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    posted a message on 🌲 Area 52 🌲 Vanilla SMP | Whitelisted | 18+ | 1.14.3 | New | Australian-hosted | 24/7

    In-game name[/b]: seamus_who
    Preferred name[/b]: seamus
    Age[/b]: 18
    Discord Tag: (Ex: name#1234[/b]): Seamus#3731

    Country[/b]: new zealand
    Tell us about yourself[/b]: been playing minecraft for like 6 years, studying to become an architect
    Why are you interested in joining this server?[/b]: just looking for a vanilla survival experience with others
    What do you like most about minecraft?[/b]: exploring
    (Optional): Any other comments you'd like to mention or images of past builds / machines[/b]:

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    posted a message on 😈 Obsidious SMP 😈 | 18+ | 1.14.4 | Vanilla | Whitelist | Discord | Active Staff
    IGN: seamus_who
    Age: 18
    Where are you from: New Zealand
    How active will you be: Fairly, I have a job but I try to get on every day.
    What part of Minecraft do you enjoy the most(ex: redstone, building, resource gathering): Building, but I am getting more into redstone and have only recently started playing again so am still exploring all the new features.
    Tell me a bit more about yourself: Studying to become an architect, but am on a (somewhat unplanned) gap year at the moment, working and relaxing.
    Comments or questions(optional):
    Any builds you're proud of that you wanna share(images)(optional): Only just started playing again so don't really have any cool builds to show... But looking forward to making some :)
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    posted a message on 🌙 theVOIDsmp ✨ [1.14.3 Vanilla w/datapacks ] Whitelisted | 18+ | Community | NOW ACCEPTING

    Name (that you want to go by): Seamus
    Minecraft IGN: seamus_who
    Age (18+ only): 18
    Discord username (Ex. UserName#0000) : Seamus#3731
    Tell us about yourself: I'm on a gap year of sorts at the moment doing on-again-off-again work and travelling. Going to be studying to become an architect either next year or the year after. I've played Minecraft for a while and have recently started playing again. I am from New Zealand so a bit of a screwy timezone but I made it work in the past.
    What's your favourite thing to do on a Minecraft server/world (Ex. Building/Redstone): Coming across new things and building.
    Please insert screenshots of your best build/s Only recently started playing again so I don't have any screenshots, unfortunately :(

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