1.7.3] ►Smooth Radiance◄ [W.I.P] • My first ever texture pack •
    Smooth Radiance
    A very clean and colorful texture pack that I have been working on. This texture pack mixes simple designs with some more finer detailed blocks and brings them together as one. The pack is still unfinished, about 70% of the terrain images are finished and some of the GUI has been worked on. Everything else I credit to the LB PhotoRealism pack, this was my first texture pack and I needed a template

    BETA ver .7

    Comments and Suggestions are very much welcomed! Be sure to check back regularly, I will be updating this quite frequently. Thanks!
    (don't forget to recommend to friends if you like it)

    Smooth Radiance[v.7]
    Smooth Radiance [v.7][No Clouds]

    Installation Instructions:
    1) Download the MCPatcher HD fix here, and install the HD patch if you have not already.
    2) Place [64x]SmoothRadiance[1.7.3].zip file into the texture pack folder.

    Texture Viewer, taken with ver: .65

    Version History:
    v.3 [8/25/2011]
    • Initial beta release
    v.4 [8/25/2011]
    • Added Gold, Diamond, and Lapis Lazuli Block textures
    • Added Farm land texture
    v.5 [8/26/2011]
    • Re-vamped ore textures
    • Re-vamped glass texture
    v.6 [8/27/2011]
    • Added unlit red stone torch
    • Re-vamped plank texture (this may change over time, testing out color variations)
    • Added red stone wire
    • Added repeater (on/off) texture
    • Added powered rail (on/off) texture
    • Added pressure plate rail texture
    v.7 [8/27/2011]
    • Added Netherrack
    • Added Soulsand
    • Re-Vamped the glowstone texture
    • Re-Vamped the wooden door


    New Glowstone

    New planks w/ fence

    Crisp Colors!

    Flawless Scenery

    Stylish Ores

    You may use any texture in this pack that was created by Shane75776 only after given permission by Shane75776.

    Support this pack by using its custom beta signature :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Subforum creation for Simple and Detailed packs?
    I believe that there should be a Subforum under the texture pack forum. It could go something like this..

    Simple Texture Packs
    A place for any pack that would not be considered "Low-High Detail"

    Detailed Texture Packs
    A place for any pack that would be considered "Low-High Detail"

    Of course the subforum titles and info text can be changed I am just making an example.

    This would probably stop at least 90% of the flaming that goes on and it would be easier
    for everyone to find the type of texture packs you are into whether it be simple or detailed

    This would also ease the congestion of both forums allowing new packs to get noticed easier.

    If you support this then please reply with I SUPPORT and to keep this thread bumped to help it get noticed.
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    posted a message on [16x?][1.7.3]CrazyPineapple's Texture Pack[Simple]
    Quote from MLGM

    LOL. That isn't a reason not to support someone.

    You really need to quit flaming people. I can support whoever I want for whatever REASON I WANT.

    For instance, in this case, if I did not already have a pack I would put his banner in my sig. why you may ask? Because he is new and trying, yet all of you douche bags keep coming in here and flaming people like the assholes you are because they tried to make a pack and it was not up to your amazingly high standards.

    Seriously, people like you should have a whole other forum. Maybe the Asshole Texture pack forum?
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    posted a message on [16x?][1.7.3]CrazyPineapple's Texture Pack[Simple]
    Quote from lo0katmyname


    So, 15 hours for 6 blocks and an ax in 32x that all need to be refined or done completely over, and I'm starting there? Well damn, I shoulda made a simple pack!

    OT: Please stop helping the income of simple packs. They really do clutter the front page (from the hate received), pushing the packs with alot of work put into them. I won't hate because I just got off of a post about the "over-commercialization" of texture packs, and relieved all my hate for the hour there. I would recommend starting fresh, on a more detailed pack. If you don't, I will have plenty hate tomorrow.

    So you can wait for my hate to refill or start new. Your choice. Its already a quarter of the way back, I can tell because I feel like I should punch my wall. So I'm ****ing ending this here.

    Why dont you all just like STFU about simple packs already, You know, it seems simple packs have a **** ton more downloads then all of the super epic detailed packs. Personally detailed packs to me look like **** in a game where detail is not relevant.
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    posted a message on Creative Craft
    Its looking good so far, just keep at it and update it regularly with newly added pics and you should get some great feedback.
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    posted a message on This guy is stealing my texture pack!
    never mind, I figured out how to report him. I really hope a mod gets to it quick D:
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    posted a message on This guy is stealing my texture pack!

    Thats the link, he completely stole my terrain file which is not even done yet, you can find my original thread in my signature.

    Hes calling it beautiful craft...

    How can I get a mod to get rid of his thread?
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    posted a message on No-lag packs, a small study.
    Simple packs are not crap. You cant say that people need to stop making "simple" packs, most of the "simple" packs look WAY better than any of the super mega HD packs.

    There is an art to simple packs, sure some texture pack makers may not make the best "simple" packs and the same goes for the super hd packs. Even though you are saying people should quit making them because they dont lower FPS that is not the reason people make them, the make them because obviously the community like "simpler" packs more than they like "super hd realistic packs" else why would there be so many of them?

    I myself think that minecraft looks way better with simple/cartoony packs rather than those super detailed packs. This game was never made to have epic graphics so why make epic graphic packs for such a simple game? I cant even play with the graphic detailed packs because I get a headache looking at them being applied to blocks and stuff.

    again thats just my personal opinion so dont flame me for it.
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] SuperSCraft [HD] v1.5
    I think it looks pretty good, though it would be nice if you added some in-game screen shots to it.
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    posted a message on Help with animating the Water and Lava texture
    So i have been making a texture pack recently x64 resolution and everything has been going well up to the
    point of animating my custom lava texture.

    I made the custom still texture and when I looked at the custom lava flowing texture from another pack of
    the same resolution I cant see a difference on what they did. but, yet when I try to make the flowing
    image it does not animate in game. instead every block that has lava is just my still image.

    What I need is a detailed instruction on how to animate the lava or how I am supposed to put the lava texture
    into the .png file so that it animates.

    Any help is appreciated.
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