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    Quote from Anakinkyle

    It turns out slefi's mod doesn't work with shakeandbake's mod.
    I found that out the hard way, I started up Minecraft and it had a error report that was too quick to read then a black screen.

    This makes me quite sad, actually.. I really like Slefi's. I may try to take a look at what the issue is. It does seem as though both of our mods have a qz.class file so I suspect the issue is there. My best guess is an item or block conflict. If I'm able to change something around in my mod to get it compatible with Slefi's i'll upload a new version and post a link for anyone interested.
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    Quote from slefi

    Final edition out now :smile.gif:

    Love the "Canis" - great texture. Haven't had a chance to test it out yet but I think I will tomorrow. That and the redstone activated lamp block have me pretty interested. The steampunk look and feel really comes through well in all of the additions imho.
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    Just finished up the work on my mod entry for this contest. I've revised my post over on page 7 for those interested. Good luck to all other contributors. This was a fun theme for a project!

    Edit: permalink didn't seem to work for me, but the post I'm referring to is #139 on page 7.
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    Alrighty, first version of my SteamPunk mod is completed! Still a few minor issues I'm working through, but I wanted to at least get something up here now that I got everything working. First attempt at a mod so go easy :unsure: Here goes~
    • Author(s): shakeandbake (me)
    • Mod name: SteamPunkRage (just a working title I went with, couldn't think of anything too original)
    • Images (if any): It seems it makes the most sense to sort of caption these images describing the mod, so I'll do that.

    • Two new ores, copper and zinc. These have the same abundance as coal, and can be mined with a wood pick. I don't plan on changing either of these facts unless I continue work on the mod after this contest.

      Copper and Zinc being smelted into ingot form. Not much to see, just showing for completeness.

      The various new items added with this mod, shown with the recipes that make them. The "Steam Tank" and "Steam Engine" icons need changing, though I was too busy working on the Steam tank itself to work on either today unfortunately.

      The "Steam Tank" in action! I'm quite pleased with how this ended up, actually. I initially had the blocks dropping their items as well as breaking, but this tended to cause issues from time to time and was a bit annoying while testing so I removed it.

      The idea here, is that the "Chopper Wheel" has four blades on the front of the tank which tunnel through blocks directly in front of it. This allows for carefree horizontal travel!

      Note: The tank is meant to be used in X/Z movement. There is no way to climb back up with it if it falls down. The tank is also not meant for water travel, and actually drills through water blocks so take care.

      The "Steam Tank" model I created in the wonderful Techne tool. This took a bit of work to get in the game, but I think it came out quite nice so I'm happy with it.

      The player's perspective with the goggles on.

      A "Magnified Torch" placed on a tunnel created using the Steam Tank. These torches are slightly brighter than regular torches, and work underwater due to their glass lens casing.
    • Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?p0uirb4g2ze6a89 Requires ModLoader. This is my first mod so I'm not sure if there will be any issues with people getting this working. I repatched my Minecraft to 1.8, deleted META-INF folder in minecraft.jar, added the ModLoader files, and my mod specific files, and it worked fine. Do the same and you should be good to go! Not sure about compatability with other mods etc.

    There are some things I didn't have time to change (Icon and recipe updates relating to the Steam Tank mostly - I went with a boat look but did not change the recipe from minecarts to boats. Also I noticed I spelled "Lens" wrong ) , but it was a little tough to get everything wrapped up while learning modding at the same time. I think the features I was able to get in are quite nice. I kept the GearArm weapon I was working on (recipe not pictured, but it is visible in the goggle overlay image) in the mod even though I wouldn't consider it finished (was trying to get the mod to not render the item but instead add a custom right arm skin to the player that resembled the item). All-in-all I'm quite pleased with the progress I was able to make, and I think the mod is quite interesting. I feel as though the tank destroying the blocks rather than harvesting them makes it a little more balanced. I think I may come back to this mod in the future once I have a bit more experience with modding, as I have quite a few ideas I wasn't able to get implemented in time!

    Any suggestions/comments would be greatly appreciated. This is my final version of this mod for the contest, I hope everyone who tries it has fun with it!
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    Question - Is it acceptable to submit the progress we've made so far on an entry, and then alter it later after making changes? Or would that be frowned upon? Have quite a bit of a mod finished at this point but working out the final (and probably the most important) piece still. Wish I had time to add more but I think once I finish up on this current part I'm working on I'll be calling it done.

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    Quote from Ocelot60 »
    Fountains, pretty paths...

    Or a giant statue of Zeus sat down on his throne.

    While I'm pretty sure you meant outside for the fountains, They actually go very well in the upper portion

    I think I'm going to try to construct a small altar between them, as unfortunately I don't think Zeus would fit there. I actually like the idea of doing some statues of Greek gods in the neighboring area, though I think I'd have to tackle that some other day. I'm thinking some small paintings would actually work well in this central area, though I'll have to hunt for some texture packs that would have some pieces that would fit well here.
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    I just finished up on what I would consider my first major building project in Minecraft - a more or less to scale replica of the Pergamon Altar. While I'm not 100% happy with the final outcome, I'm pleased enough with it. In order to construct it I found some "ground plans" on the Wikipedia for this, and working off of the rough dimensions described as 35mx33m, I was able to come up with a rough idea of the dimensions. As a result of doing this, things like the front steps and the pillars along the top were difficult to get exactly as they should be. What I ended up doing for those were having a section of the stairs cobblestone steps, as opposed to the half-steps I had originally planned. Had I kept with half-steps the whole way, the proportions would have been quite off, and the steps that merge with the trim along the edges would not have merged at what I considered the appropriate heights. The pillars, sadly, I had to just use 1x1 columns spaced 1m apart - not quite as detailed as I would have liked, as well as not as many pillars as there should have been. I can say at this point that I thoroughly hate the addition of cobblestone half-steps, as smelting this many cobblestones to turn them into the much more appealing stone half-steps was quite the nuisance.
    At any rate, as I mentioned I just finished up with this creation, and I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendation/suggestions for things to put inside of this building. Anything that would seem to fit in a classical period polytheistic temple or altar would be appreciated. Right now my ideas are essentially just some paintings and some sort of sacrificial altar at the top. In the lower level I will need to do some chandeliers, though I haven't settled on any particular design yet. Currently the lighting consists of some dirt on the floor with torches on the sides. The upper level is actually fairly well lit during the daytime, and I think I want to keep it naturally lit, though I'm open to any suggestions really. I'll also need to determine where to place some stairs down to the lower level, though I think I'm just going to put a set on each side near the back from the top level.

    Here's some pics

    The finished product from a nearby hill.

    The lower level - sealed off completely at the moment.

    The central area of the top level - surrounded by pillars. I imagine this is where an actual altar of sorts should go.

    A view down one of the side "walkways" surrounded by pillars. The front and back "walkways" are narrower.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    tl;dr - What goes in a Classical/Hellenistic temple for decorations/furnishings?
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