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    Quote from Robijnvogel»

    But in this case, the Biome IDs are probably ok and it seems to be a Biome Handler ID that is out of bounds, right?

    This is the first line of code in the stack trace. The array out of bounds is the biome array, with a max of 255. I don't believe there is anything wrong with the biome handlers.

    else if (BiomeGenBase.getBiomeGenArray()[k1].minHeight + BiomeGenBase.getBiomeGenArray()[k1].maxHeight < 1.3)

    Highlands does mess with the rarity of certain biomes, making the "rare" vanilla biomes such as Mesa generate as normal biomes rather than in the separate hard-coded way they generate in vanilla. If BoP also does this or uses some other way to tweak biome rarity, one of the two could potentially overwrite the other. I just took a look and it should have a line to only load the custom gen layers in Highlands world type but currently it always loads them. I put a change up on Github just now for that.
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    1.8.9 has officially arrived!

    Thank you for your patience, especially to everyone who's stayed on this thread waiting months for a new release. In addition to the out-of-the-box functionality (no more going to Github to compile), there are several bug fixes, to leaf decay, thorn bushes, and ocean temples! Sorry but no stairs and slabs yet.

    OcAMD, the dead trees are by design. In the swamp, trees can die from flooding by rotting their roots. At least around where I live there are many dead trees in wetlands. Willows will probably not be biome-specific but grow near water in most temperate biomes.

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    Highlands aims to be a comprehensive improvement of Minecraft biomes, trees, and terrain. If you've ever felt bored exploring the world of Minecraft, this is your mod. In 1.8, Highlands is going into uncharted territory, where no biome mod has gone before. It's been designed from the ground up with features from the old Highlands as well as brand new biomes and trees. Highlands also gives you an incentive to explore into uncharted territory, whether to search for the perfect mountain to build a base on, to complete your botanical garden, or to search for more lucrative mining opportunities.


    18 new biomes!
    8 trees, all with their own wood, leaves and planks!
    6 small plants!
    Custom world type and mountain generation!
    Fully compatible with customized world settings!
    Settings to disable biomes you don't want!
    Biome rarity fix!
    Ore generation changes per biome!
    Forest generation based on height!
    Improvements to vanilla biomes!

    Highlands 3.1.0 for Minecraft 1.8.9 available for download! Fixes the bugs with leaf decay, thornbushes, and ocean temples. Now on Github with 99% fewer ads! Make sure to download highlands-3.1.0.jar.


    Adirondacks - Tall mountains of dirt and exposed stone, with forested foothills.
    Alps - Inhospitable mountains covered in deep snow, with pine forests in the valleys.
    Badlands - Plateaus and valleys of clay and dirt.
    Bald Hill - a tall treeless hill that provides a good lookout point over forests.
    Bamboo Forest - a dense forest of thin bamboo plants.
    Dry Forest - a low landscape covered in Aspen trees and shrubs.
    Dunes - rolling sand hills with dry grass and occasional palm trees.
    Grey Mountains - Ominous rocky crags covered in boulders and gnarled plants. The forested valleys contain many dead trees.
    Highlands - rolling hills covered in shrubs and flowering plants.
    Lake - a small body of water that appears in many inland biomes. Poplar trees can grow on the shores.
    Lowlands - Scattered lakes and low hills with stone and pine trees.
    Meadow - An idyllic plain with poplar trees and many flowers.
    Mojave - A dry semi-desert with red sand and Acacia trees.
    Pinelands - Tall but weathered hills and mountains with pine trees and shrubs.
    Poplar Hills - Lakes and hills covered in poplar trees.
    Redwood Forest - A dense forest with fir and giant redwood trees, and a podzol floor.
    Tropical Hills - Tall hills with a forest of Eucalyptus trees.
    Tropical Islands - A player lost at sea might discover one of these palm tree covered islands.

    Trees and Plants:

    Aspen - A medium tree with light colored wood and autumn leaves.
    Bamboo - A small tree with a very thin stem.
    Eucalyptus - a tall straight tree that grows in the tropics.
    Fir - A tall thin pine tree with dark wood.
    Palm - A tropical palm tree.
    Poplar - A small tree that grows straight and thin.
    Redwood - A giant redwood tree that can grow to be more than 40 blocks tall.
    Dead - An oak tree that has lost all of its leaves.
    Great Oak - Oak trees can grow much more massive in the forests of Highlands.
    Shrubs - pine and oak shrubs that grow low to the ground.

    Waterflower - Small blue flowers on a dark stem.
    Cattail - Reeds that grow in the swamps and wetlands.
    Cotton - A bush with fluffy white tufts that can be spun into cloth.
    Blueberry Bush - Wild blueberries that grow in hilly areas.
    Raspberry Bush - Wild raspberries that grow in hilly areas.
    Lavender - A purple flowering plant.
    Tropical Leaf Fern - a fern-like plant with one big leaf.
    Thornbush - A bush with prickly thorns.

    Dune Grass - A dry tuft of grass that can grow on sand.


    Questions and Answers:

    Q: How do I use the new world type?
    A: There are two world types, called Highlands and Highlands LB (Large Biomes), located in More World Options. To use them on a server, type the name in all capital letters in the world type field of the settings. HIGHLANDS or HIGHLANDS LB

    Q: Which biome has more diamonds (or iron, or gold...)?
    A: The additional ore is at least sort of realistic, try looking in biomes similar to where the ore is found in real life. Of course, for redstone you're on your own...

    Q: How do I install this?
    A: Like any other Forge mod, just put it in the "mods" folder. You need Forge installed first.

    Q: Where are the settings?
    A: Highlands.cfg located in the "config" folder.

    Q: Can you disable spawning of vanilla biomes, or disable Highlands biomes in vanilla worlds?
    A: Sadly not yet. That feature will get updated to 1.8 soon.

    Q: Why don't some recipes work?
    A: Recipes are unfinished, sorry. Plants don't drop items directly but can be crafted into them, in some cases. Berries are not updated yet. Wooden blocks use oak stairs and slabs as a placeholder for now.

    Technical stuff:

    Source code, if you want to take a look, is on Github here: https://github.com/sdj64/Highlands
    Highlands is licensed using a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license. That means you can modify it for your own use or to share with other people, but only if you credit the original author (sdj64) and share it with the same license.
    You are free to use Highlands in modpacks, but please provide a link back here to this thread. You probably don't want to put it in a modpack yet since updates will be coming frequently to fix problems and provide new features.
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    The mod Highlands adjusts Minecraft terrain using the same parameters as customized worlds along with a few other changes that are not possible through customized world settings. This preset was adapted from the one used in Highlands with some small differences. It will generate terrain that looks identical to how the vanilla biomes look in a Highlands world, with no mods required.

    The result is a realistic world with rolling hills and mountains that can be tall, but rarely have overhangs or sheer cliffs.


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    Quote from Silvercatcher»

    Sad to hear that, but well, I guess that's the way most mods go. Someone starts with a bright idea and then Minecraft code (changes) start to attack them and most of them happen to start studying or something.

    Anyway, I would gladly take a 1.8.9 version! :D

    Well, at least I would be fine with it being a little harder to collect everything. ;)

    And as long as the rest of the bugs are pretty minor and you still might be able to fix them some day, it's still a pretty neat mod. As long as I get it working together with RTG, I guess we'll have some fun with it. :rolleyes:

    Minecraft code changes are not as bad now as they once were. I've played Minecraft since alpha, and it has recently been a long time between updates compared to years ago. It's been 1.8 for a year and a half. That's an amazing improvement for modders' workloads, except that many modders had already left by then. I think that 1.9 may be the last official update (ever? at least for another year or two)...

    Quote from Zeno410»

    Glad to see you back.

    Climate zones? I can help with that. If you're using more or less the standard GenLayer stack just move this section:

     GenLayerAddSnow genlayeraddsnow = new GenLayerAddSnow(2L, genlayerremovetoomuchocean);
     genlayeraddisland = new GenLayerAddIsland(3L, genlayeraddsnow);
     GenLayerEdge genlayeredge = new GenLayerEdge(2L, genlayeraddisland, GenLayerEdge.Mode.COOL_WARM);
     genlayeredge = new GenLayerEdge(2L, genlayeredge, GenLayerEdge.Mode.HEAT_ICE);
     genlayeredge = new GenLayerEdge(3L, genlayeredge, GenLayerEdge.Mode.SPECIAL);

    to below the GenLayerZoom right beneath it.

    You're also welcome to use my more sophisticated climate routines, which leave snow and hot zones inland, which the vanilla routines basically can't do.

    Thornbushes only players/hostiles, yes! Maybe just players, even.

    The 1.8.9 BoP was suppressing BoP biomes outside the BoP worldtype. They just changed it to suppress BoP biomes in the default worldtype - just as in 2 days ago or so.

    Is Highlands compatible with your Geographicraft mod? If it is, then there's no need to re-implement the functionality. It seems like it might be able to make a world with HL and BoP biomes happy with each other too. At least, similar capability was in Climate Control.
    Quote from LordEric»

    Did you see my hau thicket idea and willow model? I'm super proud of those, and want to make sure they didn't get overlooked.

    I saw the hau thicket. From playing with the old Highlands, I was frustrated by how hard it was to move around the world then. I would be hesitant to introduce biomes that can only be moved through by destroying blocks. Can you post a screenshot of your willow? I would be interested in making one.

    I'm going to set up my minecraft modding environment again and look things over. This isn't a promise but I will probably fix a few things when I recompile for 1.8.9, including thornbushes.
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    Hello all,

    Sorry that I have been absent from Minecraft forums for the better part of half a year. I am really disappointed in myself for dropping off the face of the earth again, so to speak. Unfortunately, not much work has been done to the mod for that time (at least by me). Another contributor to Github recompiled to 1.8.9 and I can add that to the OP if you all would like.

    Times change and while I would love to say that I will get working with the new version, add more biomes, and fix all the bugs, I probably won't be able to. Over the 3 and a half years since the very first pre-release of Highlands in 1.4.2, a lot has changed in my life and in Minecraft. In some ways, 1.7 was "mission accomplished" for biome mods, but as is usually the case, many people thought Mojang didn't go far enough. But it (and 1.8's changes) did mean that many of the better biome mods died out with the enormous amount of work required to update. For this re-release of Highlands, life threw me a bone (I got a summer job teaching Java, so this was a perfect skills refresher) but after that it was back to as before.

    Here are a few more thoughts:

    - Ideally, Highlands would have more trees and plants, and more overlap between its biomes and between vanilla biomes to make a smoother world. If I knew how, I would reduce the size of the climate zones a bit so it's easier to collect all of the different kinds of plants and saplings.

    - The ring around the ocean temple could be caused by them spawning in Deep Ocean rather than regular Ocean. Or the sea level change (sea level is slightly higher in Highlands).

    - Thornbushes could easily be made to only damage the player (and hostile mobs?).

    - There's a persistent leaf decay bug that probably has a few causes. New wood blocks not properly "pairing" to leaves, bigger trees leaving some leaves outside of 4 blocks away, maybe other causes.

    - If you want to use Highlands with BoP, you could always use a standard world type if the Highlands world type messes up BoP biomes.

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    New version 3.03a!


    Wood now correctly smelts into charcoal. Wooden stuff burns in a furnace for the correct amount of time.

    Planks craft into oak stairs and slabs (placeholder until they get their own stairs and slabs)

    Change to mountain generation - different chunk generator parameters and foothills biomes to smooth the transition to tall mountains.

    Tall mountain biomes lowered slightly

    Regular Taiga now has rare mega trees instead of really common mega trees.

    Highlands plants and saplings use CanSustainPlant instead of checking for dirt specifically, should work with modded dirt.

    New stuff:

    Dunes biome and Dune Grass plant

    Mountain foothills

    Outstanding bugs:

    I couldn't reproduce the leaf decay bug, and leaf decay works fine for me in testing. Let me know if it's still broken for you. If it is broken, look at a leaf with F3 open and see if it says "check-decay = false" or "decayable = false". These should both be true.

    Rivers are still annoyingly narrow, rapids not added yet.

    Please post what you think about the new mountains. Are they better or worse than the last version?

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    Thanks for the suggestions, all. That video is great, thanks for the review!

    For more items, I might add some exploration focused items and equipment and of course berries and other items that can be crafted from the plants.

    Rivers will be difficult, I looked at them specifically trying to make them wider so there was at least some water when a river generates between two tall mountain biomes. I might be able to add rapids with flowing water but specifically one-way currents will be difficult to start from scratch on and I have other things that I would rather do first. I could give the streams and rivers mod developer a call.

    Thanks for the suggestion with supporting plants, it was an easy fix in the code and it will be in the next updated version. If you know of a specific mod for 1.8 that had this issue with the current Highlands I would be happy to download it and test to make sure it's fixed for the next release.

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    Quote from agon999»

    can this work with large biomes

    Yes, use the Highlands LB world type. You can also change the biome sizes (default is 4 for regular, 6 for large biomes) in the config file. Biome size 5 is really nice but if you love love love giant biomes, you can go with 7 or higher. Each +1 doubles biome size.

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    After a long break from Minecraft I was convinced to come back for some projects. I'm working with the team behind JurassiCraft to help with biomes and world generation, and as part of that I'm working on updating Highlands.

    In case you don't know, Highlands was a biome mod that I created and maintained from Minecraft 1.5 to 1.6. You can see the forum post for it here.


    18 biomes

    8 trees

    6 plants

    Realistic mountains

    Improvements to vanilla biomes

    Fixes biome rarity

    Wood, Leaves, and Planks blocks





    Bald Hill

    Bamboo Forest

    Dry Forest

    Grey Mountains







    Poplar Hills

    Redwood Forest


    Tropical Hills

    Tropical Islands





    Great Oak





    also: deciduous and pine shrubs

    Because of the changes to blocks and world generation in the meantime, a lot of the mod has to be remade from scratch. So whether you liked the original Highlands or you're new to Minecraft in 1.8 and have never been able to have a mod that adds biomes, please suggest what features (either from Highlands 2.0 or completely new) that you'd like to see.

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