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    posted a message on Crack in the World - Earth-shattering fun (127K+ DLs)
    Was not too sure what to expect at the start but by the end I was loving this map!

    That end sequence was awesome, had me on my toes right to the end.Really well made map, was really fun to play. Great redstone work.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Curse of the Pumpkin Prince 1 V1.7e [100,000+ dl's]
    Curse of the Pumpkin Prince V1.7e

    The sequel 'The Journey Home' is also available for download.

    Updated for Minecraft 1.5.2 & 1.6.2

    * Replaced map notes with written books.
    * Added ability to switch to night at save points and added a new save point.
    * Turned mob griefing off.
    * Fixed bugs with redstone.
    * In the final battle you will now keep your items.

    Map has been played by the Yogscast.
    Go check out their channel here:

    Your old friend Senros, who you have grown up with, has been acting up lately. He has been corrupted by power and become more distant.
    Evil creatures have been showing up across the land and no one has seen the Pumpkin Prince for weeks..
    It is up to you to find out why!

    This map is designed for 1-3 players. There are extra items in the chests to support up to 3 players.
    The map contains many aspects of minecraft and was designed for you to have fun playing. Several puzzles have the ability to make them easier if you need to. Mob fights are as hard as you make them :)

    The map will take approx 1 hour to complete.

    Pumpkin Temple


    More Pictures
    New spawn point, Multiplayer Friendly






    Toxic land


    Version 1.7e - Minecraft 1.5.2 & 1.6.2
    Important notes:
    • If playing on a server make sure 'enable-command-block' is set to true in the server.properties file.
    • If you spawn in the wrong place, goto: X:-67 Y:73 X:121
    • Do not play on peaceful, check rules.txt in download file.
    Texture Pack (Optional)
    The original map used Losmcraft as a texture pack.
    This is now being updated again, so if you want to play the map with the original texture pack follow this link

    Install Instructions

    Install Instructions for Windows
    1) Unzip the file to a directory or desktop.
    2) Rules and notes are in the root directory.
    3) Close Minecraft
    4) WixXP: Click Start, Run, then enter %appdata%
    Win7 Click Start, enter %appdata% in search bar
    5) copy folder COTPP to the .minecraft\saves directory
    6) Run Minecraft. 7) Run Curse of the Pumpkin Prince and have fun! :)

    Older Version

    Version 1.7c (Use if playing Minecraft 1.2.3,1.3 or 1.4)

    Gold Nuggets are worth 1 point.
    Gast Tears are worth 10 points.

    Top 10 Scores

    1. Blingkyle9 -> 175
    2. Pikachu_gaming -> 175
    3. Victorheld & Blokker14 -> 174
    4. Caminotour -> 173
    5. Razorback -> 171
    6. Llictor -> 170
    7. TheLOLWizard -> 169
    8. GanJoGan -> 168

    By BlueXephos
    Don't think I need to say much! I am just amazed they played my map :D

    Version 1.7
    By xxcheesexpuffxx
    Brother [/media]

    By AnewAaron, Using the texture pack! Yes.
    All episodes up now. Check them out. They are great.
    By Wolfware, start of the video is the trailer which is nice. Also they have added background music which sets the mood well.
    By Wat3rflam3
    By TheAdventurersGaming
    By InfraxGaming
    By Miner4K
    (not using supplied texture pack, but the one he uses is quite nice.)

    Credits and Thankyou's

    Curse of the Pumpkin Prince & Trailer where designed and built by me (sench73)

    A big thanks to:
    trampe_halo (You have been a lot of help early on!)
    The Cake-eater (for pointing out my mistakes :rolleyes: )
    LulzJokes (for giving me my first review and helping me see I needed to improve!)
    zzzchese, papereatingcat, HazardousMiner, Fatalfuric, MrWarstoriez & Mozzi3 (my first playthroughs on youtube)
    inawordnope (was them who got me thinking to include Losm's textures, check out there lp, its great!)
    failed101 (made me remember I suck at english, hey it is my native language too :rolleyes: )
    NetPork (for his wonderful trailer)
    Losm (for letting me use his great texture pack)
    Simon & Lewis (Yogscast) For playing my map and making it so god dam funny. :)

    And everyone else who has given me great feedback. Also big thumbs up to all you you-tubers playing my map and all who have downloaded it :)

    Curse of the Pumpkin Prince V1.7e
    Licence / Permissions:
    Use of Losm Texture pack has been added with permission from its author.
    All other content has been made by me.
    you need permission to re-distribute or modify this map. PM Me.
    you can write reviews with Screenshots
    you can make videos using this content, please post in this thread if you want to be added to the front page.
    If you are unsure of anything, please PM me or post in this thread. :)

    Version Log
    V1.1 changed gold bars to gast tears, still 25 points (thanks the cake-eater!)

    V1.2 fixed skelly towers during day
    changed armor in secrets areas
    gast tears now worth 10 points instead of 25

    V1.3 Increased size of starting room incase multiplayer spawn issues.
    Fixed issue where you could jump over wall in village (thanks trampe_halo)
    Changed spawner at end from cave spider as they where causing greef...
    Made chasm jumps slightly harder
    Added 2 more save rooms
    Added extra torches along way incase you die...

    V1.4 Added notes and map
    Cosmetic changes
    Modifed area before Pumpkin Temple

    Changes based on feedback.
    V1.5 Fixed some areas where it was possible to by-pass
    Added block to stop sprint jump issues
    Fixed issue where you where stuck if did not go past lava

    V1.5a Moved blocks to stop sprint jumps, as I was hitting my head!
    Play tested end battle on normal, is not too hard if you eat your golden apples!

    V1.6 Major overhall visually.
    Added ability to enchant.
    More items added to help you on your way.
    Notes updated and new booknotes added.
    Several bug fixes.
    Hints file added to help out.
    Added option at end to use better items if you die.

    V1.7 Now multiplayer friendly!
    Offical texture pack
    Updated harbour office
    Signs & Notes updates
    Improved toxic swamp land
    Added note to archers tower
    Blocked areas in three challenges to help make the way more obvious
    Add ability to stop some redstone stuff to reduce lag

    Fixed bug with armoury blast causing door to open opposite
    Door being blocked off in lava challenge had been fixed to trigger of lever in lava room
    Added some more torches to hopefully stop spawing in wrong areas
    Added potions to help as golden apples have been nerfed! (3 sec's, come on!)
    Removed cave spiders from Maintenance room #1
    Removed cave spider & silverfish spawner at last fight, replaced with zombie & Skelly.
    Added potions at pumpkin temple

    Added in-game map notes, no more alt-tabbing :)
    Fixed lava hole Honeydew fell down!
    Should now work with the latest minecraft snapshot.
    Fixed village for stupid villagers in newer minecraft snapshot
    Various bug fixes and corrected some spelling mistakes
    Added background notes to starting area.

    Changed door to Senro's house due to villagers going in an stuffing it up!
    Fixed all double wooden doors.
    Added latest Texture pack from Losm

    * Replaced map notes with written books.
    * Added ability to switch to night at save points and added a new save point.
    * Turned mob griefing off.
    * Fixed bugs with redstone.
    * In the final battle you will now keep your items.

    V1.7e * removed automatic difficulty setting due to issue with it not re-setting when player logs back in.

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    posted a message on Tomb of the Mystic Warrior

    The map is still being developed, currently a lot of the terraforming has been completed. There are still some sections to go and we are waiting on the release of Minecraft 1.8 before we can start on most of the redstone/command block work.

    There is still a lot of work to do as this map has got quite big, but progress is happening, also with the help of a new team-member JaydenIrwin who is helping out a lot on getting the map completed. It is coming close to a year since I started this project which is quite a long time! Work is also being done on updating the previous Pumpkin Prince maps.

    I do not have a firm estimate on when the map will be completed, just that it will be completed..

    Development Picture:

    I will update as I can on progress and give some information on the story as I go.
    Any feedback is much appreciated. So follow me on this journey and hopefully we arrive at a fun and enjoyable map to play.

    This map will allow the player to explore and complete quests in a less linear fashion. There will be a main quest line you have to follow to complete the map with side-quests for those who like to explore. You will have a main objective to complete which will see you to the next part.

    Map Features:
    • Custom sounds and textures. This will be provided as a resource pack which will fit on top of whatever texture pack you like to play with.
    • Some over the top redstone and command block wizardry which will hopefully not break your game.
    • Decisions may have consequences depending on how you play.
    • Nice scenery which you can explore.
    • Items sets, secrets and currency which you will need to progress.
    • Dynamic events to keep you on your toes.
    • Some more stuff I have forgot!
    The whole map is being made from scratch so all blocks are laid out by hand, I am using WorldEdit and VoxelSniper to help.

    This map may take a while so humor me as I attempt to complete it.

    Current Progress:

    Progress is happening, providing a estimate seems futile >.<

    Build Team:


    Development web site: http://vertexleague.enjin.com/home

    More Pictures: (Updated)


    So thank you for reading, assuming you could take all this in. As long as I do not get too distracted, this map may be out sometime this year! Hopefully sooner... Feel free to comment or talk to me, I am not to grumpy most days!

    Current Story Line

    Basic Story (not complete, this is a WIP afterall)
    Story may change as I go along..
    Legend tells of a city which contains the remains of an ancient people called the Udael. They held considerable power back in their day and where known for creating magical weapons and armour which could make the wearer almost god like.
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    posted a message on 1.5.2] Curse of the Pumpkin Prince 2: The Journey Home V1.2c
    Quote from The_Forgotten

    HOW DOES THIS NOT HAVE A TON OF PAGES ALREADY? Seriously. I'm asking, because I thought the first map had generated enough enjoyment to be perceived much more easily! People! Wake up and play it! :D

    I will admit I haven't played the original myself, but I've watched it and it was great. Just by looking at these screenshots, I feel like playing this one even more. Might even keep it in reserve for some videos! Not like you'll need them all that much, with the Yogscast already jumping onto it again... :P But I'd like to try my hand at it with some footage to look back upon.

    How did you go about making it this time? Was it immediately after finishing/sharing the first one?

    Hi Forgotten, like the new avatar!

    Was getting quite lonely in here but I guess when the Yogscast play your map, things tend to liven up..
    I used MCEdit a bit more to clear out areas and lay down gravel for some areas, and after watching Sjin use world edit, I used that for some landscaping. Otherwise it was just me placing lots of blocks :P
    Started in March! Thou took a few breaks from it here and there...

    Nice to hear from you. I am guessing you are going to make another map?

    Quote from Thrime

    Well, I'm about to play the custom map, but from seeing how amazing the first one was, my expectations are high! I'll let everyone know how it turns out.

    So no pressure then? :P
    Hope you enjoy it.
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    posted a message on 1.5.2] Curse of the Pumpkin Prince 2: The Journey Home V1.2c

    Version 1.2c for Minecraft V1.5.2 is now released.

    Link in download section below.

    Redstone updated for 1.5.Use of command blocks for checkpoint/save and some encounters.New side-quest after dark woods.Quick notes added for those who dislike reading notes.Keep inventory turned on, mob greifing turned off.Several improvements, you will have to find out for yourself.Final boss fight modified to fit new changes.
    If you have not yet played the first map you can find it here.
    It would help playing the first map if you want to get the storyline.

    After your battle with the dark creatures under the Pumpkin Temple you have been recovering from your wounds and resting thanks to the Pumpkin Prince. You are now ready to return to Greenstown, the Prince has offered to open a portal which can take you back with great haste. You are excited about getting back home and help rebuild your town.Should be a nice, easy journey home... Or is it?Welcome to the second map in the series 'Curse of the Pumpkin Prince'Finally after over 4 months of placing small, square blocks I have finally managed to finish the map. This time around it is more of an action adventure map so make sure you look after your weapons and armour! Oh and don't forget to eat.

    • NPC's using those crazy villagers.
    • Scoring system using diamonds, post your score!
    • Writeable notes so you don't have to exit the game to read them.
    • Many redstone contraptions.
    • Enderchests to save your loot. (There is one at the end of the map so no excuses for losing those diamonds)
    • Main Quest and Sidequests to explore.
    • More redstone than I can be bothered to count.
    The map is approximately 3 hours long depending on how thorough you are.The map is designed for 1-4 players.

    More in spoiler
    Underground TemplePuzzlesDungeonNether houseTempleGreenstown?

    Version 1.2c - Minecraft 1.5.2
    Important notes:
    • If playing on a server make sure 'enable-command-block' is set to true in the server.properties file.
    • If you spawn in the wrong place, goto: X:-445 Y:64 X:-295
    • Do not play on peaceful, check rules.txt in download file.
    Texture Pack - by BlueFire
    (for Minecraft 1.5.2)
    (Texture pack is optional, but recommended)
    Older version
    Version 1.1b>> Click here to download <<Map will only work with Minecraft 1.3
    Texture Pack - by BlueFireDownload from BlueFire Hearth Forums
    Please report any issues or problems you may have after playing the map as it will let me fix these issues.

    Installation InstructionsSingle Player
    Windows - Minecraft V1.5.2* Make sure Minecraft is not running before doing the following.1) Download the Map from mediafire.com (Link Above)2) Put the .zip file on your desktop (or somewhere where you can easily find it again.)3) Un-zip the file.4) Press Start, and type in %appdata%. Click into Roaming. *XP - Press Start, Run, then %appdata%. Click into Roaming.5) Open the .minecraft\saves folder.6) Copy the folder 'COTPP 2 The Journey Home' to the .minecraft\saves folder.7) Read the rules.txt.8) Download the texture pack from mediafire.com (Link Above)9) Open the .minecraft\texturepacks folder.10) Copy the BlueFire TJH zip file into .minecraft\texturepacks11) Run Minecraft, select the BlueFire TJH texture pack.12) Open single player and run 'COTPP2 The Journey Home'Make sure you set the difficulty to Easy or above. Recommend Normal setting.Set the lighting under options to moody for best experience.Have fun!

    Multiplayer - open to lan
    * Make sure Minecraft is not running before doing the following.1) Follow the single player instructions and run the game on the computer you want to be the host.2) Once running the map on the host machine, press esc and 'Open to LAN'3) Enable cheats if you want access to /tp and sever commands4) Keep as 'Game Mode: Survival'5) Select 'Start LAN World'6) This will show the IP address and port to connect to.7) All other players just need to add server under Multiplayer from the Minecraft main screen8) Then type in a server name of your choosing and the ip/port number given from step 6.Make sure you set the difficulty to Easy or above. Recommend Normal setting.Set the lighting under options to moody for best experience.Have fun!

    A big thanks to the Yogscast for having a go at the map!
    If you have a let's play you would like to be linked here, feel free to contact me.

    1. mattkhajiit - 93 points
    2. rob47ww - 81 points
    3. ParcelPost - 76 points
    4. abababab - 74 points
    5. Rbinnetje - 70 points
    6. trampe_halo - 69 points
    7. Acco - 68 points
    8. Cococmilk69 - 65 points
    9. ZeUltimateOne - 58 points
    10. gappydoo275 and megymoo99 - 56 points
    11. Turbo1928 - 50 points

    Map By
    Map Help
    Writing Help
    Texture Pack
    Villager Textures
    Stevian Villagers by zebragrrl

    Thanks for checking out this thread and hope you have fun playing.
    Licence / Permissions:

    Use of the Stevian Villagers has been added with permission from its author zebragrrl.All other content has been made by me and BlueFire.you need permission to re-distribute or modify this map or texture pack. PM Me.you can write reviews with Screenshotsyou can make videos using this content, please post in this thread if you want to be added to the front page.If you are unsure of anything, please PM me or post in this thread.
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    posted a message on [16x][1.2]LosmCraft
    Quote from Losm

    Welp. My texture pack has appeared in a Yogscast video. I'm now extremely happy.

    Scared the **** out of me when I had a look at their channel and my map was on it!
    You should thank nopefully as it was their video which helped me choose this texture pack :tongue.gif:
    Glad you now have more exposure :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Playing and Rating all Custom Maps
    Map Name: Curse of the Pumpkin Prince
    Map Type: Adv
    Name Of Creator: sench73
    Thread Link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/864815-adv-curse-of-the-pumpkin-prince-17a-700-dlsnew-trailer-final/
    Description: Travel to the pumpkin temple and resurrect the prince. Approx 1hr long.

    Always up for someone to play my map :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [16x][1.2]LosmCraft
    Your texture pack is now my offical texture pack for 'Curse of the Pumpkin Prince'
    Thanks for letting me use it! :smile.gif:
    Link in banner if anyone wants to play.
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    posted a message on [Adv][Puz] ♔ ☢☢ Oliver's Playground ☢☢ ♔

    Had a go at both maps, enjoyed them :smile.gif:
    Really liked the water climb... Not seen this before.
    Also there where no jumps which ended up with me dieing a lot which is cool.

    Thanks for making the maps.
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    posted a message on Avatar: Crafting Pandora- A Minecraft Adventure
    Hi Nantang,

    Had a go at your map, played the Na'vi
    Love the texture pack, Multiple suns where cool!
    Comments: Do not read if you have not played map yet! You should give it a go.

    Had a bit of a hard time finding the cave. You say Tree of voices, so I thought as I
    saw multiple trees I was in the wrong place, but worked it out in the end :smile.gif:
    Had to cheat a bit and make more swords as my first one broke! :rolleyes:
    Was a little bit shocked the pork chop was blue! Worried me a bit eating it,
    hope it was not an Na'vi! :smile.gif:
    Did not find all gold at end, I ran out of torchs and gave up.
    Man there seemed to be heaps of creepers on this map, don't know if I was just unlucky!
    Oh also, being allowed to use TNT in a map is always good :tongue.gif:
    I would give the map a good 9/10. Kept me entertained, but was frustrating in parts,
    but you can't make it too easy! Hard to get the balance right.
    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: to you and your texture crew(Boss100% and Mitch1224) for a great map.
    Hope to see more... :biggrin.gif:
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