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    Death Cloud is a competitive hardcore PvP/Factions server with a balanced skill system based around faction play and raiding. We offer a lagless environment to battle your enemies, a player driven economy and a strong forum community to discuss everything in game and otherwise, but for the most part we are aiming to build a fun and friendly community for everyone to enjoy, while emphasizing on an exciting and fair PvP experience.

    As far as our game modifications go, we utilize McMMO for our skill system. This offers different combat, gathering and misc skills which cater to a wide range of play styles.

    We use Factions to control land & help create a team play environment, and Commandshops for our player controlled economy. We have also designed our own game modifications to create a unique and enjoyable experience for our players.

    Your main goal is to become the most successful nation or player in the world, be it from gaining reputation amongst your fellow players and becoming a master of trade, or battling tooth and nail for land in order to climb the ladder.

    Choose your path, and earn your rightful spot as a champion of Death Cloud.
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