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    posted a message on Awesome TU 31 Seed! 7 villages!

    We entered this seed but put as a Large map and it was 75% desert and 10% Savanna 5% Plains and 10% ocean.

    Here is what we found after an hour of just exploring:

    Desert Village w/Blacksmith & Desert Temple

    x: -207, Y:71, Z:97

    Desert Village w/Blacksmith (it also has a Desert Temple that is on the edge so no loot)

    X:-373 Y:70, Z:164

    2 Small Villages

    X:-404, Y:66, Z:301

    X:247, Y:75, Z:-188

    Desert Temple

    X:-214, Y:66, Z:122

    X:290, Y:67, Z:-4

    X:75, Y:61, Z:-136

    Floating Island

    X:-283, Y:64, Z:213

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