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    guys, this is NOT your mod and it's NOT your work,it's not up to you to decide if it's easy or hard, going slow or fast and if it's dead or alive.
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    Quote from Jimmydeansauce

    ^ ^ yeah I thought we had some factions or something going on earlier, but idk what happened to it.

    AFAIK what happened was that they had a pretty complete concept, then people started making a ton of suggestions, until one day i made a gigantic suggestion, Lemon said he liked it and he'd work on it ASAP, and nothing was posted about NPC's ever scince, maybe they're working on that secretly, maybe they left it for later when they started working on the "easy" things right after world generation.
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    Quote from Fluxigon

    Merry Christmas Guys :smile.gif:

    Merry christmas... well, its still 3 hours away for me, but, meh!
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    Quote from Beu50

    I have, I don't know how it would work in SMP though.

    Well, the thing is that it would work in smp just like it would in singleplayer, the effects are instantaneous, you wouldn't need to actually "sleep" BUT as you can see you can only things a limited amount of times everyday, and you can't stack effects from other kinds of resting.
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    Hey Beu, have you checked the resting buffs suggestion?
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    Quote from VelouriumCamper

    I was reading through this and thought, "Will this mod have its own currnecy?". I thought this while of course reading the section on SMP (again), and realised without currency it would be kind of annoying to keep steady prices. On the other hand, with it, there is the possibility no one will use it, simply because it it too difficult to make or come by. Sorry if I missed something in the OP that answers this question but:

    Will there be currency?

    you didn't read the whole thing,in the utilities section, in the "other" subsection are poker chips, poker chips are the wastelands ccurrency, also, if you read a bit more you'll know that npc's and stores are already planed, so yeah, there will be currency.
    Quote from xenomorph555

    Sorry for interuppting but I was reading the thread and I was disipointed at how Thor is the only past war weapon so I thought I should give some idea's 1.nuke silo, Im not sure it would be fare to give the player powers of nukes but the nukes could then just be extreme hard to craft and not create such a large bang, you could make it so you place a map in the machine and you can select a target on the map and FIRE, the hole could be 25 by 25 or smaller( bigger would be overpowered ) the crater would be radioactive. I doubt you like this idea so it could be just a structure broken of its former self.
    2.Mech's large piloted robots or tripods from WOTW or bypods they are cool to. They are large machines that need to be rapaired and then can be piloted doing what the player chooses to do.

    Hope like this comment( I know its long sorry for that)

    There are already "nukes" in the weapons section called U, Eu, and Pu bombs, this bombs aren´t exactly nukes but work the same way, they leave a big hole and spread radiation.
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    Quote from Darklord188

    This mod is cool, the official release should be at 2012, well, people though 2012 is the end of the World, it's the end of Steve's world.

    (Sorry if this is a dumb question, where do I download this?)

    there is no download yet
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    1. What is the name of your idea?

    RPG concept on sleeping

    2. What group does it fall under?

    Nothing really, you can call it an average activity

    3. What subgroup does it fall under?

    like in the past anwser, it does´t fit much anywhere

    4. Give a detailed description of your idea.

    1.0 Introduction

    This idea aims to incorporate some conepts of sleeping, in an RPG way, without the need of actual minecraft sleeping, all you need is a bed.

    1.1 How to's.

    When you are standing next to a bed, and right click it, a menu opens up, this menu is a sleeping panel, in here you choose how you would like to use the bed, you can either power nap, rest, sleep a short time, or sleep a long time, every kind of use of the bed is made out of 3 factors:

    Time it uses:
    The time it uses is the number of times you can use a bed this way today, for example, just resting takes a really short ammount of time, lets say 4, this means you can rest on a bed 4 times everyday, the time it takes to do this doesn´t affect actual minecraft´s time, its just a limit of the times you can do a certain action everyday.

    Every way to use the bed has different effects, some ways to use a bed may share some effects with others, this effects shouldn´t be really hard do code because they are planed to be just average stat modification.

    Strength/lenght of effects:

    Logically, just resting won´t "fill your batteries" more than sleeping 8 hours, so all ways of using a bed have different effect intensity and length.

    2.0 The bed uses (sketch)

    (remember: MD = minecraft day)

    -Hunger reduction (hunger drained 2% slower) for 5 minutes (1/2 MD)
    -Health regeneration boost (health regeneration increases 2% for 5 minutes (1/2 MD)

    Power napping:
    -Numbness (Speed -5%, accuracy -5% strenght -5% agi -2%) for 2 minutes (1/5 MD)
    -Hunger reduction (hunger drained 5% slower) for 5 minutes (1/2 MD)
    -Health regeneration boost (health regeneneration increases 5% for 5 minutes (1/2 MD)

    Short term sleeping:
    -Numbness (Speed -10% accuracy -10% strenght -10% agi -10%) for 2 minutes (1/5 MD)
    -Vitality (Speed +5% accuracy +5% strenght +5% agi + 5%) for 4 minutes (2/5 MD)
    Note: Vitality is ONLY applied AFTER the Numbness effect dissapears, for example, if numbness lasts 4 minutes, Vitality will be activated for its full length 4 minutes after sleeping)

    -Hunger increase (2 hunger slots drained instantly) instant effect
    -Hunger reduction (hunger drained 5% slower) for 10 minutes (1 MD)
    -Health regeneration (Health regenerates 1/2 heart regardless of hunger) for 10 minutes (1 MD)

    Long term sleeping:

    Effects (except for Numbness) are exactly the same as in short term sleeping, but their duration, and intensity are doubled, including nwgative effects like hunger uncrease, as for Numbness, it stays the same as in short term sleeping, no changes at all.

    2.1 Note on effect stacking:

    Effects will stack but only if they come for the same ability, for example, if you take a power nap 2 times, the effects will sum up meaning you would have something like this:

    -Numbness (Speed -10%, accuracy -10% strenght -10% agi -4%) for 4 minutes (2/5 MD)
    -Hunger reduction (hunger drained 10% slower) for 10 minutes (1 MD)
    -Health regeneration boost (health regeneneration increases 10% for 5 minutes (1 MD)

    But if after taking 2 powernaps, you just rest, the power nap accumulated effects are deleted, and you only have the effects from resting one time, this is done to permit effect stacking, but to avoid overpowering.

    5. Include a picture if needed.

    6. Any other miscellaneous information that might be useful to know:

    This sort of effects are kind of inspired in The Elder Scrolls long term spell/potion effects, i really belive they could fit in with this mod, also, this system is flexible to modification, you can add as much positive or negative effects as you want, for example, a while ago i was thinking of nightmares, but thats another topic.
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    Suddenly, a wild sgt0 appears :biggrin.gif:

    Hello Beu, sorry i haven't been active, a shiton of things (good and bad) are happening right now and i completely forgot about the wastelands :sad.gif:

    I see there are a ton of new things, a ton of new active posters and fans, a ton of new ideas, thats pretty good :wink.gif:

    Also, i come with new ideas!
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    Quote from dangirdas

    I like seeing this mod going further!

    Dangridas! you showed up! (lol)
    Quote from Beu50

    Sort of, we still need 3 more gun formulas and some items like tools and to rewrite everything to the most current minecraft version.

    We haven't figured out all the items, we're working on it. I'll probably have another update within a few days describing new tools/items.

    We haven't finished guns we still need formulas for guns like rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and flame throwers.

    Make a gun formula and item formula a day :biggrin.gif:
    lol, pretty, pretty cool!

    Btw Beu, can i ask you something?

    I just finished a really small and fast "tutorial/course" on programming on action script, and im really considering making a small, simple game of my own, so... do you have any idea of what i could do? (lol)

    Aside from that, im very VERY exited to see the "beta" :wink.gif:
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    A mod where you can build up robots to command a giant ship you can build by yourself with blocks and systems and craftable assets so you can travel to new planets and find out where do you come from!!!!

    *wall of text later*

    ... :iapprove:
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    New poll added, make sure to vote on both polls once you have explored the ship fully, remember to check out ALL the decks before voting, not just the engine room and the cargo bay.

    Im going to base my work of the results of the polls, i expect at least 15 votes on each poll before continuing work on signs, directions and other details.
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    -Spawn point changed

    -Screenshots added

    -Recommended Texturepack now included

    -Poll added

    -Note that if your game crashes when you load the map, it probably is because i left a mod block i will use on the oficial map around, so if it crashes, tell me so i can fix it.

    Remember the texturepack is a cutsom jolicraft texturepack, don't just use jolicraft as the ship's textures ARE changed in the cutom pack.
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    Quote from jagrafess20

    Pics are good, also, a fleet name. The Verdant Fleet.

    I do like that! :biggrin.gif:
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    Quote from epicsalad

    People will want pics or no one will download it

    thanks, right away!
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