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    posted a message on My nether is unexplainably bad. What do I do?

    If you are on a shelf at lava level, you are best off going up that cliff, getting to a higher ground. Build a tube out of cobble with ladder inside, hugging face of the cliff. You will likely emerge on a higher plateau, from where you can explore easier. At this time, it might be a good idea to break your existing portal and rebuild it at a more convenient location. I generally find most traversable landmass in the nether is in the Y=60-80 range.

    Building a tube out to the ceiling is also an option. But once there, I would rather suggest building a horizontal tube just under the ceiling. You can build sides against the ceiling, and then build out the floor, without exposing yourself much. I do not advise digging in the ceiling itself cause while safe, it really gives you no idea where you are. Tunneling at Y=120 is good when building the fast transport network and already knowing the coordinates.where you want your portals. Not when you are still exploring/looking for fortress.

    You can also build shaft/ bridge using pistons without exposing yourself to ghast fire. A piston pushing blocks will 'squeeze out' any lava. So if piston will not extend when activated, it means it got 12 solid blocks in front of it. This technique can even be used to punch your way through a lava ocean in the event your portal generated in a cave under lava.

    If you are not averse to cheesing it a bit, you can start a creative world with same seed, and then just fly around the nether a bit to see where things are.

    If you post your world seed, and your portal coords, some here can offer a bit of more specific advice.

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    posted a message on Silk Touch and Fortune on Iron Pickaxe
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    I don't understand why so many people like using Silk Touch to collect ores since it is far better to directly harvest them instead of using Silk Touch - not only can you carry more by crafting the resources into blocks .... you save on tool wear

    Convenience and play style.

    You like your caving, so you do it your way. Not to mention you are not even playing the same game as the rest of us here.

    I like to plop down a beacon and strip mine. And I primarily want stone, not cobble. As I am ripping out whole layers of rock, I can't be bothered to swap my tool for every vein I come across. Or plop down a crafting table needed to craft blocks now and then. My inventory fills up with various stone way faster than with anything else, so keeping resources as ore is never a factor. And once I unload it off into shulkers, it is even less of a factor. Storage is cheap, time is precious. Since I generally end up actually using only a tiny portion of what I mine and store, the later need to place and break the ores is again a non-issue. XP is trivial. A couple minutes at XP farm, everything is recharged to 100%.

    So for myself, I have determined that ST+E5+Haste2 and just letting it rip while stashing it wholesale into shulkers, not bothering with tool switches or block crafting, is by far the fastest and most convenient option that gets me what I require.

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    posted a message on Use gunpowder instead of redstone to blow up tnt
    Quote from erictom333»

    There is one major problem with redstone: You can't send signals a long distance without repeaters. If you do so, it's unnecessarily time-consuming to make sure you do so every 16 blocks. With gunpowder, it'd be a lot simpler: lay down a long enough fuse, light it, and watch from a safe distance. Although I do agree with FirEmerald in that string should be used; it's a lot more common than gunpowder, which you may have probably exhausted crafting TNT anyway.

    What 'safe distance'? TNT explosions have a max damage range of 7 blocks.

    I mean, I have no issue with gunpowder/string/whatever ADDED as a method of exploding TNT, as long existing methods are left alone.

    Quote from purpurcatrocks»

    To blow up TNT from afar, we use gunpowder instead of redstone.

    instead = 100% no support.

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    posted a message on Silk Touch and Fortune on Iron Pickaxe

    Early game, Fortune III is somewhat more useful, as you are short on resources. Also, if you can score a Mending book and add it to a Fortune 3 pick, it will practically keep itself repaired while mining.

    While F3 direct is lvl 30 and can be hard to get, do not forget to check the second row of the table. F2 can definitely be had from there, and you can make F3 by combining An F2 item with an F2 book. My nearby village has a librarian selling F2 books for like 20 emeralds, so putting F3 on anything is trivial.

    Further game, I find Silk Touch immensely more useful, using it 100% of the time. F3 only comes out for specific tasks. Strip-mining, I get everything and store it in ore form (redstone, lapis, coal, diamonds), and break it up with F3 later when I have need. Working with ice and glass. Glowstone/sea lanterns. Getting stone instead of cobble. And when you get in the habit of carrying an ender chest with shulkers, you definitely want ST pick to be your default tool. Oh, and mining in strongholds and mountains, ST will not release silverfish.

    ST shovel: terraforming is generally an easier task when you can grab grass instead of dirt. And digging gravel, you almost never want flint.

    ST axe lets you harvest leaves in large quantity, and it is a much better tool for getting melons for trading.

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    posted a message on Do leveled villagers forget profession?

    This has a few quirks if the village covers a fairly large area. Observed from my own game. After waking up, villagers spend some time wandering about. And I noticed that, if the "owner" of a workstation is far enough at start of work day, this station can be claimed by an unemployed. I have, on many occasions, found workstations near village center manned by fresh novices, while original owner would hang out in some far corner. This is not a very good situation since a levelled villager who does not get to use a workstation, is not going to refresh his trades.

    What I do in this situation, it grab the usurping novice with a boat, pop a new workstation of whatever profession I am in need of not far off, destroy the existing station. Normally, at this point, the novice will switch profession. I row him out to his new station, remove the boat, then replace the old station. At this point, the old owner will usually make his way over to his workplace.

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    posted a message on Is there a definitive Iron Golem Farm tutorial?

    These forums are generally Java MC - oriented. A lot of things work differently from Bedrock. Looking at some videos, golem generation in Bedrock is completely different from Java. So if you go looking for tutorials, make sure they are bedrock. The wattles video above is for Java.

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    posted a message on Is it possible to kill the Ender Dragon without going to the Nether in vanilla survival?
    Quote from liam_8788»

    But you’re still going to the nether, which is what we’re trying to avoid here.

    Umm, WHY?

    Nether is a highly integral and beneficial part of Minecraft.

    It is not just about the Ender Dragon.

    No blaze powder or Netherwart = no potion brewing.

    No quartz = no observers or comparators.

    No beacons.

    No soul sand for super fast bubble elevators.

    No 8x accelerated transportation.

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    posted a message on Automatic chicken farm - lava not killing chickens

    In my chicken cooker, I use a timer to fire two very tightly spaced pulses each minute, so that lava is present for only a short period of time.

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    posted a message on A Challenging Survival mode

    I think you might have confused Minecraft with Skyrim or something like that.

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    posted a message on How to switch a single player world to a multiplayer world on a Mac?

    Minecraft on Mac is exactly same as on PC. One can go into game menu and choose 'Open to LAN'. Not that it will help you.

    You might want to buy server hosting from a service like Apex or Scalacube, uoload your world there and run it as a server.

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    posted a message on Destroying Lava Fountain
    Quote from charity322»

    Thank you! The lava fountain has now evaporated. The cauldron was still sitting there under the original lava block. Chucked some cobblestone on top of it (after a harrowing build out to it, where I fell once) and bye bye entire lava fountain, which is really weird. XD

    You do know that holding Shift while bridging will prevent you from falling?

    Also, do not play with lava in a tree house. Even if you placed lava safely so it would not flow anywhere, any flammable material in about 5x5 area above lava can catch fire - and it would spread from there. I once saw a woodland mansion catch fire from a nearby lava flow, was quite spectacular.

    To make a waste disposal in a treehouse, better use a cactus.

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    posted a message on Enchantment levels aren't level 30?

    Even without lapis, bottom row should show lvl 30. Laps just enables it to actually do the enchant.

    But on those screenshots, left and right ladders are interfering with shelves.

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    posted a message on Fix the "allow cheats" option.

    Opening to LAN makes your world a multiplayer server, which is a whole another bowl of fish. You cannot pause when you want, skip the night when you want, there is no guarantee someone won't TNT your base or flood it with lava or whatever. Depending on the circumstances, when world is being opened to LAN, there should be a possibility to enable cheats. It is a needed tool. This is a game, not some psychological cruch for those who can't come to terms between their self-control and their consciousness.

    The whole 'Cheats Off' thing is laughable anyway. One can make backups of their hardcore world and restore if necessary. One can lookup rare biomes and structures on chunkbase via seed, One can use Forge mods like XRay, not to mention using something like NBT Edit. Maybe not 3 clicks away, but no rocket science either. So if you are so lacking self-control not to cheat, clicking that button on world creation means squat, regardless of whether the option is there or not for LAN.

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    posted a message on How do I get villagers uptop and can I transport villagers using water?

    It is the standard water elevator construction pre-1.13, alternating water and signs - can be used to transport up mobs , villagers, yourself . It is farly slow but it works.

    1.13+, soul sand bubble columns are easier to create and are insanely fast.

    Yet another option to getting villagers up is precise nether portal linking.

    Portal 1 is built in the village at Y=64, just make sure to put some fence gates around so villagers don't wander into nether.

    Say, it is at X=400, Z=200. Nether side portal 1 is built at X=50, Y=96, Z=25.

    Say your iron farm is around X=40, Y=128, Z=80. Make a portal there, and build a portal in nether at X=5, Y=96, Z=10.

    Be sure to build an enclosed space around those portals in the nether and cover floor with glass or better, regular ice.

    Now, you can pop villager in a boat, get him into nether, a real short and fast trip there if you used ice, and you will emerge at your farm.

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    posted a message on Custom World Generation/Creation Question

    Not sure how that is doable - but do you know that hitting F3+G displays chunk borders?

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