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    Quote from Lightaest

    Nice work, but what are all the teeny huts for?

    the two small huts in the lower left are entrances to my mine. the two towers near the bottom is an entrance to a small underground area that has my portal room and a ladder to the castle.
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    Hello everyone,
    Today I finally got over my irrational fear of creating online accounts and joined the minecraft forums (I have been playing minecraft since just before beta). Anyway I started this world on beta 1.5 and I have created this village. Well, it only has one real house, but it's on single player, so it only needs one. I will build more later, it's still wip. It is all made legit (with log roofs, worst decision of my life)

    Before anyone asks, the texture pack is one made by me. it does contain some textures borrowed from other packs, but I made most of the textures myself. I might post it later if you all like it.

    On to pictures...


    another overview, showing the castle where I stood to take the first picture:

    my house:

    (glowstone for fire protection)


    unfinished giant tree:


    ground floor

    second floor kitchen

    third floor bedroom

    the tower has 3 more floors plus a balcony and attic, but all are empty.

    feedback and/or suggestions would be great, thank you.
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