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//Classification Code: [/Alpha Green\]
//Vertification Key: <Legimate.2221-7520>
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  • Part of Spartan Builders, a group of minecrafters Vash, Sev, Lemode, wow, MinerBailey and Sports Freak
  • A huge fan on Sci-Fi themed games and movies, most notably the Halo series and the Star Wars Saga
  • Has a fascination on ancient history.
  • Is an experienced builder on minecraft.
  • A builder, modeller and texturer of the [Blocked -//Override.Confirmed\\] Minecraft: Combat Evolved Mod
  • Has an unusual obsession with [Pineapples?] and can code some of the basic things.

halo, fossils, archeology, Red vs Blue, portal, star wars, a whole heap of stuff :D
Location The UNSC Endeavour

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Minecraft Sev40 Xbox Weapon Machine

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Skype j.rosser8432