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    Thanks dmillerw...I editted the original post.
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    Loving mods but hating to spend time managing their installation, I have quickly adopted playing Minecraft in the context of the Technic Pack. Partly out of necessity but mostly out of a sense of wanting to create a maximal experience, I have been trying to sort out all of the various things that can be done in Minecraft as Technic Pack and how they relate to one another and how a kind of loosely linear gameplay (walk-through) might be recommended. I am still a noob but I have played enough of the game and watched enough lets plays and tutorials to begin to get a sense of an emergent game experience that might help to make a trail for other noobs to follow to sort out all of the vast possibilities.

    I found it helpful to conceive of playing Technic Pack in phases as follows:

    Phase I: Things you can do before settling down in a "home site"
    Phase II: Things you can do initially in your homesite (manual resource accumulation, basic farming, etc)
    Phase III: The "Glowstone" Revolution: Prepare for and travel to the Nether, get glowstone and begin crafting those things which require it
    Phase IV: ...

    Such is my experience in the game that I have played enough to create a play-worthy Phase I and Phase II walk-through. I have drafted a phase III but have not played it out (I'm still relatively new to the game).

    Wanting to incorporate as many aspects of play as possible, I have found that my goal is no easy task. So I've taken the idea to the forums so that others can contribute/comment/seek inspiration. The goals are:

    1. Make use of each mod and of each feature in vanilla Minecraft and the mods.
    2. Order the experience in a way that creates a varied experience (a little of each mod at a time)
    3. Order the experience in a way that makes sense so that a previous goal feeds into the completion of a later goal
    4. Group about 10 to 20 goals together into a phase to provide a sense of order to the progression of tasks/goals
    5. Design the experience to include the many sandbox aspects of game play so that player creativity is encouraged

    What follows is just a listing of steps to take without a deeper explanation/tutorial on how to do it. What I hope to provide or inspire is that others use this to augment more detailed walk-throughs that tend to focus on specific mods without weaving them together. My focus is on the whole picture. However, I am also hampered by a lack of experience. As a result I will continue to work on this phase-based design but I hope others will make suggestions or there own master list of tasks to complete in Technic Pack Minecraft.

    (I've removed my first draft of Phase I from this original (now editted) post.)
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