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    Quote from Mudkip4321

    I understand why you would want this, but it's pointless.

    That's not a reason for them not to add it. Aesthetics should not be dismissed as useless, especially in a game where creating aesthetically-pleasing structures is a big part of the game's quality.

    Red sand can't completely replace red sandstone because 1) it looks gritty like sand and not stripped like sandstone, and 2) just like regular sand, it's affected by gravity. Any stained clays look much too smooth for what I picture as red sandstone.
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    posted a message on 13w36 / 1.7 - Significantly better performance?
    I wouldn't be surprised considering that Dinnerbone said over 225,000 lines of code were changed in just the snapshot alone not including the terrain; meaning they've probably fixed a lot of faulty and inefficient code that had been in the game for a while.
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    posted a message on should redstone ore drop uranium

    okay 30 blocks and 900 blocks or somt


    You are not very good at making balanced suggestions, are you?

    For uranium to be a balanced drop from zombies (which are without a doubt the most common and easy to take down mobs in the game), it should take at least tens of hundreds to kill before you are able to get a single piece of uranium through chance; considering that you're making it seem like it should only take a single piece of uranium to power an explosive that strongly outgoes TNT's capabilities. It takes five gunpowder (which takes a little bit of effort to get on its own) to make a single block of TNT, yet, what you're suggesting will screw up TNT's balance by making it near totally useless through the addition of something that's just plain overpowered. Likewise, even having it as a rare drop from a mob is bad idea, because it still doesn't involve any risk-reward challenge and just adds more unchallenging and tedious grinding to the game. Plus, nukes are even more unbalanced, and as for uranium as a replacement for redstone... that's just a horrible idea in general; I shouldn't even need to explain that. Even to have it drop alongside redstone is a bad idea when you consider how common redstone ore is per-chunk (only iron and coal are more common).

    No support by a longshot.
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    posted a message on Snow next to jungle, it doesn't make sense
    Quote from Builderb0y

    That's minecraft for you. If you don't like it, try this mod.

    ... Or wait until 1.7, because OP's complaining about something that's already subject to being fixed in the next update.
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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks: Reduced lag, infinite height, and more [The #1 Suggestion Thread of all time!][Updated! 6/14]
    Quote from Moriki

    Bad news and (for some of us), good news: 1.7 WONT be the Cubic Chunk Update. It will have new blocks, new biomes, new sub-biomes, and of course, bug fixes.

    I think most of us were already aware of the latter, as that's old news, but are you sure about the former? Has it been confirmed by Mojang that they're NOT in fact going to adding the new system in 1.7 (if so, that would mean they're paying close attention to the suggestion)? Even if you're correct, which you probably are, it's no surprise. My guess is IF they are paying attention to us, they are waiting for us to finish the mod so they don't have to work on it as much. Also know that it doesn't have to be directly referred to as "the Cubic Chunks update" for it to be a possible addition.

    Quote from Longor1996

    Implementing Cubic-Chunks for real (without any game breaking bugs) would take a long time, and I bet they would tell the modders about it instantly, since otherwise updating world-gen mods (Which currently is based on chunks a bit! Namely just the very first stage of it! (Rhyme not intended)), and any other mod that works on chunks, would take an incredible long time to update, which they won't be able to work with until the update is released.

    What would be the point? You would need to actually have it in completed form released first for it to be of any use to modders; otherwise, it would just be like warning them of what's to come, but instead, they wouldn't be able to prepare, because they need to make modifications to their mods that are built off the code and technical changes made by the update. Most modders rely on MCP (Minecraft Coder Pack) too, which is only updated per update.

    Quote from Longor1996

    Tl;Dr: But if they drink a lot of coffee and work hard on it, they could still manage to do it pretty fast in a resonable amount of time, and they would tell the community about it instantly.

    Mojang has a tendency to be secretive about big additions for the sake of getting people anticipated, as we're probably seeing with whatever this "community-oriented feature" is. If they haven't revealed it already, then my guess is that they're adding red dragons.
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    posted a message on If Jeb gave you 1 thing to add in minecraft what would it be?
    Definately the Cubic Chunks suggestion.
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    posted a message on Pandas!
    Quote from Crafterguy3x3

    You can make pink trees in vanilla Minecraft. Make a resource pack, and under assets > minecraft > textures > colormap > foliage.png

    Make the entire foliage.png pink, and make sure it's 256x256, or else Minecraft will crash when you try to load a world/join a server with the resource pack on. Load the resource pack, and you have pink trees.

    I do this all the time; in fact, I have a whole bunch of different resource packs I created myself that simply change the color of grass & foliage. Still, I'd like to see cherry trees be added as a non-replacing feature.

    Quote from creepers34

    Nope, adding pandas into minecraft would be stupid, and utterly useless. Horses fit into minecraft due to minecraft being themed around the middle ages or the early pioneer days. While redstone is supposed to simulate pulley systems, traps and such. Think about it, today irl if you were to go to war, what would you take? A sword or a gun? While pickaxes are still used today, they aren't as common or as useful as a drill.

    I have no problem with pandas in real life, but i see too many noobs wearing panda/panda hoodie teenager skins in minecraft. I think they are utterly stupid and really annoying.

    If mojang were to add pandas, I would one: Either go on a huge rant and beg to have them removed. Or just stop playing the game altogether. 2: i would most likely downgrade back to 1.6.2 and probably complain about that too, because whatever version i downgrade to lags me extremely bad.

    Do i see pandas being added in the future? No (i hope not). Do i like the idea of pandas being added? No. Do i see cherry blossoms being added? Possibly, but not really. I think mojang could use that time to fix the lag on the launcher's time machine feature.

    1. I don't see why pandas suddenly go against this theme, and better yet, why you're comparing Minecraft's theme to something in the real world and then creating rules that sharply define it within the limits of that "real-world theme". I don't think that creepers, solar panels, or TNT are particularly "medieval/pioneer-themed".

    2. You're saying you'd beg them to remove a feature because of your personal experiences with parts of the community; that is far from being a valid reason for why they should remove a feature for the entire community (removing a feature would be a last-minute resort anyhow, and it would have to be one that was pretty strongly-criticized by the majority for Mojang to even consider the removal of, especially if it was already added in an official update). Really? are pandas THAT big of a deal?
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    posted a message on Possibly the Best Game Ever...
    "Gorgeous graphics, horrible community, boring and repetitive quests, long loading times that are 8 hours on average, and atrociously long respawn times."

    10/10 "like Skyrim with guns"
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    Quote from halesyboy123

    The clay and redwood biomes look cool but i would prefer a new terrain generator

    You don't think that's what they're doing? Jeb's fixed the biome-border problem and gotten rid of the black spots bug, so I'm quite sure he's making modifications to the terrain generator.
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    posted a message on 1.7 Sneak Peek: Sunflowers, Falling Particles
    Quote from xbriannova

    I pity Mojang. Here, they have created a game that made a mark on gaming history. They continued to update it throughout the years, another achievement few other developers could claim to have made, though in recent years have become standard industry practice with the number of indie games. Then here their fans decided to bite the hand that feeds them, and complain for nothing. Adding beds? 'Go home Mojang! You destroyed the game!' New flowers! 'Go home Mojang! You destroyed the game!'

    The only thing I feel Mojang and/or Jeb/Dinnerbone is guilty of is that their target audience is extremely broad and inclusive of self-entitled kids, big babies, princes and princesses.

    If you want minecraft to stay how it was, take the hint and use the time machine feature/mod.

    Mojang is not perfect, don't get me wrong there. They can make mistakes and they can make the wrong decisions. But this is not one of them.

    That's the consequence of popularity; the larger the fanbase, the more immature it is. The same thing happened to CoD. I almost want Mojang to just stop adding to the game aside from the mod/plugin API so that they can make modding the game less unattractive. The truth is it's like they're trying to satisfy a conflicted fanbase who can never be satisfied until EVERY imaginable frequently-requested general feature is added. Tons of people have been complaining about the post b1.8 terrain generator, and this update shows some promise in fixing many of the complaints that came with it, yet, there are still others complaining that they don't see what they want added automatically (these features include: more biomes; more structures; more ores; more mobs; more weapons; balance changes; the mod API; combat improvements; terrain generation improvements; AI improvements; red dragons; bug fixes; optimizations; and all sorts of general additions & suggestions), even though they've revealed only a tiny amount of information thus far. Each time a feature is added, and others are ignored or postponed, the part of the community focusing on the latter will moan about it, and God forbid they add in something that was never frequently-requested in the first place. For instance, if they did an update full of nothing but bug-fixes, the update would be complained at for not having enough content; the inverse also being true, in the case of an update with a lot of content and not enough bugfixing. It's a vicious cycle of updates, and the immaturity of the fanbase means there's very little criticism that's actually constructive; at least not here from the looks of it.

    Therefore (I might be sounding like a hypocrite right now), I think the wisest choice for them would be to just start focusing on technical features and improving upon what's already in the game and just leaving most of the gameplay-related additions and changes to modders. Of course, in order for it to work, they have to make Minecraft a more friendly game to mod, which would be the point of the plugin API.

    Go home minecraft, you are turning into another game

    Way to be original with your comments...
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