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    posted a message on What Kind of Floating Island Dimension do you want for my mod?

    This is my mod "Blocks, Tools, Realms and Beyond (BRTB) for future update ideas. I am opening a primary poll for the update 1.4, a future update for the purpose of my mod. 1.2 is in development and will feature a new big dimension as a major update called "Alexandroth." 1.3 will be updating the mod from 1.15.2 to 1.16.2 and will add a few new features, bug fixes and improvements to existing content.

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    posted a message on Domesticating/Breeding Hoglins

    This is an idea for domesticating hoglins for farming outside the nether and they being passive. I think hoglins should be tameable with a more complicated process including levels and breeding multiple times. There would be 5 levels.

    Each time you breed a 2 hogs with the same level, you get a baby with the next highest level. If you breed one with a previous level and the current level, you would have a 50% chance of the baby being 1 level higher or the same level as the hog with the higher level.

    The hoglin would follow with these levels:

    Level 0: Full Wild - As spawned naturally in crimson forests,

    Level 1: First Breeding - This would be the same as previous, but the hog could not despawn and would be the result of a bred piglet growing up, nor could be hunted by piglins.

    Level 2: Immune to Zombifying - When 2 level 1 hogs are bred, the baby would no longer turn into a zoglin if outside the nether. If curing zoglins is added, the cured zoglin would begin at level 2.

    Level 3: Partially Domesticated: If you get 2 hogs with the previous level and breed them in any dimension, they baby with this level would no longer fling players but still could hurt them with reduced damage.

    Level 4: Passive in Nether. The hog would be passive to players in the nether, but would behave like lvl 3 in the overworld/end.

    Level 5: Fully Tamed/Domesticated: The hog would now have black pixels in its eyes more like pigs, and would be passive. Ready for farming pork in any dimension as long as you have a crimson fungus supply. In addition, the hoglin would no longer be scared of warped fungi.

    In addition, hoglins would now follow players holding crimson fungi.

    The picture has 2 hogs: Left is a wild or levels 0 to 4 as of this idea.

    A level 5 would be the one on the right.

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    posted a message on More Granite, Diorite and Andesite Variants

    Similary to stone, there should be bricks, cracked, chiseled bricks, and smooth variants of each. Bricks would be made with a 2*2 of polished like blackstone and could be made into the following:

    • Chiseled by 2 brick slabs stacked in a crafting table.
    • Cracked by smelting
    • Stairs, slabs and walls like others.

    Smooth variants would be simply the polished but without the border. Made by smelting and would have stairs, slabs and walls.

    2 new additional variants: Pillars and tiles.

    • Pillars made with 2 vertical of polished or raw.
    • Tile made with 3*3 of polished and stairs, slabs and walls.
    • Tiles would look like dark prismarine or purpur blocks with borders.

    Texture example in attachments.

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    posted a message on My AFK Gold/Piglin Farm

    This is my fully automated gold/bartering farm in modded survival. I am on 1.15, so I will add the piglin later on. The green building contains the sorting machine to sort bartering items and other stuff. It is encased in adventurine, a green quartz from one of my mods, which is very blast resistant to nether creeper explosions from that mod.

    There are speedy hoppers from another mod which move products from the piglin to the sorting machine which is 2 chunks away to prevent angering the piglin. The sorting machine stores items in trunks from my mod, because they are more efficient and creeper proof compared to chests. If a piglin were angered if one is opened is why I have it that way. It also serves as overflow protection.

    Gold ingots go directly to the piglins.

    Rotten flesh goes to the sorting machine, where it is composted to bone meal.

    Nuggets go to the sorting machine and are stored until forged into ingots.

    Swords go to blast furnaces and are melted into scrap metal which will be melted into ingots and given to piglins.

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    posted a message on Changed Piglins, Brutes, Ziglins, Zoglins, and Warthogs Textures to have pupils instead of plain white eyes.

    I inverted the hog and zoglin eyes with the white on the outside and the pupil on the inside.

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    posted a message on Changed Piglins, Brutes, Ziglins, Zoglins, and Warthogs Textures to have pupils instead of plain white eyes.

    Here are 2 pics. The first one is vanilla and the second one is my texture changes. I also removed the scar from the brute.

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    posted a message on Blackstone

    I made a resource pack that renames it to gabbro, removes polished where it shouldn't be and makes it look more black.

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    posted a message on What do you do with all that Spare Stone and Cobble lying Aroundd?

    I usually use excess cobbles and stone for foundations of expanding my base or new buildings. What do you do with all of your cobbles?

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    posted a message on More Wood Block Variants

    Add more variants to give planks more of a building purpose, but these also could be used to substitute for planks for fuel or tools.

    Clapboard: Made with 6 slabs in top and bottom rows and are planks, but continuous planks, stairs/slabs

    Vertical Planks and Clapboard - Made with 3 blocks vertically, and no stairs/slabs

    Panels: similar to polished stone and made with a sawmill if it is added.

    Carved - chiseled variant for planks, made with 2 slabs.

    Doors of each pattern for each wood type: Use a new sawmill block.


    Trapdoor patterns




    1. Use Quark mod for bookshelves. ladders or chests if not added to vanilla.

    2. Use Mccaw's doors for more door patterns if not adcded.

    3. Sawmill could be new block to make all of these.

    4. Mix different planks and stuff for plain old classic oak doors/trapdoors

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    posted a message on More Consistent Stone variants and new Stone Types for a Cave Update

    Any stone block of any type would now work in place of cobbles, mix and match for any existing recipe that uses cobbles or regular stone.

    Here are the variants I would like to have for each type of stone:

    • Cobbles: Named "Cobbled <stone_type>" to keep it short.
      • Would have rough texture similar to existing cobblestone.
      • Would take longer to mine.
      • Would have stairs, slabs and walls, mossy and mossy variants.

    • Raw
      • Exactly as found in stone
      • Obtained by smelting cobbles or using silk touch.
      • Has stairs, slabs, walls, and mossy variants.

    • Smooth
      • Has almost solid color texture with pattern of raw variant still visible barely.
      • Made by smelting raw variant
      • Has stairs, slabs and walls.

    • Polished
      • Made with 2*2 of smooth
      • Similar to smooth, but has finished border that makes it look like tiles
      • Has cracked, mossy, stairs and slabs variant
      • Cracked made by smelting polished
      • Slabs stack like smooth stone slabs do currently.

    • Tile
      • Made with 2*2 of polished
      • Similar to polished, but borders more like purpur blocks.
      • Has mossy, cracked, stair, slab and wall variants.

    • Brick (Large)
      • Made with 2*2 of raw
      • Has stairs, slabs, walls, mossy and cracked variants
      • Cracked by smelting.

    • Brick (Small/Cut)
      • Made with 2*2 of brick
      • Has stairs, slabs, walls, mossy and cracked variants.
      • Cracked by smelting.

    • Pillar
      • Made with 2 vertical of raw, brick or polished.
      • Has log rotation

    • Chiseled (Brick)
      • Has unique pattern varying on stone
      • Made with 2 slabs of brick, small brick, polished, raw or smooth.
      • Works for lodestones.

    Here are some new stone types that should be added: Marble, Overworld Basalt, Slate, Limestone, Jasper, Malachite. Marble would be beautiful white, basalt would be black, slate would be dark blue-gray, jasper would be red, limestone would be cream, malachite would be beautiful with bands and swirls.

    Example of textures for regular stone in attachments.

    Mossy and Cracked have base textures for examples.

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    posted a message on My Giant Sorting Machine in my Modded World.

    This is my giant 32 slice sorting machine that sorts ores and stones from the mines added in my mod which also makes a mechanical sound when it runs. The blocks and vertical slabs are from mods made of granite or overworld basalt (Not 1.16 nether basalt) There is also a mob grinder which produces a lot each night I afk there.

    The stones/ores it sorts.

    ~Prismarine (Shards and Crystals from ore)













    ~Frozen Stone

    ~Scorched Stone












    ~Tigers Eye





    ~Hematite (Can be combined with limestone to make iron ores)

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    posted a message on What should I put in my basement?

    Here is my current basement. A lot of blocks, including the tile floor are from my mods. I have a brewing room made with warpesite, a warped-forest based teal stone with high blast resistance, azuri wood, a non-flammable, sturdy and high blast resistance along with a secondary portal room.

    More will come in the future.

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    posted a message on 1.0.4 Auto Smelter (20 Furnaces)

    Mine is functional, has 64 furnaces, and used faster hoppers from a mod. I still need to cover the long machine. The picture is the loader and redstone clock to power the minecarts.

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    posted a message on Building A Simple Redstone Garbage Chest!

    Well that's a lot of redstone for a garbage can. Mostly I just see a cactus being used although personally I never throw out anything because everything has a use.

    What is in that picture is actually my big auto smelter, and fuel goes in there.

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    posted a message on Building A Simple Redstone Garbage Chest!

    I made a giant auto smelter in my modded survival which takes all of the bows and fishing rods reeled in from an overnight afk fishing after disenchanting them on a grindstone. I use dynamite sticks from creepers and guns instead of bows and my mob grinder gets rid of arrows while it keeps other stuff.

    The green thing in place of a chest is a trunk which has 45 slots per block and can be opened regardless of what blocks are adjacent.

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