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    posted a message on Why a Minecraft Sequel Is Needed

    While I agree Minecraft needs to be improved, you're going with in the wrong direction. Minecraft is a sandbox game, designed to be modded to meet how you want it. The problem with Minecraft is that theres really only 2 ways of playing it: survival or build stuff.

    If Minecraft were to had to have a sequel, it'd need to act more like a game engine. Like Garry's mod, except easier to edit and create new gamemodes, and edit your world. Minecraft, in its original form, is to be bent to your will. Think about it: simple building to change your surroundings, use texture packs and model packs to change the atmosphere, and of course you install mods to change your experience. It would need to be high customisable, and easy to mod and change so it could fit just about any genre possible, as well as have the tools to allow people to easily change and customise their world. This is a true Minecraft sequel imo; the makings of an game engine.

    Unfortunately, because of this, Minecraft can never have a sequel. To me, Minecraft is a borderline between conventional games and an engine. If it were to get even more able to be customisable then all you'd have is a game engine. And even that would get boring after a while...

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    posted a message on [1.9 is out!] Get ready for 1.9! [Updates and Information from Mojang AB!]

    You know, if they want to make the mobs themselves a lot more interesting, they should change the behaviour or physical traits of some individuals in a given mob. For example, say most creepers try sneaking up on you (I know, they already do that), but one creeper might do a short sprint to close in, while another might have a jump boost and try to jump on top of the player, and another might explode even if they die. What I'm saying is that this might make combat a bit interesting by making the mobs a little less predictable.

    Idk, I just think the mobs are just too black and white, and adding a few behaviour/physical changes to some would at least help make them less predictable. A zombie and creeper will charge, a skeleton will try to snipe you, enderman will try to teleport behind you, etc. Its all too predictable...

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    posted a message on Upcoming HALOCRAFT Sever
    I have a better idea for a server. How about a shipyard like in Halo Reach? The different module stations can be for different parts of the server: Anchor 9 is spawn, one of the frigate construction yards could be for the gamemodes, a docked frigate/pelican can tp you to the survival area, etc.
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    posted a message on Halocraft v0.7.7 [ End-Of-Life? ]
    Good to see that your not KIA. Anyway, I have a bug with your mod. If I make a world with MC that has halocraft installed, I can access it again. But if I make a world on 1.6.2 without the mod installed, it'll be stuck on the 'building terrain' screen :(

    Can't wait for the multiplayer release :D
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w42a Ready for Testing!
    While I love the biomes so far, they need to add better oceans. They are just big holes filled with water. Theres really no use for them anymore. They should add stuff like coral reefs, undersea shipwrecks and ruins and more... life. Squids aren't the only things out in the ocean. Its so boring.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2][Forge] Minecraft: Combat Evolved -- The all new Halo mod -- Under new management
    Quote from Wildblood779

    GUYS WE ACTUALLY MADE THE POP REEL ON PLANET MINECRAFT!!!!!!! (7 exclamation marks! 8 now :( [:P]) So, I just wanted to congratulate everyone for all our hard work...

    Also, look at this EPIC mod I found...


    haha, u wont trick me this time
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    posted a message on [1.6.2][Forge] Minecraft: Combat Evolved -- The all new Halo mod -- Under new management
    *added grunt minor and spawn egg
    *added scattershot
    *Added Emergency Flare. Brighter than the torch, we plan a few amazing things for this later
    *Updated a few textures

    Problems and Bugs:
    *Grunts are white blocks
    *missing sound effects for the assault rifle, magumn, plasma pistol, Scattershot and grunt
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    posted a message on List of Mods for 1.8.9
    *Q: What Minecraft version are you submitting this for? (Choose all that apply)

    (a. 1.5.1)
    (b. 1.5.0)
    (c. 1.4.7)
    (d. 1.4.6)
    *A: 1.6.2

    *Q: What is the name of the mod?
    *A: Halo: Ultimate Mod

    *Q: What is the link (URL) to the mod?
    *A: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1891681-162-halo-ultimate-mod-the-all-new-halo-mod-v001-is-out/

    Q: What's name of the mod's author?
    A: Marko5049

    Q: Is the mod available on more than just singleplayer? (Choose any that apply)

    (a. Singleplayer (SSP))
    (b. Multiplayer (SMP))
    (c. Local Multiplayer (LAN))
    (d. Same file for both client and server (Universal))
    A: Singleplayer (SSP)

    Q: Does the mod require Forge? If not, is it at least compatible with Forge? (Choose only one)

    (a. Required)
    (b. Compatible)
    (c. Not Compatible)
    A: Required

    Q: Could you please provide a concise description of the mod? (Few sentences to a paragraph)
    A: Its a new mod. Currently has a few blocks and 3 guns, but have plans for new mobs and dimensions
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    posted a message on [1.6.2][Forge] Minecraft: Combat Evolved -- The all new Halo mod -- Under new management
    i hate trying to write things down on my phone :(

    PS whos gonna get the hundredth comment...
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] The Halo Mod [Realistic]
    Thank you. Will u be ready soon?
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