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    posted a message on What is the highest XP level you have gotten legit in vanilla minecraft in survival?

    I’m currently building up to see how high I can get, I’m currently at level 105 and I’m using a skeleton spawned farm, I also use the bones to grow sugarcane, to make paper, to trade for emeralds. And I have no plan of stopping at my current level, I’m gonna go as high as I’ll go until I fall from a distance too high and loose all my levels because I thought I could survive with feather falling 4, that happened to me when I was building a giant tree and fell of and lost like 96 levels or something

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    posted a message on Enemies not dropping equipment when killed

    So I was getting a lot of Exp for enchanting and other stuff and I decided to begin using two Piercing 4 crossbows and for some reason when i killed zombies with them in my mob farm, they never dropped any armor or weapons or tools, but when I switched to using my sword or fist they began dropping their equipment again. Although they always dropped Rotten Flesh, Iron ingots, Carrots, and potatoes. Is this an intended feature for the Crossbow or is this some sort of glitch?. This wouldn't bother me much but i was just kinda confused by why they didn't drop equipment when killed.

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