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    This would be an AWESOME mod... first thing, you would have to make a portal to the Rider world:

    :Purple: :Purple: :Purple: :Purple:
    :Purple: :Leaves: :Lava: :Purple:
    :Purple: :Lava: :Leaves: :Purple:
    :Purple: :Purple: :Purple: :Purple:

    :Purple: is wool, :Leaves: is fire, :Lava: is obviously lava.

    Thus it would create a white portal. You step through, and BAM. you spawn in Farthen Dur. Dwarves are milling about, the Isidar Mithrim is made out of Rosequarts, Topaz and Opal. You then find the top of the largest of the Beor Mountains and you see Eragon with Saphira. You take an egg and leave. Once you set it down, it starts to glow and it cracks. You touch it and then you have a saddle. Name it and feed it to grow it. Then set the saddle on it, fly to Ellesmere, and get Rhunon to make you a sword. Then you go to Vroenguard and join the cult of Riders. Then you go on with your ordinary Minecraft life. You can fly your dragon, make it spit fire by pressing F, and make it attack things. It can grow HUGE if you feed it enough... maybe even as big as Belgabad. That would be maybe as big as 3 NPC villages, stacked, with two blocks of air in between the buildings. Huge right.

    yes that sounds like a bad description, but anyway
    The build would be like the Ender dragons, but different colors. When you have Rhunon make you a sword, you have to give her one of your dragon's scales. (every 12 mc days, your dragon will drop 10 scales. you can make armor out of them.) You can also get training in magic by the Eldunari and Arya. Anyway, I think you get the pic... the egg you select will be the color of your future dragon.I will post some skins in this topic once I have made them. Yes this sound noobish, but I didn't have a lot of time.
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    I'm sorry, but, due to the lack of law and order, the server is going to the dogs. Even Cor and Creekz are blowing people up for no apparent reason. Good greif. :sleep.gif: Elme, we need to restore order NOW.
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