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    Quote from darkdiamondminer

    Cool. I was working on that too :P I can PM you my code if you want.
    ok. :)
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    Quote from Eaglerex

    I Made A Custom Mob:
    var mob;
    function useItem(x,y,z,itemId,blockId,side){
    var mob = Level.spawnMob(x,y,z,32,"mob/creeper");

    How Can I Make The Mob Drop Custom Item ?

    function deathHook(attacker, victim)
    Level.dropItem(Entity.getX(victim), Entity.getY(victim), Entity.getZ(victim), range, itemId, ammount, damage);

    + 1 if I helped. :)
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    Hello, and welcome to Skeleton Quest PE, an adventure ModPE Script. The adventure is finally here, but it is still in beta.

    What is Skeleton Quest?
    Skeleton Quest is an rpg where you take on the role of a skeleton, killing all evil skeletons and ridding the world of darkness.

    New Items?
    Skeleton Quest Adds 6 New Items. Currently There Is A Skeleton Rod, Which Is Dropped By All Skeletons, And Can Light Stuff On Fire, Like Flint And Steel. There Is Also A New Mob, Along With An Egg To Spawn It. See The New Mobs Section For More Detail. There Are Two New Food Items, One Of Them Being Skele-meal. It Is Crafted By Tapping A Crafting Bench With A Skeleton Rod. Another New Item Is The Flesh Of The Dead, Or Rotten Flesh, Which Is Dropped By Zombies Upon Death. There Are Also Two New Swords, The Fire And Water Swords. Each Has A Ten Percent Chance Of Dropping By Their Respective Boss Skeletons. Expect More Items In The Future!

    New Mobs?
    Skeleton Quest Currently Has 3 New Mobs (Not Including Easter Eggs) And They Are:




    The Two Skeletons Have Special Attacks According To What Type They Are. The Creepig Is A Pig That Will Explode, Like A Creeper. (The textures are not mine, all credit goes to original creators.)

    The Commands For Skeleton Quest Are:
    /help (tells you how to start; Gives A List Of All Available Commands)
    /spawn (fireskeleton, waterskeleton, or creepig
    /give (item, ammount)
    /quest (1, list)
    /easteregg (1 or 2)

    Easter Eggs:

    Do /easteregg 1 or 2 to get something cool!
    Easter egg 1: Friendly Creepig
    Easter egg 2: shadowdude246
    No Screenshots Because They Are Easter Eggs!


    You Get Levels By Defeating Bosses. They Currently Have No Use, They Are Just To Display Your Boss Kill Count For Now. I Plan For You Being Able To Earn Stuff At Certain Levels.


    Currently There Is One Quest And It Is:
    For The Diamond Sword!
    It Is In Beta, And All You Do Is Kill Ten Skeletons, And Then You Get A Diamond Sword.
    More Quests And Better Storyline Coming Soon!


    Fire Skeleton:

    Water Skeleton:


    Item I.D.'s:

    400: Flesh Of The Dead
    401: Skeleton Rod
    402: Creepig Spawner
    403: Skele-meal
    404: Fire Sword
    407: Water Sword


    1. Download File.
    2. Extract file
    3. Import the Skeleton Quest V.0.1.2.js file via BlockLauncher
    4. Install texture pack via blocklauncher or pockettool


    V.0.1.2 - Added New Swords, Changed Skele-Meal Recipie, Quests, Easter Eggs, And Levels
    V.0.1.1 - Added Boss Health And Attacks, Better /help, and boss death messages
    V.0.1.0 - Initial Release

    Download Link (All In One .zip file)


    © Copyright 2013 shadowdude246
    This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.
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    Hello Fellow Minecrafters! Today I Bring You My ModPE Scripts For Android

    Better Diamond Tools:
    This Modification Makes Your Diamond Tools Better. Do /help To Figure Out What The Tools Do. Currently Features An Insta-Mine Pickaxe, An Axe That Insta-Mines Wood And Gives You 64 For 1 Wood. The Shovel Instantly Breaks Grass And Gives You 64 Grass For One. More Features Coming Soon!

    Download: https://db.tt/L2ZEZ6e7

    Leave Any Suggestions Or Ideas In The Comments. Thank You For Using My Mods!
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    Can I Be An Admin? I have Block Launcher Pro I Can Join Right Now. IGN: Slow_Rider
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    The Blaze Has Come and it is up to you to stop it. This Ruthless Creature will destroy anything in its path. Can you defeat the Blaze Boss Fight?

    Phase 1: Destroy Outer Right Arms
    Phase 2: Destroy Outer Left Arms
    Phase 3: Destroy Inner Left Arm
    Phase 4: Kill Skeleton Minions
    Phase 5: Destroy Inner Right Arm
    Phase 6: Destroy The Blaze's Head


    Download (FIXED) : http://db.tt/hWhm1eYf
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