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    posted a message on Zombies should attack more mobs.
    Quote from R1ch4rd_N1x0n»

    Zombies prioritize players over mobs.

    Zombies can still wipe out mobs if you're not there. There's gonna be a lot of stuff going on you can't see or before you get there.

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    posted a message on Zombies should attack more mobs.

    It makes sense but it scrambles balance. It would make some mobs too easy to kill if they were distracted by zombies and/or kept having their health chipped away by them.

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    posted a message on Why are mods here so oblivious to trolling?
    Quote from Tails1»

    Not all mods are on 24/7 and they are certainly not getting paid for moderation and help in their free time.

    No. I don't think you're even grasping on what I'm driving at.

    This isn't about mods not being on 24/7. This isn't about mods not always being available. This is about mods not being able to detect trolling in general. I can provide direct examples of what I'm talking about, but mods will knock me for calling people out. I've seen threads here that are the most painfully obvious trolling threads I've ever seen in my life, and the mods still just shrug them off. If a troll knows he can get away with something, he will keep farting out more and more idiotic posts.

    In the suggestions forum, there was a rule about not making vague threads, otherwise they'll be locked. It was a good rule, no one wants to see people make threads that say "make creepers better plzzzz =]" and nothing else. But then one day a not-so-smart mod decided "heeeyyy! let's remove that rule!" Which causes a sudden burst of troll threads of people intentionally posting 3 words threads with NO punishment.

    There's a TON of members here that left this forum for that very reason. What good is "reporting a dumb thread and moving on" if a mod does absolutely nothing about it? No.

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    posted a message on Why are mods here so oblivious to trolling?

    Sorry if this is the wrong section...

    There was a time where this forum wasn't like that. Don't let my post count fool you, I've been here since 2011, and as time went on, certain trollish things fly right over the mods' heads more and more. Ugh.

    On every other forum I've ever been on, if you make some obvious joke thread or stupid gimmick account, you're insta-banned and removed from history. On this forum, however, there's this sense of unspoken "troll protection". The amount of failure troll threads and sockpuppet accounts on this forum is excruciating, and the mods' eyes seem to just drift apart in a moment of "huhhh? whhhaaat?" The second you call someone out for a troll thread, you are the one who gets punished while the troll poster gets off scot free.

    And before anyone says "you're just saying that because you saw some posts you disagree with". No. Wrong to the power of wrong. There's some posts that are so obvious that a black hole appears in a random spot in the universe due to the unbalance of logic. There are a ton of users here that permanently left this forum for that very reason. This is what happens when you don't have quality control.

    There was once a guy who posted like this "hey everyone -__- now it's time for an epic epic epic -__- epic idea where -__- we add a cow with 100000000 hearts epic epic -__- pls support epic epic". It was the dumbest, worst trolling anyone has ever seen and it flew right over the mods' heads. 10/10. There were people who spammed "Notch told me to post this LOL" and people who kept switching poll options in their obvious troll threads. 0/10.

    "Just ignore the posts!" No, because not everyone here is smart enough to understand what an obvious troll thread is. And this forum has a ton of young kiddies, so they're not gonna pick up on this. So that solution is invalid. "Just report them!" No, because mods don't seem to notice what an obvious joke thread is, even when they outright say "lol dis is a serious thread!!!"

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    posted a message on Suggestions to update bats

    Uhh, how exactly do bats lag people? I've never heard of this. Are people playing Minecraft on Windows 95?

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    posted a message on Suggestions to update bats

    Leave it to the game's community to want an aesthetic mob, then constantly want to change that so it offers more.

    This suggestion isn't bad by any means, but I'd prefer if bats just stayed as the unique atmosphere-only mob. Them dropping things is a passable idea, but I'm 400% against the idea of them attacking anything. I'm also not a fan of any life-stealing ideas in this game, as it's very easy to bash something to death, so adding a health-stealing effect just makes it feel overpowered. I'll admit I'm a fan of the ultrasensing potion.

    Very minimal support.

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    posted a message on Diseases

    The purpose of this feature is to make a more in-depth health and hunger system to add a challenge for higher-difficulty players. The diseases will hinder performance or abilities in various ways.

    I can't see much appeal in this... Though it's not the worst difficulty-adding idea I've ever seen. I can't say I'd complain if this was added, but I personally would leave this option off, as it's not adding anything that interesting or fun.

    Diarrhoea: Uncommon. Small chance of spread when eating contaminated food, which is caused by poison-related foods and foods that haven't been eaten in a while. Causes moderate fatigue, hunger, and moderate poisoning. Rarely Fatal.

    This one's gonna have to be an automatic 'nope'. Do you really want diarrhea in a game meant for all ages? Even with the age thing aside, this is not something that fits with the game anyway. No thanks.

    The other diseases are slightly more balanced and somewhat plausible. Overall, extremely mild support. Or 5/10, as again, they're not offering all that much as it doesn't seem like too alluring of a mechanic.

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    posted a message on 7th Tier Tools

    What is with everyone suggesting extra tiers of things just for the sake of having them..?

    I think there should be a new ore added to the End, stronger and rarer than Netherite. I think the Enderite mod by pitti11 is a good example of a good color scheme for it. However some things such as the name for "Enderite" I dislike. Here is a simple list of stats I would suggest, compared to Netherite. (Netherite info from Minecraft Wiki.)

    There's not even a reason provided for this. We just have "I think there should be a new ore" with nothing else.

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    posted a message on Explorer's backpack
    Quote from TileEntity»

    There are already mods for that:


    Minecraft 1.17 also add Bundles - this is some kind of Inventory expansion

    Quote from eiche_brutal»

    I am playing a modpack with the Travelers Backpack mod.

    It's the best backpack mod i have seen, but even the standart backpack is over powered.


    With Caves&Cliffs Mojang will give us the bundles. I think backpacks are off the table now.

    And i'm sad about that, bc i don't like the bundles.

    Their mechanik to only store 1 stack of mixed items may be usefull in some situations.

    Maybe you can create specific comperator output with them.

    It is however clear that they are designed with shulker-balance in mind.

    A version of shulker boxes craftet from turtle shells would have been better imo.

    They could have half the inventory capacity of shulkers.

    I played with a custom loot table a while back, where i made turtles drop shulker shells and it took very long to breed them.

    I think a turtle shulker would have been worth and balanced.

    Guys, no. "There is a mod for that" posts aren't allowed here. And even if they were, they add nothing of value to these threads. The point of these threads are too add to the vanilla game.

    No support btw. This idea is basically just a copy of the shulker box, paired with an excuse to get it early. Shulker boxes are hard to get, so having some similar thing you can get much earlier is just a bad idea.

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    posted a message on Using the chat alerts the Warden.

    Not to be mean or anything but... I don't understand why we'd want this.

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    posted a message on A new, rare biome

    The biome sounds alright by itself, but most of the mobs are really not working for me...

    Quote from bigdace2005»

    - Demons: they look like phantoms, but their color scheme consists of black, red and purple. They behave the same way as phantoms, except they spawn normally like zombies and stuff. They drop the same as phantoms.

    Ehh, sounds like a generic reskin (which we already have in the game). 50/50.

    - Ghosts: ghosts look like white, transparent versions of zombies that phase in and out of invisibility. When invisible, they can attack you, but you can't attack them. They don't usually drop anything, but have a 0.5% chance of dropping an invisibility potion. They only spawn in haunted houses.
    The exact millisecond I read "they can attack you, but you can't attack them", my brain just shouted "nope!" That's really annoying. This is just a mob that would be horribly obnoxious that has a 1/200 of dropping something. Not worth it to the max.

    - Mummies: they only spawn underground and behave like zombies. The look similar, except they're wrapped in cloth. They deal 3 - 6 hearts of damage and drop 0-2 rotten flesh and 0-2 paper when killed.
    Doesn't sound very interesting.

    - Killer bats: these are also exclusive to caves. They have 6 hearts of health and deal 1.5 - 2.5 hearts of damage. When they hit you, there's a 5% chance of them poisoning you. They drop nothing when killed.
    Just a slight retweak of the bats we already that drop nothing. Not much to get out of this. I personally think bats should stay atmosphere mobs.

    - Guard statues only spawn in tombs and stay still until the tomb is disturbed (a block is broken or a chest is opened). The statutes look like zombies holding tridents and their texture looks like stone. When the tomb is disturbed, they come to life. They deal 2.5 - 7 hearts of damage, have 12 hearts of health, and have 28% defense. When killed, they drop 0-3 stone, 0-2 rotten flesh and have a 9% chance of dropping a trident.
    This one would go much farther if it had an original design, instead of just being a zombie look-alike. Why are these statues dropping rotten flesh?

    - Crawlers spawn in water, but have a player detection range of 20 blocks and can crawl on land. They look a bit like komodo dragons, but are purple and dark blue in color, with dark red eyes. They chase the player hard, running 10% faster than them. They have 14 hearts of health and deal 2 - 4.5 hearts of damage. When killed, they drop 1-3 rotten flesh.
    This feels like a "there to be there" mob without offering much of anything interesting.

    - Crazed villagers: these only spawn in shacks. They look like normal, unemployed villagers, but have an angry expression on their faces. They don't attack unless you get within 20 blocks of their shacks. At that point, they'll run at you with iron axes. They have 10 hearts of damage and run quite slowly, but deal 9-13 hearts of damage, so be careful. They have a 5% chance of spawning with a diamond axe, in which case they'll deal 10-14 hearts of damage. When killed, they drop 0- 2 emeralds and have a 30% chance of dropping an axe.
    Comes off as an illager with a new coat of paint. Though not a terrible idea.

    - Crows: they spawn in murders of 2 - 4. They're neutral, but attack if hurt. When 1 is hurt, all crows in a 16 block area attack. They fly above and around you in circles, occasionally swooping at you to peck you. They only deal 0.5 - 2 hearts of damage and have 5 hearts of health, but are difficult to hit because of their attack method and can swarm you if you aren't careful.
    Sounds good.

    - Black cats: these spawn in shacks and haunted houses. They are hostile, chasing you and dealing 1 - 2.5 hearts of damage when they hit. They have 8 hearts of health and drop nothing.
    Not seeing a reason why these exist?

    - Flying brains: they only spawn in haunted houses. They attack like crows, the differences being that they're hostile, have 11 hearts of health and only spawn 1 at a time. They also deal 2-4.5 hearts of damage. When killed, they have a 75% chance of dropping a brain, which replenish 3 hunger bars when eaten.<!--/data/user/0/com.samsung.android.app.notes/files/clipdata/clipdata_201024_080747_159.sdoc-->
    Not a bad idea to me, but seems a bit out there, and I don't know if Mojang/Microsoft would want players eating brains (though we already have rotten flesh). At this point it seems like too much mobs for one biome.

    (All mobs that drop "nothing" drop the same amount of exp orbs as zombies and stuff)

    Mild support.

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    posted a message on Rust/Aging Mechanics
    Quote from Ptolemy2002»

    You might as well be insulting the Minecraft developers directly because they've already announced the "rusting" of copper items, something you must have been aware of since it's present in the first sentence of the section you quoted (which isn't even the whole post, so you must have reviewed it at least enough to remove the irrelevant sections, as opposed to just hitting the quote button and nothing else). I'm pretty sure that if the people who made Minecraft didn't have "any sense of good game design," then they wouldn't have made a good game. No other substantial critique was provided, so I can't really say anything else here.

    I thought this was that other thread (which might be deleted now) about how all blocks rot away and just disappear, which is a satanically awful idea that a lot of people repeat-suggest here. This thread is not as bad, but I don't want some of my designs changing through age over a mechanic that was only added "to add a sense of history".

    The copper ore thing is alright because it gives those blocks a unique trait, which isn't something I'd want copied over to other blocks.

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    posted a message on The food consumption

    Ahhh, the forever-hated thirst idea suggestion pops up once more. This is what happens when people just make threads and never search before typing away new threads.

    No support for all eternity.

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    posted a message on Rust/Aging Mechanics
    Quote from pierconick»

    I was kind of surprised by the fact that copper blocks will, when introduced, rust over time. However, upon reflection, I kind of like the idea of a way to watch your worlds age over time. I also think some other similar changes could add a further sense of antiquity to older worlds.

    No one with any sense of good game-design would want anything close to being close to this. I can't fathom why people keep suggesting stuff like this. No, I don't want my metal items being weakened and trolled by a mechanic that never needed to exist. No. No.

    Permanent no support.

    Edit: Oh christ I thought this was another thread that a way worse suggestion. Well, still no support because I don't want designs I've made to change just so the game "has a sense of history".

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    posted a message on Cooking and Construction
    I really believe that Minecraft is due for an update for food.

    It really isn't. Adding more sprites to cram down our throats offer absolutely nothing of substance. Adding more just for the sake of having more doesn't make an idea good. That is one of the biggest fallacies for suggestions, and most of what's suggested here just comes out to be filler material.

    Wheat mills
    Will change wheat to flour. Can be fed via hoppers
    We don't need to program in a new building/mechanic just for flour.

    Smokers were added to the game with the V&P update but requires improvements. If you put wood chips into the smoker with a bucket of water which can be dropped by leaves. Smoking meat in a smoker will improve regeneration gained from refilling your health bar after eating it. Smoking with chips will increase it more. Water required for the chips.
    Turning food into mini-potions (assuming that's what this is) is almost always a bad bad bad idea.

    Used to make an oven
    This another piece of suggestion poison: senseless crafting lines. Why not just craft the oven? No need for the utterly pointless middle-man rack...

    Used to make different bread, cookies and cakes.
    Slapping an oven in the game just for a few new types of food is also not a good idea.

    Add deer for their meat and hide
    This is just more "having it for the sake of having it" material. A mob should add something unique. This deer is slapped in just for a couple more items that we technically already have.

    Can be found with Cubs, will attack you if you come near Cubs armed. Come base off of the biome your in. Black for evergreen biome and taiga, brown for regular forest.
    What is adding more colors of bears gonna give us..?

    Pumpkin pie? Why not apple as well? perhaps cream, berry, pecan? Pizza...maybe? To craft is the same as pumpkin but replace pumpkin filling with your filling choice. Instead of eating the whole thing, the player will eat what’s required to fill up his hunger bar and up to 9 slices or bites. You can also place them down.
    Just copypastas of what we already have.

    Cookies will now be baked with flour. Different cookies are vanilla, sweet berry and chocolate. Also raisins
    Extra effort to add different cookie sprites that just do the same thing as normal cookies. Why?

    Vanilla is, like cocoa beans, is grown in the jungle biome. Unlike cocoa beans, it is grown from a small plant sprouting from the ground. You can plant these yourself using a vanilla pod and placing it on the ground. The orchid will take up a 1x1 area and regrow their pods after harvest. You can also move the plant itself by using sheers.
    Nothing unique here.

    So your original recipe we have right now will make the cake layer which will be covered with frosting. To make frosting is the flavor such as chocolate then egg and milk. A slice of cake will now provide the nutrition effect which will prevent hunger from dropping for 3 minutes and will add another 3 for every slice. In other words, if you are in the nether and you eat a whole cake (9 slices), your hunger will not go down for 27 minutes. This effect is to encourage players to make cake
    I don't see where the "encourage" part comes in. Someone can always just scarf down easier-to-make foods and save time either way.

    Tomatoes, Corn can be grown as a crop and eaten.
    Just more food sprites that do nothing different.

    Salt and pepper
    Is put on meat and veggies for better quality.
    Better quality? I don't get it. Seems like a waste of time.

    Hot peppers
    Will add hot peppers, no reason except to eat. The hottest pepper will allow you to shoot fire balls while holding a flint and steel for a short time as a joke
    Wooooow, no. That is an awful idea to the max. Food shouldn't give you free unbalanced fireball powers "as a joke". Not a very good joke. Just painfully awkward and gamebreaking.

    Saw table
    A reskinned stone cutter but for wood. Can make logs into slabs horizontally cut and vertically cut. Recipe the same but with wood instead of stone.
    Uhh, this has nothing... to do with... food. =/

    Stone cutter
    Can now cut pillars into slabs cut vertically down or horizontally.
    Not food related.

    Glass cutter
    Cuts glass and other delicate blocks suck as glow stone or sea lanterns.
    Not food related.

    Cutting table
    Cuts squishy blocks suck as honey, slime, wool and hay.
    Not food related. Don't have unrelated ideas in these threads, otherwise it'll get locked for wishlisting.

    So sorry, no support.

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