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    posted a message on LOOKING FOR WHITELIST/JOB
    my IGN:senecabodner
    hello if you are reading his post than you must be lookig for a new member for your server,an op/admin,or maybe both.well youve found yourself the perfect man for either those positions. my name is seneca bodner, i probly shudda thought it thru when making my MC name but its to late now. anyways im 15 and cant get enough MC. i play whenever i can get a chance or when im not playing skyrim. i really havent had much exp. of being a mod or admin but im very trustworthy and you can count on me to do a job right. i will observe several servers but i wil only commit to one. show me your server and if its th best ive seen ill join you in your MC experience!
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    posted a message on Small Vanilla Survival Server looking for a couple new players.
    i find my lack of membership disturbing...
    IGN:senecabodner (also my real name,i probly shudda thought about that)
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Community Vanilla Survival Server
    Real name:seneca bodner(i know tht was dumb)
    Why you want to join:i would say "to help the community" like most ppl but really i just want to have fun with other players
    Have you ever been banned from a server?(If so, why):yes but it was an accident an admin banned me thinking i did something wrong but i was unbanned by the next day
    How long have you been playing minecraft?:about a year now
    Two words to describe yourself:has cheezburger
    Have you read the rules?yes here is my proof "..."

    hope to be on soonalso id like to point out im pretty sure id spot daruna outside my window.......mb unless hes dancing like hes high again....ahhhh n64 i still play
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    posted a message on Small Community SMP Survival Server [Whitelisted] [nearly one year old!]
    1. IGN:senecabodner
    2. Age:16
    3. Skype:general.nonsense1
    4.youtube.com/nukemanist(but my cpu cant run screen recordings worth ****
    6. How long have you played minecraft for?: about a year now
    7. i can be on this server whenever i can as long as im not grounded(cant wait to move out)
    8. im not good at explaining why id be agood addition to the server so ill say how. in other games ive had experience of being admin and helping out other players. im an active builder and will some times work on severl projects at once. id also like to share ideas with other players and help the community thrive.im really a well rounded guy and can be agreat additioin to the community if im given the chance.
    9. Q: why did the creeper cross the road?

    A: cuz steve was over there

    alternate joke:Q why did the chicken crossthe road?
    A: why the hell does it matter? XD

    hoping to be a part of the community please respond whenever possible
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    posted a message on Staff needed For a new 1.3.1 server
    What position are you applying for:hoping fo admin but im not pcky
    Have you been banned:yes but it was a mixup and i was unbned soon afterwards
    If so what for:
    How old are you:15
    How long have you been playing minecraft:about 8 months
    What experience as server staff do you have:very little
    Why do you want to be part of this staff and ign:to get some experiance and help the communiy
    (For builders) Do you have any pictures of your builds:yes but not posted
    Do you have Skype.yes but oovoo takes up les cpu
    i would also lieto state i am very dedicated and i can be on at least 30 min everyday
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    posted a message on Simple Survival Server - Looking for players
    its me rasputin. ive been banned just for making a penis near the spawn,i was on my way to destroy it cuz i had only mad it for a little laugh when one of ur admins banned me just for doing that. i wont say who it probly was because they were just being a little overzealous about their job but could i plz be unbanned? i promise not to *erect* anymore penises XD
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