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    posted a message on What panels will there be and when will they be held?

    How close to the event (usually) do you mean by "last moment"?

    Going thought my post history :).

    In 2012, it was November 23rd (MineCon was Novevember 24-25)
    In 2013, it was October 29th (MineCon was November 2–3)
    In 2015, it was July 1st (MineCon was July 4-5)
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    posted a message on when do I get my cape?

    In 2011 you had to give your IGN, I got home about 2 days after MineCon ended and I noticed it then (not sure when it arrived)

    In 2012 they sent a link your emai address, mine arrived on 24/11/2012 (first day of the con)

    In 2013 they sent a link your emai address, mine arrived on 30/10/2013 (2 days before the con started!)

    In 2015 they sent a link your emai address, mine arrived on 07/09/2015 (2 days after the con ended!)

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    posted a message on Going to be an Agent, what should I expect?

    Have a look at this thread from 2013

    Minecon 2013 From a Minecon Agent's Perspective with Photos

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    posted a message on Minecon 2015 Goodie Bag

    Well, an interesting selection this year:

    - A Minecon Pen

    - A Minecon Notepad (I assume for autographs)

    - A Minecon Villager Enamel-decorated pin (like the one they gave away in Orlando)

    - A Square Metal 'coin' in a plastic case

    - Minecon 2015 Steve Mini-Figure

    - Attendee Lanyard and Pass

    - A4 pape with map and Schedual

    The Bag is a much better quaility than previous years its made from Fabric rather than nylon.

    If anyone realy wants better quality pictures I can take some better ones.

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    posted a message on MineCon 2016

    To be honest, Chicago would be an ideal location for it, but they would have to time it right, the weather can be terrible.

    Ive never been able to find a source but I'm sure at one of the previous conventions (I belive Paris) Lydia said they where going to alternate between Europe and America each yeah, and then East and West Coast when they where in America..

    So I'm expecting the next one to be West Coast (ish).

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    posted a message on Going to Minecon alone? Let's meet up! Adults preferably.
    Quote from Iarik»

    What about food? Are they raiding your wallet or is it affordable?

    Having attended events at the Excel before, I'd say don't bother eating there, its overpriced and the queue is horrific.

    In the past I've got the DLR to Canary Wharf for a better selection, or even walk to Royal Victoria where there is a Tesco Extra

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    posted a message on Chances of getting a MineCon ticket.
    You also need to factor in the 'accompanying adult' factor.

    From my experience in Florida there was a lot of families there who where only there because one of the their children wanted to go, I witnessed a spectacular argument at the end of the first day when one of the parents had dared to suggest they did not bother going to the 2nd day but to Disney instead.. That was 5 tickets sold for only 1 person who wanted to attend. The rest of the family clearly had no interest in being there.

    I'd guess that if they don't implement some sort of age restriction like they did in previous years, at 50% of the tickets will be sold to people who don't really want to go.
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    posted a message on Minecon 2013 - Schedule
    It's of course personal choice and all, but I have to say I'm kinda disapointed with whats on, if it was not for the Mindcrack panel on the Sunday afternoon I'd be tempted to not bother with the Sunday at all...

    There seems to be very little on that interests me.. despite the fact I managed to find something to watch/do both days last year...

    Please remember Panels and Meet and Greets are first come first serve. But don't worry, all of the panels will be amazing, so head into another one if your first choice is full. Paper schedules will be included in attendee bags. Our incredible exhibit hall will be open from 11-6pm on Saturday and 10-5pm on Sunday.

    Time Title
    11:40 AM Live Streaming
    11:40 AM Creating your Big Project with Bebopvox
    12:00 PM Developing Mods
    12:20 PM Pocket Edition Future
    12:20 PM Minecraft 101 for Parents
    12:40 PM Meet & Greet: Sky Does Minecraft
    1:00 PM Running a Server
    1:00 PM Autism and Minecraft
    1:20 PM Video Making 101
    1:20 PM Theme Park Servers with mcMagic
    1:20 PM Cobalt
    1:40 PM The Weird Science of qCraft
    1:40 PM Block by Block
    2:00 PM SparkleSlamaroo Extravaganza: Animators of Minecraft

    2:20 PM Meet & Greet: ChimneySwift11 / ihasCupquake
    2:40 PM Building your YouTube Channel
    2:40 PM Entering Building Contests
    2:40 PM Writing the Minecraft Book
    3:00 PM The Future of Minecraft
    3:00 PM Life as an Indie Developer
    3:20 PM Custom Map Making
    4:00 PM The Creatures
    4:20 PM Building
    4:20 PM Minecrafting Families
    5:00 PM Costume Contest
    6:30 PM Islands of Adventure Shuttles Begin Loading
    7:30 PM Islands of Adventure Opens
    9:00 PM Last shuttles to Islands of Adventure Depart
    11:00 PM Islands of Adventure Closes
    11:45 PM Last shuttles return from Islands of Adventure


    Time Title
    10:20 AM Getting Started with Game Development by Jeb
    10:20 AM Podcasting
    10:40 AM Redstone
    11:00 AM Musical Parodies
    11:00 AM Minecraft Wiki
    11:20 AM Meet & Greet: Bajan Canadian / AntVenom
    11:40 AM Growing a Server Community
    11:40 AM Using the Minecraft IP
    12:00 PM FyreUK Builds
    12:00 PM Kids Learning Code
    12:00 PM Practical Advice to Start Making Games
    12:20 PM Crafting Stories for Videos
    12:20 PM Scrolls
    12:40 PM Life on YouTube with SkyDoesMinecraft, Captainsparklez, ihasCupquake, and AntVenom
    1:00 PM Meet & Greet: The Creatures
    1:20 PM How to Win with YouTube
    1:20 PM Minecraft in Education
    1:40 PM Mindcrack
    1:40 PM Interactive Gaming with Minecraft
    2:00 PM Bringing Minecraft to Life with Greg Aronowitz
    2:00 PM Fun Home Uses for Minecraft
    2:40 PM Interview with Notch
    2:40 PM Meet & Greet: CaptainSparklez
    3:20 PM Animating Minecraft
    3:40 PM Bringing Modding to the Masses
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    posted a message on [Confirmed!] Minecon party at Islands of Adventure!
    Quote from AwesomeBuilder33

    I know but last year I am pretty sure there part was 18+
    So probably this year too

    That depends, on the Saturday night there was an event inside Disneyland, where the park was open too all Minecon attendees, and there was no age limit (tho there was age limits on some of the rides). On the Sunday night there was a party at a club in Paris, which was 18+ only... as far as I know that was free but with limited number of passes given out...
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