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    posted a message on [1.1.0] Prince's Small Mods; Big Difference
    IMHO all regenerations should be half a heart. The only aspect that should change should be the time between regeneration ticks. At the easiest settings and well fed you should regenerate in about a minecraft hour (1 minute). On the hardest settings it would make sense to take a week (1 hour).
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    posted a message on [1.3.1] Reedstone v3.0 [SSP|SMP] - No longer a thing
    Forge gets installed over both ML and MLMP. Its an additional set of API hooks providing a lot of features. Go look it up.
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    posted a message on Eloraam's Mods (RedPower 2 Prerelease 6)
    Is it really that hard to understand that the separate files is so the mod maintains proper modularity? Download what you want. Dont waste bandwidth on what you dont. I dont see people whining to other modders who have a dozen mods that they need to bundle them all up into one download. These are different mods, offering different features for people who want them, while maintaining a common theme.

    Really just stop whining about it.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Sim-U-Kraft 0.12.1 [discontinued] [open source]
    Just figured out that you can have your markers save a building of nothingness. Have a 'building' that just levels the ground in a 30x30 area. This is extremely useful and near instant as the sims dont have a delay when turning blocks into air to match the blueprints.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] Seronis' Mods (3 Dec, Repair, TeleCompass)

    NOTE: assume any mods of mine require Risugamis' ModLoader, ModloaderMP and MinecraftForge installed first. They probably dont require all that but I personally USE those API mods and will not make an effort to avoid any dependancies that might creep in.

    Lisence information is located in the README inside the archives.

    :Frame: Mods updated for Minecraft 1.0.0:

    Craft Repair . . . . DOWNLOAD: 1.0.0
    This mod unlocks the chainmail armor that is already in the game by supplying recipes that use a combination of leather and iron to craft all the pieces (effectively making it Brigandine Armor in cost). The mod also allows the player to use the 3x3 crafting grid to repair damaged armor, swords, shovels, pickaxes, axes, and hoes. All objects that are repairable let you cannabilize two damaged objects to make one new one by placing one damaged item in each of the bottom corners of the crafting grid. Armor can also be repaired by placing the damaged armor in the bottom center with an appropriate material on each side of it. For brigandine armor you need a leather on one side and iron on the other side. You can also create brigandine by attempting to repair leather armor using 2 irons, or repairing iron armors with two leathers.

    For all tools you need to place your nearly broken tool in the bottom of the crafting grid in the center column. Shovels and Hoes only need their handles replaced so place two sticks, one above the other on either side of the tool. Swords require one ingot of the appropriate material on either side. Other items require both the handle AND a single ore. Wooden tools are not worthy of repair and are thus not repairable.

    To craft brigandine armor from scratch (instead of altering broken leather/iron armors) use the standard leather recipes with these adjustments: For boots replace the toes with iron, for leggings replace the knees with iron, for helmet replace top corners, for vest replace the top corners and the sides. No I will not take screen shots. If you have problems with the recipes just experiment or read the code. This mod includes source and class files for both SSP and SMP in the single download.

    Teleport Compass . . . . DOWNLOAD: 1.0.0
    This mod updates the compass in the game so that it is capable of teleporting you to a saved location. By default this location is the official spawn coordinates for the world (sometimes these are underground even though you spawn above, beware). Right clicking with the compass selected will use up 2 of the 64 charges in the compass to teleport you to the current saved location. Sneaking while you right click will use 8 charges to assign the new teleport location. If you are within 4 blocks of the currently saved destination right clicking will use a mere 1 charge to take you back where you came from making return trips easy. Trying to use the compass when you are standing in a location that is NOT in the same dimension as the saved destination will silently fail without expending any charges (not tested as i dont go to the nether). Compasses are NOT destroyed when their charges are used up, merely no longer useful for teleporting. Only an SSP version of this mod is included in the download at this time.

    :Frame: Mods updated for minecraft Beta 1.8.1:

    Lava Furnace . . . . DOWNLOAD: 1.8.1
    This mod enhances the default furnace so that it is able to benifit from the passive heat of nearby flowing lava or lava source blocks. A lava source on any side, or any lava below the furnace, is able to provide this passive heat. When using fuel the passive heat will make the fuel burn 25% longer. When no fuel is burning the passive heat alone is able to smelt items but 4x slower than when using fuel. Download contains both SSP and SMP files.

    Mining TNT . . . . DOWNLOAD: 1.8.1
    This mod adds a configuration file (created after first launch) that allows you to customize whether explosions will harm players, decrease the particle spam for huge explosions, and assign the percent chance that items on the ground during an explosion, and the items dropped by an explosion, will be completely destroyed. It also bundles up surviving items into stacks to reduce the total number of entities in order to increase CPU performance. Config file can assign the max size of these stacks (can be any number up to 64) or even disable this feature by setting the stack size to 1. Items that use a tileentity (like signs, chests, etc) are never bundled into stacks. Download includes both SSP and SMP files. SMP is completely UNTESTED though theorheticaly it should work. Feedback would be appreciated.

    Soul Cages . . . . DOWNLOAD: 1.8.1
    This mod edits the mob spawner blocks found in dungeons so that they are not destroyed when you harvest them. A cage placed by the player will be empty (no mob visible) since its link to the plane of souls was disrupted when the block was moved. In order to reestablish the link and get the spawner working again the player must craft Soul Gems and deliver the killing blow with one of these gems in order to capture the soul of a mob. The hover text name of the soulgem will show the name of the mob contained inside. Striking a cage with a charged gem will transfer that soul to the cage, making the cage display the mob inside. A single soul is not enough to get the cage to start spawning creatures though. The number of souls required is variable (2 for chickens, up to 10 for creepers/endermen). Once activated a mob spawner will only be able to spawn a max of one creature at a time. Adding even more souls will alternate between increasing this limit, and increasing the distance the player is allowed to be and the spawner still function. Range starts at 16meters (the default for dungeon spawners) and will double to 32, then 64 meters before finally disabling the range limit and not checking if a player is nearby or not. Adding souls to a dungeon spawner just increases its limit. To craft a soulgem place a diamond in the center of the 3x3 grid and fill the outside with an alternating pattern of redstone dust and glowstone dust (4 each). In this version soulgems are not destroyed when used but the final version will have the soulgems be used up (adjustable in config file). This mod is for SSP only and edits the mobspawner block, the spawners tileentity, and adds 2 new class files.

    Pumpkin Rebreather . . . . DOWNLOAD: 1.8.1
    This mod makes it so wearing the pumpkin helmet acts as a diving helmet. By default when you run out of air while wearing the diving helmet you will only take one damage and the air meter will refill up to your current health level. Alternately you can keep charcoal in your inventory bar to use as an air filter. When that is available you will not take any damage and your air bar will refill completely with one charcoal being consumed in the process. A configuration file is created after first launch. In there you can reassign the ID to be used as a helmet and even designate a 2nd ID to also be considered a diving helmet (useful if you have other mods adding additional helmets). There is a flag you can toggle so that using a helmet without a filter still results in the air meter being completely refilled (damage can not be disabled for non filter use). There is a flag that allows whatever helmet is assigned to the 2nd ID to not CONSUME the filter (but still require its presense). You can even change the id/damage value of the itemstack to be used as a filter. Currently this mod does not contain an SMP version.

    :Frame: Tweaks/Fixes updated for minecraft 1.8.1:

    WorldSaveTime . . . . DOWNLOAD: 1.8.1
    After installing this mod and running minecraft a configuration file will be created in .minecraft/mods to allow you to set how many ticks you wish to pass between world autosave points. Notchs default is 40 ticks (2 seconds) and this mod changes that default to 6000 ticks (5 minutes) to reduce lag and reduce the number of writes your hard drive suffers. There is also an option in the config file to completely disable autosave.

    EntityItem Config . . . . DOWNLOAD: 1.8.1
    Creates a config file after first run allowing the user to adjust the length of time an object can remain in the world without being purged. Minecraft default is 5 minutes. Mod default is 10 minutes. Can be set to any arbitrary time ammount measured in ticks (1/20th seconds). Also allows user to adjust the volume level for the 'plop' and 'fizz' sounds played when an item is picked up or in lava respectively.

    :Frame: Discontinued and out dated downloads are located at: Google/Code
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    Arrrg: amco for the next MAJOR revision of minecraft (1.9) should really start a new thread so that there isnt 100 pages of comments having nothing to do with what is being downloaded.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Waqlerg's Mods|ALL UP TO DATE|
    A single craftable dirt block isnt worthy of posting to the forums but it _IS_ a great place to start for your first mod. Make the same block work in SMP. That will give you a tiny experience using ModloaderMP. Then you need to make a texture for 4 differently colored types of stone (for aesthetic building reasons). Make all 4 types of stone use the same block ID number but display using the metadata field. metadata has 16 values so that means you can also have each of your 4 different stones have 4 different appearances. Smooth, double slabs, large bricks, small bricks. Make crafting recipes to turn your smooth versions into the detailed versions. Make THIS block also work in SMP. If you cant do this using only 1 block ID then its not worth publishing to the forums.

    Once you get that working stop using metadata and try using a custom tileentity class so that your 1 block ID can do even more styles. A tile entity isnt limited to just 16 values (it can be as complex as you want). Make large cobble and small cobble versions of each of your stones. Make a few fancy 'floor tile' patterns using your 4 stone colors. Add more recipes for creating these more aesthetic blocks. Make it work in SMP. Keep in mind having too many blocks using tileentities does increase cpu load (metadata use is a comparitively immesurable load), so this version wont be worth other people installing but learning to use the tileentites in this simple way will allow you to use them for more complex stuff later. Once its all working in SSP and SMP you can convert this version to take advantage of Minecraft Forge API so that your passive tileentities actually have their cpu load disabled so its worth other people using.

    Good luck. (but for gods sake do not post another dirt mod, they're pathetic)
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    posted a message on Eloraam's Mods (RedPower 2 Prerelease 6)
    Quote from Eloraam

    That, and if the creator of a mod that I break asks me to, and provides source code, I'll gladly fix their mod to work with it, potentially even adding new hooks so that mods that weren't base-clean before can be now.

    This is why Id like YOU to be maintainer of an MCE replacement. If it was you editing world.class then im sure you would be willing to maintain enough hooks in the class that any other mod needing to edit it could just use your file instead.

    Quote from Eloraam »

    Oh, and now that I've committed to going non-base-clean, even if in a particularly easy to maintain compatibility manner, I can add an explosion resistance hook, so I can make a block with obsidian cover plates appropriately resistant to blasts. I think of the little things.

    Make sure when you do this you check with Better Blocks mods version of explosion.class and if your idea of a good hook is different you let them know so they can mimic yours. They edit this file in order for obsidian stairs/ladders/fences/etc to be explosive resistant. Also if you're editing this class please either post the source for it in your mod distribution or have a look at the MiningTNT mod on my page. Having the explosion class stack broken blocks instead of spewing them all individually helps older computers CPU load with entities.

    Quote from Eloraan »

    With all that said, the API rework in 1.6.0 is making this mod so much easier to work inside of, even if it's a huge amount of work up front for little apparent reward.

    Which comes back to my reward of Steam gaming =-) If you're up for it great, if not I understand. You just seem the best person for the job and I wish more modders would only edit core classes in ways that provided hooks and moved the 'mod' functionality into seperate files.
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    posted a message on Risugami's Mods - Updated.
    Quote from colinjay9000

    Modloader for 1.7.2 makes Minecraft crash. :dry.gif:

    Users who can neither follow instructions nor apply elementary level logic makes minecraft crash.
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    posted a message on Wooden Shoes And Sleeper Mod
    Quote from JustSarah

    Another idea I've been tossing around, is a mod where you or places catch on fire, if a flaming mob touches you

    I think this would require editing the EntityLiving class so that in the check where fire damage is applied you would just set the air block on fire that the mob is occupying. This is an important class and would cause incompatibilities. Someone else might know a less intrustive way of doing it though.
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