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    Basically I have a plugin atm that will let the player rank up once they have met several requirements, mostly McMMO (eg - Level 50 mining, level 20 fishing, 2k coins (from economy) etc...). I'd really like to add a way of making 'certain blocks broken' a requirement. So "Break 25 blocks - of type diamond ore" type thing. Would also be amazing if there was a "Kill 25 mobs - of type x". My problem is that I've never made a mod or plugin, I just wanna casually play with some friend and doing this would make it so much more fun. Right now I'm using Spigot, and the plugin is BlockyRanks. The requirements are stored in a .yml file like this ---> https://imgur.com/l8HTQBa.

    If anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :D

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