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    SGCraft SMP Server - www.sgcraft.net

    SGCraft is that one server you have been looking for. Ran by a professional staff on a dedicated beast of a server SGCraft provides an unparalleled Minecraft experience like no other. Running McMMO, there is enough levelling and perks to achieve to satisfy the most dedicated power players right down to the casual player. Hardcore PvP allows you the type of freedom you'd expect from a High End RPG. Form a gang of bandits and take over a portion of the map, or form a peaceful alliance with an already established group of players. It's your choice and your destiny is yours to choose! Come see what makes SGCraft the best Minecraft server there is.

    McMMO isn't the only plug-in to enhance your experience. There is a spleef arena, a casino, an automated train cart transport system, dragon travel, chest shops and so much more.

    Towny is back, we have reinstalled the Towny town management system. Size of the town doesn't matter, you can have a town with a few friends or a complex bustling city with 30 or more players. Come and build a town with your friends.

    A favourite with our players is definitely Falsebook and the ability to create IC's, Bridges, Gates and Lifts.

    We no longer have a whitelist! New joining members are immediately set as a Trial member. After a couple hours of playtime you will automatically be promoted to a full member!

    Please make sure you Read the Rules and vote for us on Minestatus!

    - Anti-Griefing tools to protect players
    - McMMO
    - Towny!
    - Friendly staff [We are currently recruiting staff members, if interested you can visit our forums and apply]
    - An in-depth economy featuring shops and other ways to earn in-game currency

    Server Specifications:

    - Intel Xeon E5620 @ 2.4Ghz Quad Core CPU x 2
    - 48GB Ram
    - 6 SSD's in RAID 50 configuration
    - Windows Server Enterprise 64bit
    - 10 Gigabit dedicated line
    - Server is hosted in NYC (in a secure datacenter)


    If you are looking for a server that will be around a long time and has an active community, we will be happy to have you.

    Get started at our site, http://www.sgcraft.net
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