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    Download [1.7.10]

    Find a bug? post it here!


    All mods are now in one jar, can enable / disable in config. All of the custom ore's use what ever stone texture your texture pack uses to match.
    PathMod rakes can now turn path slabs into full blocks. PathMod, all rakes / hammers but diamond and iron were removed. PathMod recipe for obsidian Slag was nerfed for now.
    ObsidianPlus the charm now has a glow effect when it has xp stored in it. ObsidianPlus the normal obsidian armor has been nerfed and now requires iron armor in the recipes. Alot of the textures are going to be getting a upgrade soon I.e. not all are 32x32.
    More changes to come!

    OLD Downloads / Mod info
    [sT_DaFoods] v2.6 - MC 1.6.2
    DaFoods lets you make sandwiches of all vanilla meats, and seasoned sandwiches witch give a bit more hunger refill, and a cooked egg!

    To craft the sandwiches place a piece of bread and a piece of food any were in the crafting window, and to season the sandwich craft it with either a red or a brown mushroom.

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    [sT_ObsidianPlus]v2.7 - MC 1.6.2
    sT_ObsidianPlus isn't your average obsidian tool mod.
    ObsidianPlus has a full set of armor witch is slightly stronger then diamond, on crafting it has Fire Protection X and the boots have Feather Falling I.
    The Tools in ObsidianPlus have DOUBLE the durability of diamond BUT can only mine what wooden tools can I.E. stone coal etc..
    The Fire Sword in ObsidianPlus when crafted comes with Fire Aspect V
    The Obsidian Charm can store 30 levels at a time and is used in crafting the Fire Sword and the armor if "hard" mode is set in the configs.
    The Obsidian Brick and Glass both have the explosion resistance as obsidian.
    If you have sT_MiniTools installed you can craft Mini Obsidian Tools, and if you have sT_PathMod installed you can craft Obsidian Rakes!
    In the config you can set the crafting difficulty "Easy, Medium, Hard" witch will affect the cost of the Fire Sword and the Armor set.
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    [sT_MiniTools]v2.6 - MC 1.6.2
    MiniTools allows you to create every tool in the 2x2 crafting grid, but at a reduced cost comes a reduced durability!"config option to adjust the speed to match the cost- off by default".

    If you have sT_ObsidianPlus installed you will be able to craft Mini Obsidian Tools, and if you have sT_PathMod installed you can craft Mini Rakes!

    In the config there is a option to change the speed of the tools to match there reduced material cost.

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    [sT_PathMod]v2.7 - MC 1.6.2
    PathMod allows you to use Rakes to turn dirt or grass into a path block witch increases your movement speed, in the future there will be multiple Tiers of paths with different traits.

    The Rake is used to turn grass or dirt in the the basic path, while walking on the path you get a small speed boost!

    The Hammer can be used to crush cobble stone OR obsidian if you have a Diamond/Obsidian Hammer.
    To crush cobble or obsidian all you need it to have the blocks in your inventory and right click with a hammer, you should get 4 crushed cobble per cobblestone, and 4 crushed obsidian per obsidian.
    You now can use the hammer by right clicking on a path block to "pound it" into a half block!
    The half blocks ARE upgrade able.

    To use the crushed cobble just right click with it in your hand on a path block and it gets upgraded with a faster speed boost!

    To use the crushed obsidian you first must place 8 in a crafting window with a bucket of lava, its shapeless so placement doesn't matter.
    Doing that gives you Obsidian Slag witch if you right click with that on a cobblestone upgraded path block will once more upgrade it, witch will give you a faster speed boost!

    You can break ANY of the path blocks with a shovel but be warned you WILL lose the block it gives you dirt!

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    [sT_OreGeneration]v1.5 - MC 1.6.2

    sT Ore Generation Is a mod ment for people who wish to change how there ores generate and(or) for those who wish to keep playing after a major Minecraft update when not all the mods are.
    With OreGeneration you can change the generation Minimum / Maximum height, how much Ore to generate per vein, how rare the veins are from each other, or dissable the ore all together.
    Currently its basic and only supports the ores I hard code in but in the future I hope to make it more modular so anyone can add custom ores etc...
    You have the option to replace the vanilla ore blocks with textures to match the other ores if you wish.
    You can set to have flat bedrock / no bedrock in the nether, overworld, and remove the nether bedrock ceiling.
    All the Ores, Ingots, Items ARE Forge Ore Dictionary compatable so any mod you use that uses Forge OreDict can use these ores no problem.
    The Uranium should work with Industrial Craft's Compressor to make Uranium Ingots, If Industrial Craft is not installed you can simply smelt the ore in a furnace. Tested on "IndustrialCraft-2 1.118.401"

    • New Blocks:
    • Currently Tin, Copper, Silver, Lead, Uranium,Ruby, and Sapphire are the only custom ores added.
    • New Items:
    • Tin, Copper, Silver, Lead, Uranium Ingots.
    • Ruby & Sapphire gems.
    • Uranium (ore) Item.
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    If for any reason someone needs a older copy of a mod just post and ill add a links for every version.

    If you want to leave me a suggested mod idea, found a bug, or anything else.
    Leave a post here,PM me on the forum.
    Send me a email

    Most of my work I will be putting on github
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    Yay Iv been waiting for ever!
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    Is the "Remember me" button not working or am I missing something?

    EDIT:I am stupid for not looking at OP fully.
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