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    Hello, I am the Owner of a Modded UNDERTALE Minecraft Server that has been running for over a year now. I will get straight to the point and say that my Server has been having issues with its very small community. There is 6 of us in total, all of which are very inactive, all except for me. I want to be able to expand its community because lately my work hasn't been getting the attention I would like it too. The Server is beyond dead, and all I want is for my community to grow into something bigger, that way my Server will follow suit. Just so you know what type of work I have been doing, I have recreated weapons, mechanics and all other sorts from UNDERTALE in this Server. I have recreated the laser skulls known as the Gaster Blasters, the ability to change the PLAYER's SOUL, the Puzzles from the Great Papyrus, the battles from every Boss monster and enemy from UNDERTALE. I'm good with redstone, building and much more. If anyone is interested in joining this Server. Please contact me (Contact info will be shown at the bottom of the thread). As this Server isn't public, it's still in the W.I.P stage. Though my Discord Server is public and you can join it, the link to it will also be displayed at the bottom the thread. Upon joining the Discord Server you will be able to hook up with the other members of the community, following that you will also gain access to the Server requirements, such as its required Mods and the Resource Pack, the IP too. All of which you need to join the Server. If you are by any chance interested, you may choose from one of these options to well, join the fun.

    That's all, thank you for listening. I hope to see some responses to this. Screenshots of some of the builds included in the Server will be shown below. Only some of the builds though, not everything the Server has to offer will be shown below. As Minecraft Forum only lets me post a limited amount of screenshots so. . .

    -Contact Info-

    Discord - Snatcher#1507

    -Discord Server Link- (Not sure if I'm allowed to post this here or not, but screw it.)


    You can also email me using the Minecraft Forum.

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