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    I don't see the issue with the 9/11 picture, yes it was a horrible disaster, but like the above said, the hindenburg was horrible too but no one seemed to complain.
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    posted a message on does anyone know when 1.6 is coming out?
    1.5_01 has barely been out, I would rather wait a long time for good updates rather than have crappy updates every day. And to answer your question: No, I doubt even Notch himself knows the exact date of release for 1.6, just let it be and play the game as it is.

    Also, not to be an a-hole or anything, but I'm just wondering if you actually bought minecraft or you have illegally obtained minecraft? your haspaid? comes out false. All I'm saying is: Don't pirate minecraft. Buy the game and suupport indie games.
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