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    minecraft username: Seth_Omega

    real name: isaiah

    Skype: Seth Lord

    pasion : i would like to be a mod or a admin and if you want me to be low on this server then thats fine

    Experience with ranks:i have been a owner 1 times a admin 3 time and a mod 3 times and i have been a owner of a server thats was runing for 1 year but on the second year it got griefed and it got shut down :(

    what i can bring to this server: i can chear people up and i am a awesome builder and i love to help and be with people

    why i want to join this server: cause i love to help people make stuff like servers and adventure maps and i have not been in a server for 2 year so well thats why

    anything else : i love to play with people and play all kinds of games

    ok thats all bye
    wait what he has all kinds of ages ok some thing is totally up
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    what is the freaking rule about the 16 year old thing my bro want to play this server but he can't because you put the 16 year old rule
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