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    posted a message on [1.6.4] [Forge] Highlands - 1.7.2 pre-release! (v2.2.0pre)
    Quote from SolemnSoul

    So sdj, how is the new content coming along? Also if you could can you try to make it those wood types useable in other mod materials? You could probably talk to the Underground biomes creator on how to do that, since he did the same thing with cobblestone. It's one of the things that seemed to not really work with other biome mods that added their own woodtypes (I don't know if that was ever fixed)

    The new content is coming along but slowly. There is a lot to do with the new blocks as well as other things I want to do like more trees. I can use Forge's Ore Dictionary to make my wood function as wood.

    Quote from Boxmen

    Is this mod compatible with Mystcraft in 1.4.7?

    Mystcraft does not list Highlands as compatible so I'm not sure if it will work.

    Quote from Netti

    Hey, there. Got a little possible bug/mod compatibility report. First off, though, I'd like to mention that I've been looking around for world gen mods since ~1.3, and after revisiting this one again for 1.5, I'd say this is actually my favorite world generation mod. Karob still wins with the trees, though. :P (I have something against trees looking too perfect, I guess. It's just the fir trees that really bother me, haha.)

    That said, I've been using this mod with Mo' Creatures; I've overhauled my Mo' Creatures config to include all of the Highlands biomes for mob spawning for 1.5.1, and enabled MobModCompat in the Highlands config, but even still, Mo' Creatures mobs won't spawn in some biomes - some examples of this are Savannah, Lowlands, Estuary, Beach (surprisingly, since it was/is formerly a Vanilla biome), Lonely Mountain, Woodland Mountains (not Woodlands), etc.
    If requested, I can provide my Mo' Creatures Biomes config and Highlands config.

    Any advice? Is this a known bug that's in development? Or is this something that I should forward to Mo' Creatures instead?


    I will look into it. It's possible that I just forgot to put the sub-biomes and some other biomes in Highlands into the compatibility types.
    Edit: that's strange, all of the biomes you listed except Estuary (I forgot) and beach (it's still a vanilla biome) are in the compatibility types. Also, looking at your post there might be something wrong with doing it twice. You added the Highlands biomes, then switched on MobModCompatibilty which overwrites the Highlands biomes' spawn lists with similar default biomes (i.e. Woodlands gets Forest spawn lists). Try doing just MobModCompatibility or just adding Highlands biomes to Mo'Creatures.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] [Forge] Highlands - 1.7.2 pre-release! (v2.2.0pre)
    Quote from Drakoflame

    I just had an Idea for this mod! (ignore if previously state, that is if anyone is as creative as me)
    How about a biome/ tree that resembles the nether, but on the overworld.:

    Your wandering around when sudenly you see something glowing (its night) off in the distance, you think to yourself, "Oh cool! A lava pond!", so you run over but instead its a low laying vine shaped formation made of glowstone, soulsand, netherack (maybe some quarts ore?). The formation is a sub biome but spawns anywhere at any hight (if it spawns in the air, it kinda just hangs down, like its trying to reach the ground)

    or what about something underground?

    Your mining through your cave when sudenly you see nether bricks, "What in Minecraftia is this?!". You dig through the wall to see a miniature version of the nether, a small lake of lava with a soulsand beach, a single "root" of glowstone hanging from the roof, a blaze spawner next to a whither skelliton spawner off in a corner and a few PZombies wander around. You just stare at the bizzare box formation and return to the surface (via strait up) only to find a pillar of obsidian with a portal at the base, glowstone seems to "spill out" of the portal and "clumps" are growing off the obisian pillar

    or mayby something from the End....

    your minding your own business when you hear an enderman telleport around you so you look at the ground and spin around, nothing... You keep walking when you see something strange embeded in the hill, "huh? did Jeb ad some sort of new ore?". As you walk up to it you realize that its Endstone, "how did this get there!". As you climb the mountain you look over the top to see several broken (laying down/half/different sizes) obsidian pillers, endermen walking around, teleporting and making there strange noises. What happend was so many endermen teleported from the end to the overworld that it caused chunks of the End to "fall" through the tears in the fabric of space, dipositing them here in the overworld. the trees that once grew plentifull there have become distorted (and if your coding skills are amazing), eyes following you as you walk past the tree (the eyes will be on the trunk). when you go up to mine this mysteriouse logs, the eyes close, a black ooze drips down from the log as you mine it *pop* the log falls down, the item lacking the eyes following you, but instead a blackend hole where it was, when you place this "log" down, black droplets fall from the hole (like if you have water or lava above a block and they "drip" through). the leaves are similarly distorted, mouthes open and close all over them, when you jump up onto the leaves, you start taking damage from the teath within the mouths. As you punch the leaves, you take 1/4 a heart of dammage (with your hand) ever time you punch the leaves, but when you take the shears to them, they seem to just, dissapear, leaving only small leaves (as an item: 1-5 every leaf broken with shears) which can be crafted with a regular sapling to make a "Possesed Tree", eyes and everything

    So... thats my Idea... sorry for the long (really long) post, if you want to see another Idea of mine, find the dimentional doors mod and search "Drakoflame"... open the spoiler! THANKS FOR READING (pardon my spelling... I don't does it vry whellz)

    You have quite an imagination! I don't think my coding skills are quite up to the ender possessed idea you had (at least, it would take me about a year to do...). I'm not thrilled with the concept of the nether or end creeping into parts of the overworld but I'll give it some thought. I do like the underground idea and I'm trying to find some good ways to improve the underground content.

    Quote from SoNick

    Right, I was starting a spreadsheet with Biome IDs and names for several Biome mods I've been adding to my game and I found a glitch in the current default Highlands config file: Tundra and Woodland Mountains are both given the ID of 175. This did not cause a crash in the quick-test I did but I cannot say which one overrides the other; the area near spawn in the world I was in had a small patch of a beautiful forest with pink trees in between a desert and a bog; I did no further testing as I was mainly just making sure that the game would generate a new world without crashing.

    Thanks for telling me. I can confirm that it's woodland mountains replacing tundra. The game will generate a world fine but it will have double woodland mountains and no tundra. I will fix this soon.

    Quote from empireman0102

    Where Do I endable MobMobComapality in the settings for Mo's Creatures?

    It's a setting at the bottom of the settings file, located at .minecraft/config/HighlandsSettings.txt.

    Quote from KHOI1423

    Hi, I just want to drop by and say thank you for your wonderful mod.

    I came across many biome mod. Never bother to use them. When I came to yours, however, I just couldnt help myself to delete my 3 months world in favor for a new world with your mod.

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    posted a message on [1.6.4] [Forge] Highlands - 1.7.2 pre-release! (v2.2.0pre)
    Quote from alanahs

    great mod it is really awsome but i have a question is it able to be multiplayer?

    Yes, Highlands is compatible with servers and with LAN worlds.

    Also, added a poll to get a better idea of how many people want new blocks versus keeping vanilla blocks.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] [Forge] Highlands - 1.7.2 pre-release! (v2.2.0pre)
    Quote from KelbiVenom

    Just tried installing the 1.2.5 version of Highlands on my server. It didn't work, but gave me this error:

    Quote from primalmonk

    I am still getting the same error as KelviVenom above. :( I use the latest forge and 1.5.1 server jar.

    I found the error but I have no idea why that method caused it. I didn't use biome water color at all. Temporary fix - village blocks now only change in client not in server, but it works now. Re-download if you're using a server but for client you shouldn't have to.

    Quote from smene

    awesome mod. I plan to replace EBXL by this one on my FTB Ulitmate server, but I want to know if its compatible whit all the mods, since Ultimate pack have a lot world gen. if not do you plan to make it compatible ?

    sorry for my english, i'm french

    The main incompatibility in FTB is Forestry not recognizing Highlands biomes for all of its biome-dependent features (especially bee breeding). Buildcraft oil also is only common in vanilla deserts but still spawns in other biomes. Otherwise it should be compatible.

    I like this mod, though i cant decide if im going to use this or Biomes O' Plenty, are they compatible with eachother?

    Btw Biomes O' Plenty will maybe merge with Extra Biomes XL :)

    I haven't tested compatibility in 1.5.1 yet. Use the settings in both to make the biomes spawn in default worlds since each mod won't spawn biomes in the other's world types. I saw BoP's change of ownership and potential merger, and I'm excited to see what happens. It might open up the field to newer biome mods, or it might become an amazingly good mod that's impossible to compete against. Another possibility is that ted80 gets BWG4 and BoP to integrate together.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] BOP Integration - Add-on for Biomes O' Plenty (v0.5.1)
    How did you get this to work? I'm trying to get compatibility for these mods into Highlands and it seems like it could be done in a similar way to Biomes o Plenty. I already have a working solution for Mo'Creatures that seems like it works very similar to yours, but I'm stuck on the other mods, especially Forestry.
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    posted a message on Seeds for biome development?
    To make it easier to test out new biomes, it helps a lot to have the ability to enable / disable your own custom biomes and vanilla biomes in your code. It's easy to do especially if you create your own world type, you can choose what biomes should be in it. That way if you want to test biome 23, just disable the other biomes.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] [Forge] Highlands - 1.7.2 pre-release! (v2.2.0pre)
    Sorry about the corrupted zip. Re-uploaded, and added dropbox mirror.

    For everyone having errors with 1.2.5 this should fix it.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] [Forge] Highlands - 1.7.2 pre-release! (v2.2.0pre)
    New update 1.2.5 fixes the missing texture problem. Also fixes a few bugs with saplings disappearing when you try to grow them.
    A few improvements/changes as well: Bodies of water in all biomes now have an all-sand bottom (clay still generates), Oceans now have clay, and villages in a few biomes have different blocks, and Ash trees are now about 5-10 blocks shorter.
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    Quote from SuperbowlSpungos

    re Missing textures.. there's a naming problem inside the jar. MC is looking for Sapling*, the jar files are named sapling*. If you're using 7zip, you can rename them easily enough. (just change small s to big S)

    Case insensitivity win!

    Haha, I never even realized it because it works fine in testing in Eclipse, it only messes up when the mod is compiled. I'll fix it in an update tomorrow. For now, just change the names. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Quote from xeeses226

    Can someone tell me what the secret biome "lonely Mountain" is or if it has anything special in it?

    Lonely Mountain is one of a few sub-biomes in Highlands. You might also be able to find valley and lake sub-biomes. It has nothing special except that it spawns inside most of the forest-y biomes rather than as its own separate biome (like Forest Hills spawns inside regular Forests).

    Quote from T_Rexus

    yes it works, i am using it right now and works! but just a few of the creatures, for example, elephants, and snakes, i only found in the desert biome, nowhere else more. And i always get killed by werewolves! i keep encountering so many

    The MobModCompatibility option works by copying the spawn lists of similar vanilla biomes. So you will get Desert mobs in Dunes and Outback, for example. It shouldn't change the spawn frequency of anything, unless Mo'Creatures relies on the biome to determine the frequency. In that case all mobs will have the same frequency rather than some (like werewolves) being more rare.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] [Forge] [SSP] [SMP] Better Biomes 1.3.1 - 1 New World Type, 57 New Biomes and Sub-biomes - Module Update
    Great looking biomes so far! I see some inspiration :) but good job as well giving it your own feel. I especially like the sandstone canyon biome.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] [Forge] Highlands - 1.7.2 pre-release! (v2.2.0pre)
    Quote from SuperbowlSpungos

    What version of forge do we need? I'm getting crashes galore w/ 605, 608 and 610.

    2013-03-26 22:46:08 [INFO] [STDERR] Exception in thread "Server thread" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded
    Missing class member: public B c, class: ajl, mod: minecraftforge-universal-1.5.1-

    etc, changes w/ forge version

    No other patches/mods.

    I compiled the 1.5.1 version with 608. Try reinstalling Forge, it might be a problem with your installation of Forge. If it still doesn't work, post a full crash report (inside spoilers) and I'll see if I can help you more.

    Quote from SolemnSoul

    Sdj, have you thought of perhaps adding another mystical biome? Perhaps a Crystal Forest, like how the Forgotten Nature mod did? I think that would be a neat means to add some extra content to Highlands. You could differentiate your Crystal Forest from theirs by making it more similar to the one found in World of Warcraft's Northrend. With massive crystallized trees amongst small ones. Could also add new recipes for the wood and shards like Forgotten Nature did.

    I can also see you adding some more flowers, and maybe a berry bushes as an alternate source of early game food (and maybe pies for them!) Even make them farmable.

    I am in the process of adding more plants. I like the idea of making another fantasy biome but I don't love the look and balance of Forgotten Nature's crystal forest. I want to try to be careful with balance not making a biome that is a near-infinite source of tools that are better than iron. I am planning to add in more trees like the Ironwood, but based on other materials like coal, gold, lapis, diamond, emerald, and with different looks. (not redstone because that seems contradictory to make it into a tree. nature =/= technology). Along with that I will probably redo Ironwood trees, maybe with a chance of actually containing iron. And making them generate naturally very rarely.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] [Forge] Highlands - 1.7.2 pre-release! (v2.2.0pre)
    Quote from SolemnSoul

    That looks really good! I can't wait for it :) Well I can.. I mean I'm waiting for Thaumcraft.. and I have this feeling that mod won't be ready for at least halfway through April ;A;

    So I'm assuming due to the new woods and stuff, if you have it enabled, there won't be the recipes for the saplings anymore? (and if disabled it reenables the recipes?)

    I actually never thought about that. That seems like a good idea, because it will make it more exciting to explore to collect all of the different saplings and woods.

    Quote from ClassyTurtle

    Very nice! Could you tell us what kind of trees those are?

    I have each wood under its sapling (sapling blocks and textures are already in the mod). From left to right, they are fir, acacia, poplar, redwood, canopy tree.

    Quote from shortwind

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but do the mountains or any other biome generate above y:128?

    Greating looking mod so far. Thanks.

    No, mountains are still below y = 128. I have looked into the nuts and bolts of the terrain generator but it's very complicated to make changes. EBXL is working on it and they have a team of people and it still is taking them about 6 months (they plan to release EBXL 4 in the summer).
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] [Forge] Highlands - 1.7.2 pre-release! (v2.2.0pre)
    1.5.1 is out!
    There is no new content yet, just the update to 1.5.1.

    I am working on new wood and leaves. Here is a preview:

    Don't worry, there will be a config option to keep default blocks for all of you who prefer it that way.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] [Forge] Highlands - 1.7.2 pre-release! (v2.2.0pre)
    Quote from MRDNRA

    I actually use this mod alongside underground biomes, ebxl and fn (since about a month ago when i got a new laptop, previously it was just ebxl) but can't remember seeing one of the unique biomes from this mod yet (I've probably been in some of the biomes that both this and ebxl have though). At one point I also was using BoP alongside this and the others but that pretty much wiped out any chance of seeing biomes from mods except BoP. Hope I do eventually find at least one of your unique biomes, I especially like the idea of flying mountains!

    If you're using a default world, make sure you change "Use Highlands Biomes in Default Worlds" to true in the settings. Without it you will not get any biomes.

    Quote from pascma

    Hi again,

    spent quite a bit of time flying around and did not spot a single village...since several mods like forestry, mystcraft and thaumcraft add vilagers that can make some interesting trades, any progress on trying to fix this?

    Also, forestry does not seem to be able to place any bee hives in the highlands biomes ... is there any workaround?

    Sorry if this has been asked before but I could not find it...what is the difference between a highlands world and the generation of highlands biomes on a default world?


    Villages do spawn in Highlands biomes (almost all of the flat, non-watery, and non-jungly biomes as well as vanilla Forest, Taiga, and Jungle in Highlands worlds). I know that Thaumcraft has an API for fixing compatibility with biome mods, I'll look into that. I tried to find something similar for Forestry but I can't seem to find anything.

    The main difference between Highlands worlds and Highlands in default worlds is that Highlands worlds can disable the vanilla biomes if you want to. Default worlds was mainly included for compatibility with other biome-adding mods and others that require default worlds for their world gen. If you make a Highlands world, you won't get any biomes from Biomes O' Plenty, for example, but with a default world you can (BoP has the same kind of compatibility setting since it also adds world types).

    I can't give a definite time for 1.5. I will be less busy next week so I will be able to work on it then.
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    Quote from SolemnSoul

    When can we expect a 1.5 release? :o I really like this biomes mod more than the others, the tree generation just feels more real than EBXL/BoP/FN.. Though I do miss having special wood blocks for each tree. Do you think you'll ever add your own wood types like the other mods? Maybe even other types of flora? I really think your world generation really has potential to rival other biome gen mods and give them a run for their money. Healthy competition is good for growth after all. :)

    I am thinking about more blocks (woods, plants, leaves, etc) for the 1.5 release. This will all be a config option, of course. Many people prefer Highlands because it adds no new blocks in world gen. For this reason as well as the many changes of 1.5 you can expect it later rather than sooner, sorry. I might try to just update what I have to 1.5 then add new content later.

    Quote from Beren_Elendil

    Hello sdj64,
    I have tried to use your amazing mod with DivineRPG; and, thus far, every time I try to install it into the game and run it, it says that DivineRPG (and I quote) ">Pre-Initialized>Errored" (I can't remember the entire line). So, my question is this: what do you do with a mod that adds both new mobs AND new ores? Thank you for your time!
    :Notch: NOTCH!

    Also, I use 1.4.7, not 1.5 (sorry if you're making a 1.5 version that fixes that problem!)

    This version does use 1.4.7 not 1.5. I think between Highlands and DivineRPG there is a block ID conflict. Look in DivineRPG to see what block ID's it uses, then change the Highlands saplings to not use those ID's.

    Quote from fabrIQ

    Fantastic mod! I have a couple question about the configs... I see that BiomeSize can be edited, but how does this work if if Highlands biomes are set to spawn in default world types? If I make this number smaller, will vanilla biomes (and other mods' biomes) be affected when creating a default world, or will it only affect the Highlands biomes themselves?

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!

    BiomeSize affects all biomes but only works with Highlands and Highlands LB worlds.
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