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    Q: I am at the first mission with the Empire. I am in a room where I need a claw. Not the golden one. another. How do I solve this room?

    A: This is a very difficult question, considering you haven't given us the name of the misson, but considering that you are needing a claw, it is probably close to the entrance of the cave, mine, whatever. It is probably somewhere there.


    Q: Can I join Clans too? Both Clan and empire?

    A: You can join as many clans as you want, but only one Empire. So far I have joined like 5 clans, and joined the Solitude Empire.

    If you need anymore help with the game, just send a personal message, or add me on Skype. I am pretty far ahead in the game.
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    I was gonna post something intelligent, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

    (post some forgot memes)
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    dat face is darn cute...
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    posted a message on What's your favorite animal? (I made a new one, since the other was like 3-4 months old)
    I love the animal called Dik Dik, very small and cute. :3
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    posted a message on 4 words you NEVER want to hear in your lifetime.
    It's not your baby.
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    posted a message on [VANILLA] Resistance Private Server [WHITELIST]
    Name :Alex


    Ign: shamWOW_1

    Why i want to join: I enjoy pure vanilla servers

    Youtube: I have youtube but i dont post vids
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    posted a message on Starting up a small gaming community
    Age group?
    What games are we gonna be playing?
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    posted a message on Small vanilla server looking for new players (nice people, all legit)
    In game name: shamWOW_1
    why you want to join: To build cool things
    awesomest build ever: a castle or village


    Fav color: motha ­ing pink!
    Fav thing to do on mc: Mine and build
    Stronghold or abandon mine: stronghold
    Favorite spider? a the big ones
    Favorite txt face: :3
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    posted a message on KingCraft PvE: Mature Survival Server 1.4.7 (100% Vanilla)
    IGN: shamWOW_1
    Age: 16
    Skype: (required) shamWOW_1
    Timezone: Eastern I believe.
    Why do you want to join our Community: I absolutely love pure vanilla
    What are you goals once you join our Community: Build stuff, and help the community out.
    How would you complete these goals: Joining :P
    Do you have any plans once accepted on the server: Build a house.
    Do you plan on being active? And if so how long can you be active: Maybe and hour to two a day.
    Tell us about yourself!: (1 paragraph)
    Well, I started Minecraft in early beta, the very first video I watched was of X's adventures, I learn about Minecraft fro my brother. I watched Mindcrack ever since 1.8, First person was Ethoslab, and just kept on watching, I play lots of other games too, like portal 2, L4D2, TF2, and more, I am 16 years old and I am in highschool. And I might make videos if i get accepted.
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    posted a message on LF Female Gamer to Join Youtube Channel
    Ummm....so what do I post here....umm...my name is Alex too
    my skype is shamWOW_1
    I am 16
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    posted a message on Need 4 players for a lets play!
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Can you record: Need to download Fraps first then I will be able to.
    Can you start a server: No, I am afraid not. Sorry
    Why do you want to be in this series: I think it will be fun.
    Do you have experiences with lets plays: No, but I want to try
    Can you Edit: I need practice, but I can do basic editing but if i spend more time on it then possibly.
    Do you have skype: Yes, shamWOW_1
    Do you have a youtube channel you would like to post it on: Yes I do.
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    posted a message on Lets count to 2013!
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    posted a message on East-Falcon Dedicated Vanilla Server
    1. How old are you? 16
    2. What schooling are you currently taking, or what level of schooling have you completed? Highschool
    3. What are you looking for in a server? great server to chat with people not to many people either
    4. What would you say you specialize in when it comes to minecraft: mining
    5. How good are you with redstone? terrible but i would love to learn
    6. How good are you at building? not the best but not the worst
    7. Do you like cake? depends.....is it a lie?
    8. What type of music do you listen to? How does this relate to anything minecraft? and dubstep or electronic
    9. Do you prefer to use cheats or not? nooooooo!!!
    10. Have you ever been apart of a minecraft community before? no :/
    11. If yes what part did you play in the community
    12. A sentence or two about yourself. i am fun spirited and awesome, i like to talk alot but sometimes not at all. i just enjoy a great community with people who enjoy playing minecraft
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    posted a message on Minecraft stair contest!

    Do I win, or do I win?
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    posted a message on The above avatar is your only partner in a Zombie Apocalypse
    Use you as a meat shield.
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