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    Sleepy Sloth is a brand new server that is seeking members to help bring it to life. We are looking for people that just want to have a good time and build or survive together. We are, as a whole, allergic to toxicity and griefing. If you are looking for a modded experience where you are instrumental in shaping a server, then shoot me a message on discord for more info!

    Server owner (me) ChaliQuinn#7943

    Discord Server link: https://discord.gg/mjr9XJw

    Currently in our server:

    **-**MCMMO- including jobs, shops, quests, plot claim, etc


    -Both survival and creative worlds

    -More to come based on member input and suggestions.


    **-**Refrain from toxicity- light swearing is no problem but refrain from excessive use. Racism, sexism, ageism, (and any other -isms I have missed), and generally negative verbal harassment will be addressed immediately.

    -If you have an issue with another member:

    + Try resolving the issue amongst yourselves

    + If talking doesn't work out, try to settle disputes with a duel

    + If these steps fail, contact a staff member to assist with resolution

    + NEVER post your issue in public areas of the server or the discord with the intent of causing
    problems or defaming the opposing party. Not cool.

    -There is a disciplinary escalation track that is followed. All disciplinary actions may be appealed. Evidence will be examined before any initial decisions or actions are made

    -You are here to have fun. So is everyone else. Be a good friend and neighbor and live your best Minecraft life. Enjoy it!

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