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    Practical machines... you see it depends on what you're doing, In my single player worlds, I create anything that makes things easier, for example, (assuming you have access to creative) I created a smelting system that you can auto-smelt with levels instead. I thought this was a cool idea http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2743964-help-needed-custom-naturally-spawning-chests-18-snapshot/
    In vanilla survival, theres a limit to what you can do, with the automaticity and such. After I made every automatic farm possible, thats when I started looking into command blocks
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    posted a message on Limited Lifes to Spectator Mode - Adventure Map System
    Quote from Slash1406

    Hang on dude. The objective should be deathCount not stat.deaths

    Actually, it can be either
    stat.deaths is the statistics (when you click esc and open statistics) data and deathCount is the game data... or I might have those backwards, but anyways - both work
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    posted a message on [HELP] Detecting other types of minecarts...?
    This would have to be in the new snapshots, but here. This command destroys all TNT Minecart entites
    /kill @e[type=MinecartTNT]
    you can also do /kill @e[type=MinecartTNT,r=5] which would destroy them if they're in a radius of 5, relative to the command block, if you placed the command block near where you want this to happen. However this command block would have to be constantly powered on and off either using a fill clock or another clock

    /kill @e[type=MinecartTNT]
    /kill @e[type=MinecartChest]
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    posted a message on I Need Severe Help With Redstone
    I would suggest these videos:


    Thats where I started.

    Also, learning a basic command language, for example I know the python coding language. Knowing a coding language helps ALOT with the reasoning, and integrating 'and' gates, and if then modules into minecraft. After that its just practice, you have to keep at it. Theres not really much else you can do, but there are thousands upon thousands videos on youtube.
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    posted a message on Lan Server Issues
    So about the skin issue, there isn't much you can do, that may be because of the skin servers. As for the LAN issue, I don't see any result other than if you want to get a server hosted by someone else. Minecraft Recently added the "Realms" option, which is pretty reliable.
    If you're "adding" mods, you both have to have the mods installed to use them.
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    posted a message on Help! Need ideas!
    I think this a great Idea. I thought of a couple....

    Mob Abilities

    - OP Zombie Pigmans... If you hit a zombie pigman, more will spawn around them... making the nether scarier :P

    Special Buildings

    - I thought that it'd be cool when you enter a mob dungeon, a chest with more stuff spawns, using a couple testfor commands, to test for mossy cobblestone and cave detection.

    Great Idea! I'd love to see it when its done/possibly make my own version with more stuff!
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    posted a message on Having trouble with /summon
    Also, If you want to hide the particle effects, you can use the Ambient data tag...
    /summon Skeleton ~ ~ ~ {Equipment:[{id:261},{id:},{id:},{id:},{id:314}],Riding:{id:"Bat",ActiveEffects:[0:{Id:14,Duration:9999999,Amplifier:1,Ambient:1}]}}
    It does not completely remove the potion effects, but lowers the amount of effects by ALOT. It makes it impossible to see the potion effects unless you're looking for them.
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    posted a message on Scoreboard and Command Blocks
    I tried and answer your question...

    The only real problem I see is if you have multiple people die at the same time. If you want me to talk about that too, I can do it, it would just take LOTS of command blocks, and a lot more scoreboard objectives

    Heres the way I usually use to set a world spawn...
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    posted a message on Help needed! Custom Naturally Spawning Chests [1.8 Snapshot]
    Quote from apoofanickymama

    My suggestion would be to first design the templates of a couple of the chests you want to spawn (put them in the spawn chunks). Then using any number of methods, you can create a random spawning mechanism. Depending on how random you want it to be.
    First create a randomizer. I have a GREAT randomizer that I modified from one I saw on the forum on my youtube channel. (TheRedstoneScientist).
    Then the randomizers outputs will activate the various execute commands that make up your spawning of each chest.
    As mentioned earlier, you could use a spreadplayers command on an entity over a very large area and then execute a command at the entity to clone a specific chest over.
    In addition to using spread players, you could create a one time spawning function when the map first loads using minecraft's map. You can choose a rare mob or a mob that usually only appears in a certain place, and do a relative execute at all of those entities to clone a random chest over.
    There are many spawning mechanisms you could create.

    I feel this is a great concept, especially with the randomization. In regards to finding the dungeons, If a player is in a dungeon, they are standing on mossy cobblestone. You could /testfor standing on that block, and make a chest appear in front of them, maybe with the new /particle command with some effects when they enter the dungeon, instead of doing it when they spawn. The only problem I see with this is the new mega taiga biomes, but there is a way to test if a player is in a cave or not. Here are some videos if you want to look at them...

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    posted a message on execute command and mob detection!
    Hey guys! I don't know if this has really been done before, but I found this cool mechanism for detecting mobs. All the old ones I've seen involved spawners, and tripwires, and mobs that couldn't be moved or other weird things using MCEdit. Thought I'd share it here!

    World Download: http://bit.ly/1kZoFjU
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    posted a message on Infinite dispenser using /setblock
    Incase anyone comes to this post, heres the command

    /setblock ~ ~-5 ~ dispenser 0 replace {Items:[{id:minecraft:arrow,damage:90,Count:64,Slot:1}]}
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    posted a message on MC Patcher for Mac?
    So Ive seen a lot of other posts here on mcpatcher, but I dont understand all the different versions and whether or not it allows mods or not, but im running OS X 10.8.4 Snow Leopard which one do I use and can you give me a link that works because alot of them are broken. Thanks!
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