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    posted a message on Why smokers suck.

    I find both smokers and blast furnaces largely useless because of their highly limiting nature. They are more expensive to build than regular furnace, offer no fuel advantage, and if I want to smelt stuff 2x faster, I can set up two furnaces instead of one. Heck, early game I will usually set up a wall of 8-10 furnaces at the base to use concurrently.

    Later game when I build a 16-furnace smelter, it really pumps it. I can toss in sand, ore, meat, potatoes, cobble, stone, cactus, wood and what not, and it will smelt them all - fast. Heck, once I build an iron farm, I hardly need to smelt iron anymore. My biggest volume smelts are glass and stone(until I got silk touch)

    Butchers are indeed fairly useless, so I never bother with smokers. And I use blast furnaces also only to make armorer villagers.

    Campfires, I don't dig either. I can toss a stack of pork in the furnace along with several coal or wood and go about my business, building, mining, whatever. I can come back 10 minutes or 30 minutes or an hour later and the pork will be all cooked and waiting for me in the furnace. With campfire, I have to stick around, adding raw food manually and collecting the cooked stuff as it pops off. If you are the kind of player who puts stuff into furnace and then sits there twiddling thumbs watching the arrow fill up, I suppose campfire makes some sense.

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    posted a message on Opinions on Bundle and Copper

    One can debate the comparative utility of bundle relative to their play style till the cows come home. but really, if you are on an exploration run that is likely to involve loot chests, having a bundle in your inventory is massively beneficial. You go exploring, and after visits to several villages, biomes, sunken ships, buried treasures, broken nether portals, desert temples etc, your inventory looks like this:

    1 lectern

    1 stone cutter

    2 brewing stands

    4 diamonds

    2 golden apples

    1 enchanted golden apple

    4 melon slices

    3 bamboo

    2 pumpkins

    4 dark oak saplings

    4 jungle saplings

    3 emeralds

    3 cocoa beans

    1 heart of the sea

    2 gold blocks

    1 crafting table

    4 carrots

    3 potatoes

    9 TNT

    3 empty maps

    1 compass

    4 gold ingots

    With a bundle, all of the above can get compressed into a single inventory slot, giving you that much more room for unstackables: enchanted books, horse armors, saddles, as well as room for larger stacks of other materials.

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    posted a message on Understanding Anvil mechanics

    That is quite right.

    Either way, you are paying 6 levels for unbreaking 3 (since both items got unbreaking)

    You are paying 1 level for either ST or Fortune - as it can't be applied to target.

    And you are paying either 5 for Eff5 or 4 for Mending.

    If the target is a damaged item, it adds 2 levels.

    Prior work penalty: Anvil uses the higher penalty of the two items used.

    Here it appears to be 3 - means one of those picks has been on the anvil twice. (penalties go 1,3,7,15,31)

    So that would mean either 11+3 = 14 one way or 12+2+3 = 17 the other way.

    No I see in your screenshots you got a cursor in the name box.

    Pretty sure once you click in the name box of the target item, that adds another level for renaming. Thus, 15 and 18.

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    posted a message on Opinions on Bundle and Copper

    Rabbits are extremely easy to harvest. If you have to chase them, you are doing it horribly wrong. There are dandelions all over the plains/forest biomes. Pick one up. Head to a desert or taiga with a stone/iron axe in main hand and a dandelion in the off-hand. The rabbits are gonna run right up to you and just sit in front of you. No need to chase them.

    Be sure to use an axe cause it lets you precision-chop a single adult in one strike, without hitting babies or sending other adults running.

    Even better: pick up a bunch of dandelions, like 20-30. Then you can breed adults before chopping them out and give some to babies to make them grow faster. Just be sure to keep at least one flower so rabbits remain attracted to you.

    Bundle is absolutely awesome for exploration runs. You head out there, find some village chests, some desert temples, some broken nether portals, and soon enough your inventory is littered with two of this, three of that, etc. This is where bundle really shines. Sure, once you got shulker boxes, bundle is a lot less useful, but in my current snapshot world, I got the ender chest/shulker setup and still find myself making use of the bundle quite a bit.

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    posted a message on Does Nether Portal placement

    When trying to create a new portal, the game will look for valid locations within 16 blocks of target coordinate horizontally, but any distance vertically. However, if it finds multiple valid locations, it will pick the closest Euclidean 3D distance valid location available.

    One generally should avoid building their first nether portal very deep, cause they easily might end up in a cave under lava ocean.

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    posted a message on Character Movement too fast/swishy

    And if you want to move cautiously so you don't fall off edges, you hold Shift as you move.

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    posted a message on notes on 21w15a - lot different. diamond found on level 12

    Of course. There is no longer anything below Y=0, so all diamond is back generating between Y=4 and 15, making it several times easier to find.

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    posted a message on Will it be possible to build below bedrock in 1.17 on words generated pre 1.17?

    At this point, if you circumvent the restriction and open a 1.16 world in 1.17, yeah, old worldgen areas got air under bedrock and can be accessed from new gen chunks.

    Anyones guess how conversion will work at release. But I highly doubt they will leave it like it is now.

    Potential solution 1, any chunks generated pre 1.17 will be filled with bedrock from Y 0 to -64

    Potential solution 2: for any old worldgen chunk, it will generate 0 to -64 using 1.17 and add it under existing bedrock.

    Potential solution 3: same as 2 except the replace pre-existing bedrock with new gen as well.

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    posted a message on Does server tick when player not present

    Server does run but only spawn area is loaded.

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    posted a message on Trouble finding Jungle Biome

    from world selection screen, choose your world and click 're-create'. Rename it a bit and choose creative, cheats on. This will create a new world, same seed.

    Once in game, use /locatebiome minecraft:jungle to get nearest jungle coordinates.

    This should not affect anything in your survival world.

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    posted a message on Ice Farm - SciCraft's Ice farm

    They explain it fairly well. Ice forms next to other solid blocks. They got a pretty large surface there, so if it were set to freeze naturally, it would take forever.

    Armor stands create strips of frosted ice in the water, moving slowly enough that some regular ice forms next to frosted ice.

    Frosted ice melts back into water sources, but there are now a bunch of regular ice blocks 'seeded' in the water, next to which more ice can form faster.

    If you wanna experiment, create a fairly large pool of water in a cold biome or high in the mountains. Time how long it takes for it to freeze completely. Now break all that ice, flood it with water again, and slowly move down the middle in frost walker boots. See how long it takes now

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    posted a message on IMPORTANT - Minecraft bugs even though I have a good PC

    You have OptiFine 1.16.5_HD_U_G7.

    From its changelog: (https://www.optifine.net/changelog?f=OptiFine_1.16.5_HD_U_G7.jar)

    - compatible with Forge 36.0.42

    Your Forge version is 36.1.0, a fair bit newer than 36.0.42

    How exactly are you 'bugging'?

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    posted a message on i don't get a little floating block when i break any kind of stone.

    Most blocks in survival Minecraft can be collected only when broken with a proper tool. Wood (trees) can be broken and harvested by hand, though for all things wooden, it is much faster with an axe. Sand/dirt/gravel needs a shovel, and pretty much any stone requires a pickaxe. Some things require not just any pickaxe, but an iron or even diamond one.

    For me, new world starting sequence is always pretty much this:

    Look around and find a nice starter spot.

    I Iike a flat area next to a hill with exposed stone, and some water nearby. I will usually dig into side of hill to make my first base, and use the flat area out front for crop and animal farms.

    Punch nearest tree and harvest 3 blocks of wood.

    Turn wood into 12 planks, use 4 planks to make crafting table and place it.

    Turn 4 planks into 8 sticks,

    Use crafting table to make a wooden pickaxe from 3 planks and 2 sticks.

    Use wooden pickaxe on stone to harvest 3 cobblestone.

    Use crafting table to make a stone pickaxe from 2 sticks and 3 cobblestone

    Equip the stone pick and dump the wooden one.

    Get a bunch more cobblestone (20-30), make a stone axe and stone shovel.

    Use stone axe to harvest a bunch more wood. A good idea is to collect any dropped saplings and replant them.

    Don't forget to collect your crafting table (using an axe) before creating your first shelter.

    I also strongly suggest going on youtube and watching a Minecraft starter guide or two.

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    posted a message on Zombie Farm

    Is that a bubble elevator in there? You need to put a block of ice (or better, packed or blue ice) where that exposed floor is.

    IMHO, spawner based farms kinda suck unless you manage to find a place where you can be within 16 block of 2-3 spawners at once.

    Dark platform farms high up in the sky offer much higher rates. Plus you get all sorts of mobs and drops. Bones, string, gunpowder, etc.

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    posted a message on Is Iron rarer in 21w11a?

    Yes, 21w11a definitely seems to sport a lot less iron than prior snapshots.

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