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    posted a message on Alvoria's Sanity - [1.12.2] - No longer updating. Sorry.

    Alas, the curtains draw closed on the Minecraft Forums, which were a substantial part of my, looking back at it, incredibly bratty formative years. Before they close, I'd like say one last time that, especially back when I was active in Minecraft, you've been a big inspiration to me, and Sanity will always have a special place to me as a resource pack whose journey I gladly took part in. While it's unfortunate to see you lost the spark for this pack, I can't say I can really blame you, especially considering my own absence from the forums since December 2016, and spotty presence up til then.

    It's crazy to think of all the things that I used to take so much joy in, spend so much time doing, and that it's all just a distant memory by now. Maybe one day I'll actually manage to finish a resource pack of my own instead of just doing a few things here and there, but even if I don't, I'll always think fondly of my time working on textures, and my time collaborating on ideas for this phenomenal resource pack.

    I wish you well on everything you pursue now and in the future, Alvoria! I'm not sure we'll ever meet again in the vastness of the internet, so truly, farewell, and I cannot thank you enough for the memories. I cannot overstate how much fun I had across those precious years.

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    posted a message on Alvoria's Sanity - [1.12.2] - No longer updating. Sorry.

    Man, where has the time gone? It's already been a year since the last holiday update! Looking nice as usual, and the crafting table seems a bit chocolatey in addition to the decorations. Am I just a bit crazy? Maybe, but I can barely remember how much time's passed, so hey.

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    posted a message on Artist Wanted - Preferably Vector (Single image, not very complex)

    I don't expect anyone here to know that the image I want is from the original Yu-Gi-Oh anime that was produced by Toei, but the series used a unique card backing that I happen to like and there is no decent image available on the internet, thus my public request for an artist.

    I specified vector because while a raster image would still work (and in fact would be a version I could certainly work with) I would rather have a vector image so that I can scale it to whatever size I would need while retaining the same level of detail, the exception being if a raster image would be a very large resolution.

    Below you can find the image that you can use as a base; it's the highest quality image of the Toei card back that I can find. As I said in the title, I don't find it to be a particularly complex design, but one that I, with my skills mostly limited to pixel art, am unable to reproduce effectively.

    I must apologize that there is nothing I can offer in exchange for anyone's investment in my request besides an interesting little project, but it is after something that I more or less want just in case I have the opportunity to use it for custom card sleeves or something besides.

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    posted a message on Alvoria's Sanity - [1.12.2] - No longer updating. Sorry.

    Hmm...now that you mention it, I might be inclined to do something like that, too!

    Also, your avatar is pretty nice. Bionicle for the win!

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    posted a message on Alvoria's Sanity - [1.12.2] - No longer updating. Sorry.

    Hey, even if you didn't get all your ideas into the pack, even a little holiday flair can change the entire atmosphere! What is in the pack is certainly festive, and I've gotta say, the lights on the Jack o' Lanterns are pretty snazzy, and the sweaters are perfect for those two mobs!

    The Wither is interesting, too. Still menacing and powerful-looking, but with a festive flair. I feel like you mentioned making the obsidian white, but I can't remember now. Looks nice in the Nether, though. The message on the pumpkin blur is a nice touch, too!

    I don't know what could be causing this, but for some reason Birch Planks and derivative items show up in the inventory as completely invisible, and when placed have an older texture, but this only happens when I have the Christmas pack by itself. I noticed an invisible Birch texture in the files, but where the texture is coming from when they're placed is beyond me.

    And yes, while I did look at the files to see what changed, I also went in-game to see how they turned out.

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    posted a message on Alvoria's Sanity - [1.12.2] - No longer updating. Sorry.

    Of course I happen to edit my post at just the right time for you to not have my edit. Watch, as soon as I'm done with this post, you'll have noticed that I edited my post and have edited yours. Either way, I put these together...rather quickly. Despite the time it didn't take to make the paintings, I'd say they came out rather well.

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    posted a message on Alvoria's Sanity - [1.12.2] - No longer updating. Sorry.

    Hrm...Figures the first time I don't mention that I have a not-great memory and get things confused, I'm actually wrong or it's just been way too long for that. And I was thinking about mentioning that, too!

    I really don't know why I stopped with texture stuff; I have a good computer now, after all! I'm writing a book (that will hopefully be finished and published!) but I've been out of the loop for much longer than that...But I'll try to not go away for a while again!

    Looking back through this and the preview threads, I had an idea that might work, even if it'd be a small addition: Bethlehem/Northern Star imagery in the form of at least one painting. But on one condition: There'd also be a painting for Odin to recognize the origins of Christmas as Yuletide! And don't worry, I could make them if you'd want. Figured I could do something more tangible to contribute this "Holiday season" ;)

    EDIT: By the way:

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    posted a message on Alvoria's Sanity - [1.12.2] - No longer updating. Sorry.

    Looks nice so far. Wasn't the holiday theming before a bit more metallic? Either way, with the tweaks to other textures they work really well.

    Now...I was thinking it might be a bit stereotypical, but how about pajama-styled or santa-themed leather armor? Candy cane stripes on Dimaonds? I suppose thematic mobs would work a bit better than diamonds, but it might be interesting to at least see how it'd turn out.

    Man...thinking back, I've really been out of texturing and community stuff for a long time...

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    posted a message on The Legend Set

    Well I've gotta say, after putting off learning how to make mods for so long, it's nice to finally be able to do this! Presenting...

    The Shadox Legend Set!

    What is the "Legend Set"?

    It's a mod where one is able to find and/or create weapons based on LEGENDS, such as King Arthur's well-known blade Excalibur or the lesser-known Kusanagi no Tsurugi - all with methods reminiscent of their original stories and snazzy hybrid* textures!

    *While the images are 32x32, I used a base 16x16 image and then upscaled it to add fantastic details to make the items special and really pop!

    How can I find these wondrous items and what do they do?

    There is a unique way to obtain each weapon in this mod, though all of it is based on luck in finding the items needed to have the item - it wouldn't be any fun to just make a legendary sword with easily-obtainable ores, now would it? AND as a result of having luck-based rare items, none of these legendary items have durability!


    You have to make Excalibur, but that doesn't mean you use boring ingots! No, first you have to fish for the weaker Caliburn and the less-common Excalibur Dormi* and craft them in a "plus" shape, with Caliburn in the middle and Excalibur Dormi surrounding it! While Caliburn is twice as rare as vanilla's fishing "treasures," Excalibur Dormi is as rare as them, so if you can't seem to fish out Excalibur Dormi, you can always craft a "plus" of Caliburn to get it!

    Since Excalibur is regarded as a very powerful sword, it is the most powerful item this mod adds, only being comparable to Odin's spear Gungnir! It has a base 12 damage with added enchantment effects** to make it even more powerful - Sharpness, Fire Aspect, Smite, and Knockback!

    *"Excalibur Dormi" is in French and translates to "Sleeping Excalibur"!

    **Enchantment effects are level 1 if you craft it, but through the Creative menu, they're all level 3!

    Kusanagi no Tsurugi:

    Since Kusanagi no Tsurugi translates to "Grass-Cutting Sword," I thought it would be appropriate to have to find it in tall grass, and that's exactly how you find it - though it has a 1-in-20 000 chance of dropping from destroyed Tall Grass - over 70 chunks' worth of grass you'd need to mow on average to have this black-and-jade sword!

    Even though it doesn't even compare to the great Excalibur, with a base 6 damage, it's no small matter - but wait! That's the same damage as an Iron Sword! Whether you just can't seem to find any Iron Ore, or you just prefer to have armor and a pickaxe first, this sword is a great weapon to find early in the game, being more readily available than Excalibur!


    If Arthurian Legend isn't quite your thing or you simply want a weapon that isn't another sword, then Gungnir is the spear for you! Unlike Excalibur, you actually do need vanilla ores to make it, but that doesn't mean there's no custom item involved! First you have to get 6 Yggdrasil Sticks to make 2 Yggdrasil Shafts by making a vertical line in the crafting table, and Yggdrasil Sticks are a 1-in-9 000 drop from leaves!

    Gungnir is certainly a powerful spear, with a base 11 damage - 1 less than Excalibur! - and added enchantment effects* - Knockback, Smite, Bane of Arthropods, and Looting!

    *Enchantment effects are level 1 if you craft it, but through the Creative menu, they're all level 3!

    What does it actually look like?

    I guess in accordance with the "no pics, no clicks" philosophy, I've gotta show off the snazzy visuals of this mod!

    Yggdrasil Shafts for Gungnir:

    Gungnir's crafting recipe:

    Excalibur's recipe:

    How do I download this wonderful mod?

    What a great question! Since you're so interested in this mod that you'd like to try it out for yourself, I've put a Curse download link below, so you can install it on every version of PC Minecraft with Forge that you have!

    Curse Download Link

    Who made this wonderful mod?

    I, Shadox, and my brother, gudenau, worked on this mod together; I made all the textures and came up with everything you see, and my brother helped me learn how to code it and gave me the initial code and direction with which to take this mod!

    Remember, this is my first mod, so if anything is amiss or something doesn't work, try to work with me to get it fixed; it's good for you because things go more smoothly, and it's good for me because I can make things more streamlined in the future!

    Give criticism! Give comments! Give suggestions!

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    posted a message on Alvoria's Sanity - [1.12.2] - No longer updating. Sorry.
    Quote from Alvoria»
    Honestly the only thing people can agree on is that my voice doesn't sound right. Most people are telling me that it's much higher than they were expecting, and now you're saying it's deeper than you thought. I find that particularly hilarious considering all any of you have to go off of is my Minecraft skin and a couple of drawings. :D

    No, I'll still have to re-type them. People don't read my posts, what makes you think they'll watch my videos. :P

    And yea, I'm trying to go for a more personal touch with these videos. Make it a little less sterile than an update post with a billeted list. It's a bit difficult to do since nobody is requesting features, and the pack is finished for the most part. Even so, I think it's something that I'm going to have a bit of fun with.

    Well as for your voice, I think since my dad and I have such deep voices I just expect everyone's to at least sound higher-pitch than ours, plus many people end up having higher voices from not watching how they speak and somewhat use their sinuses to make the sound (at least in Usonia), whereas I try to speak naturally and as a result have a smooth and versatile voice. A voice which has given me a rather big ego at that.

    I guess you have a point with the not reading/not watching thing, but I even find myself looking for pictures and videos as opposed to text just scanning through websites...ironic seeing as I oftentimes write a lot more than necessary, as you have seen.

    Also, I have to go to YouTube now because I forgot to subscribe to someone...I feel like he recently posted to this thread with shameless self-promotion, but I can't remember who. Ah, well, I can just scroll up a few posts to find him anyway... ;)
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    posted a message on Alvoria's Sanity - [1.12.2] - No longer updating. Sorry.
    I think this works well with how you make the pack, though I've got to admit, I always imagined your voice wouldn't be as deep as it is, although that might just be me and my wonderful voice. If you did this sort of thing more you might have an easier time not having to retype your explanations to why you changed things in that particular update and more fluently describe what aspects you mean while explaining, plus it just feels more friendly in general.
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    posted a message on Skin Protrusions...wait, that sounds bad.
    This is most certainly a good idea, though with the recent skin update that made the skins so much better I have to keep my expectations down that this would happen, at least for a while.
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    posted a message on XERNEAS IN MINECRAFT
    Impressive, but that's technically not 8-bit, just pixelly, and it's probably 32-bit, but I'm not sure if the colors approximately correspond to 16-bit or not.

    What did you do to get the sprite, though? That certainly isn't its in-game party sprite. Approximation based on official art?

    Anyway, in the video description you asked what we'd like to see, and for me that'd be Dialga, (preferably) Origin Forme Giratina, and/or Hydreigon.
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    posted a message on people for the ethical treatment of mobs
    Quote from Demapmaker»
    Therefore, it is not safe to take this as evidence to the origin/being of creepers.

    Quote from elcidIII»
    you could disregard all of science with that logic

    No, no, No, NO, NO! You did NOT just say it's possible to "disregard all of science"!
    Science has cold, hard facts that you can readily observe, and all of those facts lead to the conclusion that something is the way it is. Minecraft's creepers, on the other hand, accidentally got their shape from a failed pig model, and Notch proceeded to make them blow up because why not and just gave them a quirky appearance, both of which just happened to be similar to how certain plants work. JUST because science uses "theories" doesn't mean that you can disregard it! The natural world has certain physical constraints that everything just naturally follows because there is no other way to be. Games can have so many different things that are not real, so when an intelligent person decides to over-analyze silly things that people put into their games for fun to explain how it could actually have taken form in the real world, they can make a "theory" about it, even though it was never intended to be constrained by the natural world's physics.
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    posted a message on Alvoria's Sanity - [1.12.2] - No longer updating. Sorry.
    I'm on the consensus wagon here; sounds like a strong plan. I'll actually be able to do some video stuff soon, hopefully, as I'll be getting a new computer in a few months, hopefully.

    Anyway, as to what I would like to see, I'm rooting for you to play Delver (and possibly make textures at some point when your texture-mana regenerates...) and, if you can manage, some Zelda games if there're any you'd want to do.
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