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    posted a message on HELP- replacing dropped items
    You could actually compact this more, replacing the last 2 commands with -

    /entitydata @e[type=Item,score_isFlesh_min=1] {Item:{id:"minecraft:leather"})}
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    posted a message on Detect friendly fire?
    So this may be a bit complex, but you can use stat.damageTaken, and stat.damageDealt through scoreboard objectives, to detect if they hit another player within a certain time frame (say 5 ticks or so). You would have to specify each player, and have sets of command blocks for each person though, so it wont work well if there is more than say, 2 or 3 people.
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    posted a message on [14:42:57] Failed to execute 'detect' as Armor Stand
    has NO ONE noticed his tp command does not specify an entity. COME ON.
    LOL xD jk
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    posted a message on Are you too confused of the new recipes?
    Not Really... Im really into the snapshots and figuring out new stuff as it comes out. And if you think about it, the fence recipe makes even more sense now.... 6 sticks didnt make much sense, but 4 logs with 2 sticks actually looks like a fence when you craft it.
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    posted a message on Iron Prot 1 vs Diamond
    Sorry for ghost posting here.... but I felt I had to share this for anyone that comes across this question. As theWesson said the last few points are very trivial.

    So the thing is protection enchantments are a gamble. Once you are hit, theres an algorithm that's used. Basically protection enchantments induce damage reduction. But It can be anywhere from 50% to 100% effective. I recently spent the last 5 hours researching all of this and if you wish to you can look at the download link to see all of my calculations but here are the numbers...

    Prot 1 Iron - 63.2-66.4% Damage Reduction

    Prot 2 Iron - 66.4-72.8% Damage Reduction

    Prot 3 Iron - 69.6-79.2% Damage Reduction

    Prot 4 Iron - 76-92% Damage Reduction

    Diamond (Unenchanted) - 80% Damage Reduction

    I dont really know where this myth of prot 1 iron being the same as diamond armor came from, but it isnt correct at all. You'd need protection 3 armor to barely sometimes be as good as unenchanted diamond. At its most, prot 1 iron armor will do -

    (4 EPF*4%*(40/100))+60 Damage Reduction... which is 66.4% damage reduction, not close to 80%.

    I think it was just people trying this in survival, but the half hearts don't really display these percent changes, which in fact do save your life in the long run.

    By the way Im doing a video on this and all of the armor statistics and stuffz in the next couple weeks... - it'll be on my channel soon - youtube.com/xpurplepinapples

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/f7kpq4lm91pxiix/Armor Calculations.zip?dl=0
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    posted a message on Looking for good randomizer
    These ones are pretty good, you can usually hook it up to a fast clock... -
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    posted a message on Functional Bookshelves
    hahaa, I like you Sarmachus, you think out of the box. I was thinking about this too, and I've been trying to play around with spawner ranges and falling sand entites to create a "falling", but not falling chest entity in the block. Don't know if its gonna work, but I'm gonna try anyways!
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    posted a message on Two command block questions
    /give @p minecraft:ironboots 1 0 {ench:[{id:34,lvl:10}]}

    That gives a player unbreaking 10 boots. I've never seen unbreaking 10 run out of durability and I've had the same iron armor on my world for about 3 months now.

    By the way, you can also change that lvl value, so you can give a player unbreaking 200 boots if you wanted
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    posted a message on Make an unbreakable block
    If this is for a map or something, you could just retexture bedrock as dirt.
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    posted a message on Lucky Blocks Mod in Vanilla Minecraft - 60+ Possibilites!
    Thanks for all the reply's guys! Sadly I wont be able to work on any of this till next thursday since I'm doing calculus in summer school which occupies most of my time. But these are all great ideas, which is great because I often find myself wanting to do stuff, but can't think of anything.

    Also, concerning Sarmachus' first post, just wondering, so would regular spawning zombies and skeletons become villagers/villagers with a skeleton head or zombie head? (i.e. I could make villagers look like Zombies and Skeletons, and add a new AI to them to create the trading, and structure spawning, and stuff like that). Also I'm having trouble understanding what you mean by skeleton "humans".... would the skeletons and zombies in this """mod""" still be hostile or not?

    Also, The wall jump idea sounds cool, I may implement the XP Bar into that, and possibly some cool sounds.

    Greeface, I've already started working on the things for the minimap thing, kinda figured it out a bit, still in progress. Secondly, since Im not modding minecraft (im kind of against that, since I think its not available to everyone, and I don't like that) I can't make the "gravity power" work by just shifting and right clicking, since there is no way to check for a player just right clicking with their hand, but I can put a trigger system in there to make that work.

    Thanks for the great ideas guys! I will work on them ASAP (which wont be for about a week haha), but keep posting - you guys are great :D


    Edit : Didn't realize how long this post was xD have fun reading!
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