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    posted a message on Domesticating/Breeding Hoglins

    This is an idea for domesticating hoglins for farming outside the nether and they being passive. I think hoglins should be tameable with a more complicated process including levels and breeding multiple times. There would be 5 levels.

    Each time you breed a 2 hogs with the same level, you get a baby with the next highest level. If you breed one with a previous level and the current level, you would have a 50% chance of the baby being 1 level higher or the same level as the hog with the higher level.

    The hoglin would follow with these levels:

    Level 0: Full Wild - As spawned naturally in crimson forests,

    Level 1: First Breeding - This would be the same as previous, but the hog could not despawn and would be the result of a bred piglet growing up, nor could be hunted by piglins.

    Level 2: Immune to Zombifying - When 2 level 1 hogs are bred, the baby would no longer turn into a zoglin if outside the nether. If curing zoglins is added, the cured zoglin would begin at level 2.

    Level 3: Partially Domesticated: If you get 2 hogs with the previous level and breed them in any dimension, they baby with this level would no longer fling players but still could hurt them with reduced damage.

    Level 4: Passive in Nether. The hog would be passive to players in the nether, but would behave like lvl 3 in the overworld/end.

    Level 5: Fully Tamed/Domesticated: The hog would now have black pixels in its eyes more like pigs, and would be passive. Ready for farming pork in any dimension as long as you have a crimson fungus supply. In addition, the hoglin would no longer be scared of warped fungi.

    In addition, hoglins would now follow players holding crimson fungi.

    The picture has 2 hogs: Left is a wild or levels 0 to 4 as of this idea.

    A level 5 would be the one on the right.

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    posted a message on More Granite, Diorite and Andesite Variants

    Similary to stone, there should be bricks, cracked, chiseled bricks, and smooth variants of each. Bricks would be made with a 2*2 of polished like blackstone and could be made into the following:

    • Chiseled by 2 brick slabs stacked in a crafting table.
    • Cracked by smelting
    • Stairs, slabs and walls like others.

    Smooth variants would be simply the polished but without the border. Made by smelting and would have stairs, slabs and walls.

    2 new additional variants: Pillars and tiles.

    • Pillars made with 2 vertical of polished or raw.
    • Tile made with 3*3 of polished and stairs, slabs and walls.
    • Tiles would look like dark prismarine or purpur blocks with borders.

    Texture example in attachments.

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    posted a message on Blackstone

    I made a resource pack that renames it to gabbro, removes polished where it shouldn't be and makes it look more black.

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    posted a message on Building A Simple Redstone Garbage Chest!

    Well that's a lot of redstone for a garbage can. Mostly I just see a cactus being used although personally I never throw out anything because everything has a use.

    What is in that picture is actually my big auto smelter, and fuel goes in there.

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    posted a message on Second end/combat update

    How about a new biome known as the "Shulking Valley!" Shulkers would spawn occasionally, making their shells and boxes renewable. It would have a purple grass, plants and also a few structures like a new floating dungeon with an ender pearl or teal-ish color troll-like mini-boss with and would drop end troll scales. He would be dangerous and would spawn shulkers to try to levitate you out of the dungeon and fall into the void. The troll scales could be combined with a shulker box to make a more beautiful troll box with the same storage as a large chest and would also be dyeable and would contain its items like a regular shulker box. It would be found rarely on outer islands and would be made of end_stone, purpur and pearlstone, a new cobble equivalent in the end as blackstone is to the nether. It would have decorative blocks and be made from ender pearls. It could possibly generate in veins on the outer islands and in a new biome as well.

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    posted a message on More Nether Brick Variants

    Since the 1.16 Nether Update added chiseled and cracked nether bricks, but didn't add them for the red variant, I think these should get added. Red nether bricks also should have the fence, chiseled and cracked variants. Blue nether bricks should be based off of warped wart from warped wart blocks which grow from warped fungi. They would have the same variants as the other 2 types of nether bricks. Also, I think there should be nether brick tiles, which would come in all 3 colors and would generate in the fortresses and would be crafted from 4 nether brick blocks of your color of choice. There also should be pillars crafted from 2 bricks/tiles stacked on each other and would also be found to outline the fortresses and new structures. They would have stair, slab and wall variants. There is a picture for the textures to use in your mod/resource pack. You can use them in a mod or put them somewhere else, but give me credit if used.

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    posted a message on Change Hoglin Eye Textures

    Currently, regular pigs have white and black pixels for their eyes, but hoglins just have 2*2 of white pixels. Because hoglins are pig-like, their eyes should have a 2*2 of black pixels just inside the current white pixels like in the pictures below.

    One of the files is the texture you can download and use in your resource pack if you like the idea.

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    posted a message on More Nether Brick Variants
    Quote from Puffy_Pony»

    Fully agree that we should have more variants of these, and I like the renders. I'm not sure how I feel about the Enderman design on the Chiseled Warped Nether Brick, though. Maybe it should be a Ghast, or if Mojang adds a Soul Fire creature as they've indicated, then it perhaps should bear the visage of whatever creature that is. Otherwise, very nice, and I would like it very much if these were all incorporated into Nether Fortresses.

    The Warped Nether Brick should probably be crafted with two Warped Wart blocks and two Nether Brick blocks, granting four Warped Nether Brick. I noticed that was missing from your suggestion, but seeing as we don't have Warped Wart, we need a way to make them.

    The enderman design on the chiseled blue nether bricks comes because endermen are the only mob that spawns in the warped forest, where the warped wart blocks come from. Instead of warped wart blocks, a new item, similar to red nether wart could grow and 2 nether bricks + 2 warped wart like 2 nether wart + 2 nether bricks would be crafted into the blocks.

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    posted a message on Nether Brick Kiln and more Clay/Terracotta Variants

    Nether bricks are from a firey dimension, so use them to make a new furnace known as the kiln. They would make sense for fire brick lining a kiln in real life, so make a recipe of 8 nether brick blocks for a kiln. The kiln would smelt items at the same speed as a blast furnace. It would be used to fire clay-related items, bricks and smoothing stones.

    New terracotta could include large tiles (like polished stone), small tiles (like purpur blocks), large bricks (like stone bricks), small bricks (like regular bricks), shingles, chiseled and pillars. Terracotta, glazed, tile, brick, and shingle variants would have stairs/slabs/walls, and also bricks, nether bricks, and all terracotta variants would have a blast resistance of 12 (twice that of cobbles) and would withstand creeper explosions, but could still be destroyed by TNT.

    A new block called the clay molding table could have textures of different tools on each side, would function similar to a stonecutter, but for unsmelted clay blocks. 1 Wall could be remodeled into 1 block, 1 stair into 1 block, 2 slabs into 1 block, and 1 full block back into clay. The GUI would have an input slot, a selection list, an output slot, a remodeling input slot, and a remodeling output slot for reverting unfired clay back into regular clay blocks. You could cut it into any of these variants before firing in a kiln:

    • Stairs
    • Slab
    • Wall
    • Large Tile (Stairs/Slabs/Walls)
    • Small Tile (Stairs/Slabs/Walls)
    • Large Bricks (Stairs/Slabs/Walls)
    • Small Brick (Stairs/Slabs/Walls)
    • Shingles (Stairs/Slabs/Walls
    • Chiseled
    • Pillar

    When you put it in the kiln along with fuel, after 5 seconds, you get the terracotta variant for whatever variant you modeled the clay into. This could then be crafted with dye to paint it or any stair/slab/wall/full block could be fired again in the kiln to get a glazed stair/slab/wall/block, depending on what you put in the kiln.

    Recipes for the kiln listed below:

    • Clay into brick
    • Any clay block from modeling table to terracotta variants
    • Sand into glass
    • Netherrack into nether brick
    • Stone to smooth stone
    • (Cut/Chiseled) (Red) Sandstone into smooth sandstone
    • Stone bricks to cracked variant
    • Nether bricks to cracked variant
    • Polished blackstone bricks to cracked variant
    • Quartz block to smooth quartz block
    • (Red) Sand to glass
    • Cobble to stone
    • Any new bricks to cracked variants
    • Any new stone types to smooth variants

    The new recipe type would be called "firing."

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