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    Quote from Gibea

    Yep I understand every animated textures (just like the Netherrack) with large quantities will face the tiled problem. I know it's not perfect enough. Before I tried several different way of animation for the Netherrack and actually it is the version 5 of my works, I picked it because it's the least tiled problem one of the five even it isn't the best. Thanks for the advice but I tried pulsing separately before, it with the heavy tiled problem because I can't make every block with random timing animation.
    I hope I can make a better version later.

    (one of the previous version of Netherrack)

    That actually looks utterly, positively, absolutely amazing. You have great skill with sprites, I must say. Utter shame about the tilage problems, though. Perhaps Mojang will implement the possibility for a random frame selection for each texture or something in the future? Great work either way.
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    A quick look at this texturepack, and I have big hopes, this looks amazing. I could see the netherblocks being a bit obnoxious though. Especially the netherrack. The way it kinda looks like a beating heart is cool, but I feel it gets just wierd with large quantities, and also a little tiled.
    Maybe you could make every "wart" pulsate on its own? It would be smoother and work better with multiple netherrack blocks together. Just putting it out there :)

    Also, those creepers will be a pain.
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    Closing up on 30 videos, my channel has loads of content waiting for those willing to take a look.
    The "savage viking" Sebbeshs and his trusty singaporian companion Heartsriker keeps attempting to overcome the tremendous horrors of Demon Emperor Vechs' monstrous army. They are constantly trying to collect the required resources to restore normality to the lands nicknamed "Super Hostile". Unfortunately, these vital ingredients have been sealed away from any mortal's grasp in traps, arenas and heavily protected forts, and only by gathering the godly items hid away in the lands can they recover these very items they need to defeat the Demon Emperor.

    Will they succeed?

    Currently we have over 20 episodes of Sunburn Islands (Although, to be honest, don't bother watching the first five as we restarted due to a map update.) and we're starting a new map and also me playing Terraria. I intend to keep the content flow at it's peak.

    It should be noted that my "companion" tends to use both bad words and horrible (dirty) jokes, so if you're easily offended by that, you might want to avoid watching this. And a lot of other LP's on the net.

    I hope you'll enjoy these videos, and if you do, please take some time to press the like button!

    Channel link: http://www.youtube.com/user/sebbyshs
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    Quote from theysaywhatnow

    Yeah. A lot of us have seen that little room.
    I nearly saw it twice.

    Give it another go and don't be so attatched to one area, also, ghasts really arn't that bad. Kinda innacurate and die to 2 bow shots once you get a bow.
    On the starting island the surface really is the way to go!

    I might redo it, but i mostly uploaded that one video for lolz. If I were to do a LP of it all by myself, my gaming buddy (Heartsriker) wouldn't be too happy. And this map isn't SMP either. Anyway, I AM going to keep posting Sunburn Islands for a long time. We'll see.
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    So, i figured i'd post my first video of myself playing Nightmare Realm. This video is especially for you, Vechs.
    Note: The ending must be the best ending ever.
    PS; On the channel you can also find my coop let's play of Sunburn Islands.
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    Doing a Let's Play of map #9, Sunburn Islands.
    Part 1:
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    Application for server.
    In-game name: Sebbeshs
    Location and Age: I am 14. Norway, Rogaland. Born 3. April 1997
    Previous bans: None. I prefer not to be an idiot.
    Referral: I clicked the banner in Kainzo's signature. Other than that, none.
    Reason you should you be accepted: I like the style of this server. I have been looking for a good PvEverything server, and this seems to have... the little extra. I myself am an honest player, whom in personality follows rules and commands with ease. I do have a bit of suspicion to make "friends" in PvP, however, who doesn't?
    Additional info: I have no other kids living alongside me, and have good equipment. I post rarely on the minecraft forum. I will be on as normal life allows.
    Special Key: {HCs8}

    I hope i got everything correct.
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    Try Twitter? He's usually checking there.
    To get to him just go on the Development Blog and to the right of the site there is a grey box where it says "Twitter!"
    At the bottom of that box there is a button "follow me on twitter!", It leads you to him.
    Or just click here.
    Ooops, sorry, just read you have tried twitter. If you have signed up, simply follow Notch, press the gear icon at the top and choose "mention xnotch". you get an "What's happening" popup, where it stands @xnotch, just type your problem there.
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