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    posted a message on Journey to the Core Modpack

    I'm sure someone already said this, but you can get nether stars from chance cubes. THAT IS if they aren't DISABLED by default on your game like they were for MINE. 28 Isocahedron, and 30 some chance cubes before I decided to just check the config file.

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    posted a message on "Minecraft feel"?...
    Minecraft feel is about whether or not the game has changed in a significant way (according to the one using it). I've been playing since the halloween update (the first one that added the nether and jack'o'lanterns) and I have to say alot has changed the feel of minecraft. But to me the change is more of a boon than a reason to hate.

    Quote from EvilCreeper10

    That's actually quite correct, eg. ever since official release we've pretty much gotten non-unique content (eg. cats) instead of unique content (eg. pistons)

    Pistons are unique??? Pistons came from a mod, I remember using said mod 2 weeks before pistons were finished just so i could get used to it. And people were complaining then that it didn't fit "the feel of minecraft".
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    posted a message on Love the Quartz mining xp drops - please don't ever nerf!
    you realize by making a post about how great it is, you have made it so a dev could look and say "hmm everyone really likes the xp from quartz, maybe its OP and should be nerfed"
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    posted a message on What do you want to see in 1.6?
    I'd like to see smarter village placement. it makes no sense to put a door 2-3 blocks above the road. It shouldn't be that hard to set the road to in line with the block the door is on or 1 block below (and make sure to fill underneath, they already do it with the buildings). Seriously, if Mojang doesn't want to change the road generation, they could leave it the same and change the building generation to make it 0-1 block above the road.

    Also still waiting on the mod API. Love to see that.
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    posted a message on Nastier Skeletons? What do you think?
    I'd have to say that the game really needs to change how the monsters react based on the difficulty. If on peaceful there is no monsters, and then you switch to easy and can run into 20 in 5 min. it makes you want to go back to peaceful. I'm not saying they are too hard or too easy, but from my experience the only thing that differs from easy to hard is damage. When really it should be spawnrate, intelligence, and damage. On Hard difficulty, monsters should avoid traps, work together, and hunt in packs (im talking about 7 mobs all within 5 block radius). But on easy you should really be dealing with lone monsters, who fall for the "pressure plate of doom".
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    posted a message on Minecraft Surpasses 10 Million Sales, 1.6 Feature Spoiler Alert
    The girl and the horse have to be jep trolling us... wait not quite a troll, there are mods for both those things.

    MOD API FINALLY!!!!!!!
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    posted a message on [April Fools] Minecraft 2.0 is Finally Coming!
    too obvious an april fools, though some of that stuff most definitely would be cool if it happened.
    • Added new Super Hostile game mode, for a much more challenging Survival experience. (perfect for VECHS maps)
    • Difficulty setting is now per-world and may never be changed once set. (ok changing needs to stay, but would be cool if you COULD set it at world start. I usually play my creative worlds in peaceful just cuz the monsters get in the way)
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    posted a message on 1.5 Pre-Release (Finally) Ready For Testing!
    Quote from VBogach2

    Removed Herobrine :(

    Yep he's hard to remove. No but seriously, I'm still waiting on the update where they make him real. They could make him the FINAL boss of the game, and the end credits (after beating him) will show some other Steve coming to fight you.
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    posted a message on New Minecraft Breakthrough Discovery [1.4.7]
    Paulsoaresjr just released a video yesterday about a seed he found. however his coords were -900 x and 800 z. But he had great loot all around the area. an emerald, some diamonds, and like 6 enchanted books including both fortune and silk touch. none of the enchants were over lvl 1 (except fortune which was 2) but still finding this much is impressive.
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    posted a message on Creeper City
    i typically play on normal, and if i don't sleep immediately, i will find atleast 5 creepers around my house regardless of light levels.
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    posted a message on Equivalent Exchange 3 - 0.1.142
    I'm sure you already have plans, but i think you should make magic follow kinda along the lines of Industrial craft's power. IC has eco-friendly or a dangerous method of making energy. You could do something along the same lines and have "energy collectors" like before that gather power from the sun, but also have a more powerful and dangerous way that takes it straight from the ground and corrupts it.
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    posted a message on Trading Experiment: Books
    check out the wintertide map, they made a quest system using villager trading.
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    posted a message on New World, New Enchantment Strategy
    Quote from Darkfyre99

    This is the strategy I'm planning on using for my breastplate in my current game:

    1st Enchant: 1 level - Wear it until it's almost destroyed, then set it aside for a bit.
    2nd Enchant: 1 level - Do not use this one. It'll be the base of a named Protection IV breastplate.
    1st Combo: 11 Levels - 4 for the combination, 7 for the name. Put the named Protection II in storage.
    3rd Enchant: 1 level - Wear this one out as well.
    4th Enchant: 1 level - Do not use this one.
    2nd Combo: 4 levels - Put on the new Protection II breastplate and wear it out.
    3rd Combo: 9 Levels - Put the named Protection III breastplate in storage.
    5th Enchant: 1 level - Again, wear it out
    6th Enchant: 1 level - Again, don't put it on
    4th Combo: 4 levels - Put the unnamed Protection II breastplate in storage.
    7th Enchant: 1 level - Again, wear it out
    8th Enchant: 1 level - Again, don't put it on.
    5th Combo: 4 levels - Do not use this one, but get the unnamed Prot. II from storage
    6th Combo: 9 levels - The resulting unnamed Protection III breastplate can be worn out.
    7th Combo: 12 levels - Congratulations, you have a named Protection IV Breastplate. Use it to remain in good health, and remember the minimum XP cost to repair is 9.

    Total levels: Minimum 57 levels, or 969 XP. Likely discards: 3, at 1 level apiece. Average cost: 60 levels or 1020 XP.
    Total items: Minimum 8, plus 3 likely discards, for a total of 11.

    Getting a Protection IV breastplate via enchanting at level 30?

    Total levels: Minimum 30 levels, or 825 XP. Likely discards: 4 at level 30. Average cost: 150 levels or 4125 XP.
    Total items: minimum 1, plus 4 likely discards, for a total of 5.

    am i understanding this correctly? you made 8 breastplates and gave each of them a prot 1 enchant and then kept combining them til you got a prot 4 breastplate? XP-wise I can see how this would be useful but if this is diamond (note: never have had a fortune pickaxe) that's a whole stack of diamonds (minimum) for a single breastplate.

    p.s. could you describe a good way to get a fortune diamond pickaxe using this strategy?
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    posted a message on I Was Wrong
    Quote from cadika_orade

    Your read the title right. I don't often find myself to be incorrect, but when I am I don't hesitate to admit it. So read this well and remember it, because these words are not likely to be seen here again for a while.

    I was wrong about Minecraft 1.4.

    How was I wrong? Specifically, I was wrong when I quietly opposed the new breeding mechanics requiring different items for different critters. I said it would be overly complex. I said it wouldn't add anything. I was wrong.

    After playing 1.4.2 for a couple days, I have discovered that the new mechanics do add quite a bit. First, it makes it more challenging to start breeding animals, since I have to find the requisite item first. I STILL haven't found any carrots, so I still lack a pen of pigs. Also, I found that having different animals follow different items made herding a lot easier. Now I don't have to worry about every animal I walk past suddenly following me when I'm trying to lure the last sheep in the whole world into a pen.

    I am surprised the benefits of this were not apparent sooner. In this case, I'm glad Mojang ignored my protests, just as I'm glad Mojang ignores the protests of people saying things like "new sounds suxx" and "add da Tekkit noaw or Minecraft iz ruined 4 evur!!!"

    I salute your bravery dude.

    Quote from Laskeri

    Yeah, seeds usually pile up uselessly after a while, and it makes sense with chickens, being the technical worst source of meat, not needing to grow anything to breed them. I'm not sure how I feel about Pigs and carrots, simply because they're not "easy" to find, but TBH they're about as difficult to find as melons, if not a bit easier because Zombies drop them.

    Quote from KyoShinda

    I can't even find pigs due to the superflat glitch but it's very nice not having to toss away piles of seeds. lol

    ^this is the same problem i've always had
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    posted a message on 12w38a Ready for Testing!
    very scary update, really fits all of this. what with the wither, silverfish spawning in caves, witches, and bats. i'm gonna be jumping out of my pants every two seconds now.
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