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    Texturepacks for PremiumWood

    [NEW!]SPM's 16x Revival - v13.1
    Misa's TP - v13.1
    Faithful TP - v13.1
    JohnSmith's TP - v12.1

    If you are looking for my modding thread, which includes PremiumWood, please click here.
    This is where I will be posting all of the texture packs for mods that I have made. Most of these texture packs were not created by me, nor were the textures for the PremiumWood compliant texturepacks made to match existing popular HD (and possible SD) texturepacks, such as Faithful 32x32 and Misa's Realistic pack, created by me. I will update this thread with all of the texturepacks for PremiumWood to collect them in one place, rather than have multiple threads run by each creator of the texture. If any texturepacks are made for my other mods, those will also be added to this thread, along with a topic name change, and the like. All of the texturepacks will have links to the main texturepack thread and/or download URL and a preview picture of the base texturepack for other minecraft textures not related to PremiumWood to ensure you find the perfect texturepack!

    SMP's 16x Revival Texture Pack - SMP (Original Creator, Creator for PremiumWood Compliant)
    Misa's Texture Pack - Misa (Original Creator), Sword_Frog (Creator for PremiumWood Compliant)
    JohnSmith's Texture Pack - JohnSmith (Original Creator), ieatoakcats (Creator for PremiumWood Compliant)
    Faithful Texture Pack - Vattic (Original Creator), Sword_Frog (Creator for PremiumWood Compliant)

    SMP's Revival 16x - Original Texturepack Thread

    Gives the feeling of RPG and HD, and is only a 16x16 TP.


    Base Overview


    Up-to-date as of v13.1
    SMP's Revival 16x16 TP

    The Faithful HD Texturepack was created to keep the original textures, while still upgrading the textures to high-definition for those players who enjoy the feel of MC textures, but do not approve of 16x16 resolution. This texturepack was created by Vattic, and I, nor the creator of this pack, take any credit for Vattic's work. All textures in this pack were creations of Vattic, and edited by Sword_Frog.


    Base Overview


    Up-to-date as of v13.1
    Faithful 32x32 TP

    Misa's Realistic 64x64 - Original Texturepack Thread

    Misa's Realistic HD Texturepack was created to create the feel of real life textures and look of everything in minecraft. This texturepack was created by Misa, and I, nor the creator of this pack, take any credit for Misa's work. All textures in this pack were creations of Misa, and edited by Sword_Frog.


    Base Pictures

    (Found on Google, let me know if this isn't Misa's)


    Up-to-date as of v13.1
    Misa's 64x64 TP

    JohnSmith 32x32 - Original Texturepack Thread

    The JohnSmith HD Texturepack (No description was provided on the thread link). This texturepack was created by, you guessed it, JohnSmith. I, nor the creator of this pack, take any credit for JohnSmith's work. All textures in this pack were creations of JohnSmith, and edited by ieatoakcats.


    Base Pictures


    Up-to-date as of v11.0 (Missing Apple Leaf Textures)
    JohnSmith 32x32 TP

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    If you like any of my mods, please give me a +1 rating on this thread! Thank you!

    Scokeev9's Modding News

    >>-->ScotTools v14.1, RegenOres v5.0, and Machetes v5.0 updated to Minecraft 1.3.2
    >>-->BiomeColors v3.0 for Minecraft 1.3.1 released. Credit goes to q3hardcore for updating it.
    >>-->ScotTools v14.0 for Minecraft 1.3.1 has been posted. Other mods to be updated on an off day or after I buy my new computer. Sorry for the wait!
    >>-->ScotTools and ItemSprite API for Minecraft 1.1 updated by Coupon22! Thanks greatly Coupon! Here's the link: http://www.minecraft...ns-mod-updates/
    >>-->ItemSpriteAPI 4.0-Forge API 1.2.4 Patch released. Thanks pwnedgod! Here's the Link Removed
    >>-->BiomeColors v2.0 released. Added BiomeTallGrass and BiomeVines, which can also be toggled via the config file.
    >>-->BiomeColors v1.0 released. It's BiomeWater + BiomeGrass + BiomeLeaves, done correctly (leaves and grass use temperature and humidity to detect color, rather than having specific colors for each biome). There's also a configuration file to turn any of these features off if you don't like them. Enjoy!
    >>-->ScotTools - Forge 1.2.3 released. Find it on this thread
    >>-->NetherCraft v2.0c released. Quick fix for Glowood Ladders so they are climbable again.
    >>-->Happy Holidays! Hope everyone on Minecraft Forums and around the world has a great Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa and New Year's!
    >>-->uMods is my new website. I'll try to start using this site alongside this thread, but I'll probably keep using this thread a little more since I can communicate easily through the forums.
    >>-->NetherCraft v2.0b fixes the Imps so they actually appear in-game, instead of being invisible.
    >>-->ItemSpriteAPI v4.0 + Forge 1.2.2 Patch has been released by Casper7526! Give him some thanks! Here it is (this mod and my mods *require* Java7): ItemSpriteAPI 4.0 + Forge 1.2.2 Patch. The download link will also be posted in the Downloads section of ItemSpriteAPI.
    >>-->ReefMantas v4.1 Bug fix, finally fixing the invisible textures. Sorry it took so long!
    >>-->FloatingIslands v3.1 Bug fix for config file. It now will generate (mod_FI.config) with the two options.
    >>-->ItemSpriteAPI v4.0 released. A new feature will increase the item-sprite limit from the usual 256, all the way up to 2560 and alters the ModLoader.addOverride method, meaning all ModLoader mods will work with this feature. The MCForge patch has not been updated for this update of ItemSpriteAPI.
    >>-->ScotTools SMP updated. Thank you MasterDeity!
    >>-->ScotTools and ItemSprite API + Forge Compat. can be found here: MCForge Patches. Thank you pwnedgod!
    >>-->NetherCraft v2.0a released. Fixed slime eggs texture when thrown, archers' arrow speed to match skeletons, the lavaboat issue with it sinking in lava, all fuels from NetherCraft now work in netherrack furnaces and stone furnaces, achievements now register, and gloshroom stew should now work correctly.
    >>-->RegenOres v4.1 released. Fixed the RegenOre cobblestone and stone so that it drops regular cobblestone.

    Important Information
    If you do not read the Common Errors section before reporting any issues, you will NOT get a reply from me. I apologize, but posting 'Read the Common Errors section' is a waste of my time, and your time. Also, if you are entirely certain you did not forget to install a required mod, please include the error in your post. Thank you.

    How to Generate an Error Report
    Note: I did not create this script, nor do I take credit for any part of the script.
    Step 1 - Download this file
    Step 2 - Unzip the file using an archiving program
    Step 3 - Open the folder and launch the batch command file
    Step 4 - Cause the error or crash to occur
    Step 5 - Copy and paste the error report in a spoiler and post a reply to this thread

    Common Errors
    Q. Block Texture of leaves and logs are white!!!
    A. Go to Minecraft's main menu and click the texture pack you are using, or if you are not using a texture pack, click "Default", even if it is already selected. Click done and start your game.
    Q. MC crashes when I use picks on blocks!
    A. Reinstall ScotTools
    Q. Error: No more empty terrain indices left!
    A. You have too many mods that add new textures (mostly caused by NetherCraft)
    Q. Error: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: ItemCustomAxe/ItemCustomPickaxe/ItemCustomSpade/etc.
    A. You did not install ScotTools!
    Q. I have Itemsprite API and forge installed, my textures are screwy!
    A. Forge and Itemsprite API both modify the same base classes to do the same things, however the game will still load. Just dont install them together.
    A. They aren't bugged. Due to technical issues, the colored chests were removed, instead of adding several block IDs for each color of the chests.
    Q. How does i get old versions?
    A. Around the top left of any of the downloads, there should be a link labelled 'browse scokeev9's other shared files'. Click that, then browse for the version you want!
    Q. Please use forge in your mods!
    A. Currently there aren't solid plans to convert to Forge, although pwnedgod has released some compatibility patches for Forge.*/

    Configuration Files for All of My ModsAll of my mods have a config file that you can use to edit block IDs and item IDs using Notepad or the similar. Go to your .minecraft folder and open the folder named 'config.' Then, find the .cfg file corresponding to the mod you would like to edit. There also may be extra options (i.e. Ghast Apocalypse Mode in NetherCraft) that you can alter as well. If you need any help, feel free to post here, and I will try to help to the best of my ability. Please do not PM me with help, as I try to reply to everyone who posts here.

    Contact Info
    If you must contact me for something important, you may find me on my channel, #Scokeev9, at irc.esper.net, or you can send me a PM. Note: I will NOT respond if you send me a message asking for help installing a mod, help with a bug from one of my mods, or any other message that could be simply placed here. If you would like help with *making* a mod, I will be glad to help when I have time. You may either ask for help on my channel or through a private message.

    If you like my mods and would like to help support them, please click the button below. Do NOT donate because this button makes you feel like you need to click it. Only donate if you would like to help. This is completely optional, and for those who have asked to donate, or would like to donate. I will post a list of the people who have donated, but if you want to see your name on the list, you must post your email address and the amount you have donated. Thanks!

    List of Donators
    Thanks to everyone who has donated! It means a lot! :3
    $25 - Arrrg
    $15 - Icerith
    $5 - Lilyo

    Support All of My Mods
    Thanks to Sword_Frog for the banner!
    Use this code in your signature:


    -----------Table of Contents-----------

    NetherCraft v2.0c ----------- 1.0.0
    PremiumWood v16.1 ----------
    ScotTools API v13.2 ----- 1.3.2
    FloatingIslands v3.1 -------
    ItemSprite API v4.0 ------- 1.0.0
    RegenOres v4.1 ---------- 1.3.2
    Auto-Mod v3.1/Stable -------- All Versions
    ReefMantas v4.1 ---------------
    BiomeColors v3.0 --------------- 1.3.1
    Machetes v3.0 ----------------- 1.3.2
    BetterWinters v6.0 ------------ 1.0.0
    Ray Gun v4.2 ---------------- 1.0.0
    Randomite v6.0 ------------- 1.0.0

    ScotTools API v14.1 - 1.3.2

    Video Demonstration
    Video by TheCrazyMineCrafter! Thanks!

    This mod enables all tools, especially pickaxes, to mine with the correct block-break speed. Basically, this will fix ores from mods so pickaxes will break the ore quicker with better pickaxes. For example, IndustrialCraft (mod author: Alblaka) adds new ores that take an unreasonable amount of time to break (this is an outdated example; this is prior to MCForge versions of IC) and won't break quicker when you upgrade your pickaxe. ScotTools was made to fix this issue without requiring the modder to use the API. It also includes certain API features pertaining to tools and weapons that would usually cause an incompatibility. This mod is coded to be as compatible, simple, and useful as possible.

    For Modders
    Please note that using the source code for MCP is not necessary, since you can simply decompile a minecraft.jar with ModLoader and ScotTools installed and it'll remove the class files of ScotTools from being outputted into the reobf folder. If you do use the source code in the src folder, the class files from ScotTools will be outputted into the reobf folder. I ask that you please do not release ScotTools with your mod, and instead, link to this thread for users to download the most up-to-date version. Thank you in advance!

    Examples in Spoiler

    public class mod_BetterWood extends BaseMod
    public ToolMaterial magicTools;
    public Item magicAxe;
    public Item magicHoe;
    public Item magicPickaxe;
    public Item magicShovel;
    public Item magicSword;
    public Item magicMachete;
    public Item magicSandShovel;
    public void load()
    magicTools = (new ToolMaterial(1, 208, 6.5F, 1, 10));
    magicAxe = (new ItemAxe(magicAxeID, magicTools)).setItemName("magicAxe");
    magicHoe = (new ItemHoe(magicHoeID, magicTools)).setItemName("magicHoe");
    magicPickaxe = (new ItemPickaxe(magicPickaxeID, magicTools)).setItemName("magicPickaxe");
    magicShovel = (new ItemSpade(magicShovelID, magicTools)).setItemName("magicShovel");
    magicSword = (new ItemSword(magicSwordID, magicTools)).setItemName("magicSword");
    magicMachete = (new ItemMachete(magicMacheteID, 4, magicTools)).setItemName("magicMachete");
    magicSandShovel = (new ItemMachete(magicSandShovelID, 1, magicTools)).setItemName("magicSandShovel");
    ScotTools.AddBlocks(new Block[] { elementBlock, Block.stone }, 2);
    ScotTools.AddBlocks(Block.cobblestone, 1);
    Introduction of Using the ScotTools API
    "Imagine ToolMaterial variables as though they were tool classes found in EnumToolMaterial.
    Next, look at each of the variables used to create these tool classes and compare them with the
    variables found in ToolMaterial.
    This idea may benefit you when coding with ScotTools, since you have the ability to compare your
    variables with 'vanilla' Minecraft tools."
    -public static ToolMaterial magicTools; //initializes the variable to be used//
    -magicTools = (new ToolMaterial(1, 208, 6.5F, 1)); //states what class file to initialize and states the parameters of the class//
    -1 //harvest level//
    -208 //durability//
    -6.5F //rate of efficient block-breaking//
    -1 //damageVsEntity of a sword against entities//
    -10 //enchantability ^1//
    Use these parameters when declaring your item: First, an int variable (or a non-variable number) which will be the ID of the item. The final parameter is a ToolMaterial variable (e.g. (new ToolMaterial(
    ItemTool(int id, ToolMaterial toolmaterial) //Reference ToolMaterial.java in the source if you are still uncertain about the class's usage//
    -extends ItemTool //create a new item class to override the method getStrVsBlock ^2 ^3//
    -magicMacheteID //item ID//
    -0 //type of tool (Shovel: 1, Pick: 2, Axe: 3, Other: 0)//
    -magicTools //ToolMaterial variable containing the tool stats//
    -extends ItemTool //^3//
    -magicSandShovelID //item ID//
    -1 //type of tool (Shovel: 1, Pick: 2, Axe: 3, Other: 0)//
    -magicTools //ToolMaterial variable containing the tool stats//
    obisidian requires 3
    diamond, gold, redstone requires 2+
    iron, lapis lazuli requires 1+
    stone and iron requires any pickaxe
    ScotTools.AddBlocks(Block block[], int i);
    -block[] //blocks you would like to add to a specified level//
    -int i //harvesting level of the block(s) determining whether a block is harvested//
    You may declare multiple blocks in one "ScotTools.AddBlocks" method
    ScotTools.AddBlocks(new Block[] { elementBlock, Block.stone }, 2);
    ScotTools.AddBlocks(Block.cobblestone, 1);
    Note: The harvesting level (int i) for this method cannot exceed 6, but upon request, I can increase this limit further. Do NOT use 0 as the int parameter, since it will just cause an error.
    ^1 - Enchantments
    a) I haven't thoroughly tested the ToolMaterial enchantability variable, so I'm uncertain if it works properly. If it does, please send me a PM explaining the results. Thank you.
    B) Check the EnumToolMaterial source file for an idea of what to put as the value. The original values are set by default to the following: Wood: 15, Stone: 5, Iron: 14, Diamond: 10, Gold: 22.
    ^2 - Planned feature to choose either a) a Material that returns efficiency,  B) an array of Block variables, or c) one Block variable. */

    ScotTools enables new tools to be created, using custom durability, speed, etc., without editing any class files. All tools, whether vanilla or from a mod, will break blocks from other mods correctly, even if they don't use this API! Also, if your mod adds a new tool into the game that MUST use a custom class file (e.g. ItemSilverPickaxe), you may use my source code with your tools, to give them the same functionality as this API (or you may simply extend ItemPickaxe/ItemSpade/etc without overriding getStrVsBlock). You only need to do this for tools that have special abilites, not for basic tools with custom mining speed and durability, etc. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to send me a PM.
    Next, you can also set a block-harvest requirement, like that of iron ore (it requires stone or higher pickaxes). The harvesting level for blocks can be set up to 6 (diamond pickaxes are 3), so you may add new ores that can only be mined with your tools.
    You can also use ScotTools to declare tool classes, similar to the way the EnumToolMaterial class works, but without editing the class. Just simply create a new ToolMaterial variable using the constructor as a guide, or view the examples in the spoiler above. This simplifies the creation of custom tools.

    Support Banner
    Thanks to Sword_Frog for the banner!
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    SSP Downloads

    Optional - MCForge Patch for ScotTools v13.2 (Outdated)

    ScotTools SSP API v14.1 - 1.3.2

    ScotTools SSP API Source - 1.3.2

    SMP Downloads - (For Server hosts or source code)

    ScotTools SMP API v13.2 - 1.0.0(Includes Source)

    Version History

    v14.0 SSP - Updated to Minecraft 1.3.1
    v13.1 SSP - Fixed shovel vs. clay break-speed. Updated source files as well.
    v13.0 SSP - Lots of code changes and updates; Most should not affect the actual gameplay or other modder's code. Changed vanilla blocks to register with ScotTools when either a) another mod uses ScotTools.AddBlocks (occurs during mod initialization or  B) a player uses a pickaxe on any block (only occurs once per a game session). Also, I have not tested the enchantment aspects with ScotTools, so any bugs pertaining to this should be reported. Added a debug feature that states the block name, ID, and the harvesting level in errortest.bat-type logs.
    v12.0 SSP - Changed some aspects of ScotTools: ItemCustomTool/ToolType has been merged with the vanilla class file.

    ItemSprite API v4.0 - 1.0.0

    ItemSpriteAPI greatly increases the item sprite limit from 256 up to 2560 without a mod using the API. Also, it will make the use of ModLoader's 'item sprite overrides' obselete by enabling a modder to create new items.png files. The API is fairly small and only modifies three mostly unused files, ItemRenderer, RenderItem, and TextureFX. Note: This mod may conflict with HD textures. If anyone has made a merged class file, please send me a PM. I will give credit to whomever makes the patch.

    Creating Sprite Sheets
    To easily create a 'sprite sheet', you may go to this website: http://www.varcade.com/blog/?p=206

    Terrain Sprites!
    Check out my tutorial for creating a ModLoader mod that does NOT use terrain sprites!
    Here's the link: http://goo.gl/MhQGX

    Examples for Modders In Spoiler

    public class mod_RegenOres extends BaseMod
    public mod_RegenOres()
    ironNugget = (new ItemTexture(ironNuggetID, "/regen-ores/items.png")).setIconCoord(12,2).setItemName("ironNugget");
    goldNugget = (new ItemTexture(goldNuggetID, "/regen-ores/items.png")).setItemName("ironNugget");
    goldNugget.iconIndex = 43;
    //Note that the ironNugget is in place of the iron door, and goldNugget is in place of the wooden door if these items were using the original /gui/items.png file.
    //Also, note that changing your mod's code is obsolete, because v4.0 introduces an increased item-sprite limit (increased from 256 to 2560) that works whenever ModLoader.addOverride is used for item textures. This does NOT affect terrain sprites.
    It is extremely easy to create an item that will use a new items.png-type image file with ItemSprite API. Simply use 'ItemTexture', and declare the path of the items.png-type file, then use '.setIconCoord(int i, int j)' to declare the position on the file. You may also use the 'blockIndexInTexture' method to declare the position, as seen with the goldNugget. Using this method will NOT use any item sprites, meaning you can have unlimited* numbers of items.
    * - Here, unlimited means 32,000, the max item limit.
    In this example, I will show you how to convert an Item file to use the same method as ItemCT.
    Here is the custom Item file that we are dealing with:*/
    1. public class ItemHoe extends Item
    2. implements IItemTexture
    3. {
    4. public ItemHoe(int i, EnumToolMaterial enumtoolmaterial)
    5. {
    6. super(i);
    7. maxStackSize = 1;
    8. setMaxDamage(enumtoolmaterial.getMaxUses());
    9. }
    11. public String getTextureFile()
    12. {
    13. return "/regen-ores/items.png";
    14. }
    As you can see, I am using a modified ItemHoe (removed some code so it isn't as lengthy). Notice line #2, and notice the 'getTextureFile()' method (line #11-14) as well. This is all you must add to create a custom item that will use a custom items.png-type file!


    Optional - MCForge (1.2.2) Patch for ItemSprite API v4.0

    ItemSprite API v4.0 - 1.0.0

    Version History

    v4.0 - Added feature: increased item-sprite limit without requiring code changes from modders.
    v3.0 - Updated to 1.0.0
    v2.0 - Updated to Beta 1.8.1. Released the source files as well.
    v1.2 - First public release. Fixed render texture obtained from the ItemRenderer.class (handles item textures that appear in the player's hand.
    v1.1 - Now uses an Interface for texture paths, instead of altering Item.class.
    v1.0 - Initial release, for Beta 1.7.3.

    FloatingIslands v3.1 - 1.0.0

    Video Demonstrations

    Thank you Pannoscept!

    Also, thank you PieDudeAus!

    Note that rarity of these islands is configurable

    FloatingIslands simply makes islands generate in the air. It will actually pull the land up, leaving a crater below. This mod is made by Hogofwar, I just released it for him! Check out his mods here: Hogofwar's Threads

    ModLoader Required

    FloatingIslands v3.1 - 1.0.0

    Version History

    v3.0 - Config file fixed
    v2.0 + v3.0 - Simply updated
    v1.0 - Initial release for Beta 1.7.3

    RegenOres v5.0 - 1.3.2

    Video Explanation and Demonstration
    Thank you piedudeaus!

    RegenOres has a very basic idea. You break an ore, and it will come back after a while (20-50 minutes, usually). There is a small chance that the ore will completely break, and will not regenerate. This WILL work for added ores (since v2.0 through a config file), and it will work for vanilla ores. The amount of time, though, is completely random, but in general, regeneration takes longer for rare ores. Also, you will get 'Nuggets' of iron and gold, instead of the actual block, so these ores cannot be duplicated for an infinite supply of these materials. You need to smelt these items to use them for tools or armor.
    Here is an outline of what happens:
    1. A block of cobble will reappear in place of an ore.
    2. If you don't see a block of cobble, the source block has run out of ore.
    3. At the next stage of regeneration, a block of smooth stone will appear.
    4. Finally, the ore will regenerate in place of the old ore block.

    Works with ores from mods!
    Use the configuration file (/.minecraft/config/RegenOres.cfg) to add mod's ores to be regenerated. These ores will only drop one of the itemID, and will regenerate in about the same time as gold ore. You *must* add the item ID along with the block ID in the same 'slot'. Use the values in the config file that are already there to figure out exactly how to use it. Note: Item IDs are not above 256, they start at 0, so if you use TMI to find the item ID of the item dropped from the mod's ore, be sure to subtract 256 from the item ID.

    This is the beginning frame, with lots of coal and some redstone.

    The cobblestone you see are actually 'source' blocks. Destroy these, and no more ore will reappear.

    After a couple of minutes, the ores will begin to 'grow' back!

    Version History

    Version History:
    v4.1 - Fixed a small bug
    v3.0 + v4.0 - Simply updates
    v2.1 - Bug fix for a few ore-block names in TMI, and fixed redstone bug.
    v2.0 - Added support (via config file) for mod ores. :D
    v1.0 - Initial Release; Beta 1.7.3

    ModLoader Required
    ScotTools API Required - Thread Link

    RegenOres v5.0 - 1.3.2

    Auto-Mod v3.1 - All Versions

    Video Demonstration
    The video was deleted on accident (heh, accidents happen to everyone), so... I guess I'll try to make another video demonstrating the mod installer, unless someone else would like to make a video demonstration/review.

    Volgon8 - Idea and most of the coding
    Scokeev9 - Most of the recent coding

    Auto-Mod is a small utility that will allow you to install multiple mods or a single mod on Windows computers with one click! Auto-Mod will create a backup of your minecraft.jar file if you specify before modifying the file, and will place this backup in a folder at /.minecraft named /backup(date&time). You may go to this location and simply copy and paste the old minecraft.jar into your /bin folder, overwriting when prompted. You can also uninstall a mod if you have issues in case you forget to back up before installing. Read the "Installation.txt" for more info.

    Feature Overview
    - No installation of the program, just run from anywhere on you main/system drive (normally C:\)
    - Installs mods in two easy steps (put mods in folder, click run)
    - Easy, and also two-step, uninstallation of mods, even if they alter core classes
    - Includes a quick error-report generator that will help modders and yourself get things fixed
    - Installer does not require a compatibility patch; works with 95%+ mods straight from the download!
    - And more to come when I think of ideas!

    Using Auto-Mod
    - Extract the contents from Auto-Mod.zip using 7-Zip or WinRAR to any location on your primary system OS drive (most likely C:\).
    - Drag and drop any mod archives (.zip, .rar, etc.) into the Auto-Mod\Mods folder and leave them zipped! Do not extract them! Check the very short "Important_Structure" list below to see if you are about to install any mods that require being in the \Mods\Important_Structure\ folder.
    - Simply double-click the Auto-Mod.bat file, and let it run. The first window will exit, and another will open shortly to finish installing the mods. Please do not interrupt this process.
    - Open Minecraft and play! No need to delete the META-INF, as this program does this automatically!

    Important Structure Mods
    Some mods have odd structures that cannot be installed using the normal method. To install mods that are on this list, simply place the mod archive in "\Auto-Mod\Mods\Important_Structure\" and run as usual.

    Known Mods:
    -GUI API
    -More Trees

    Please alert Volgon8 or me if you find mods that do not work through the normal directory, but work in the Important_Structure folder so they may be added to the list.

    Made by Volgon8 and Scokeev9
    Auto-Mod v3.1 - All Versions of Minecraft

    Version History

    v3.1 - released with a great new feature: Uninstallation of mods. I realize other mod managers have done this before, but it seems too complex for me. With this, you click a file, 'Delete_Mod.bat', type in the mod you want to delete, and you're done! =D I also added a feature that will install the WorldEdit.jar file from SPC. I'm not too sure what else I can do with this installer, but I'll find something! Bug reports, feedback, and suggestions are all very welcome.

    BiomeColors v3.0 - 1.3.1

    Video Demonstration
    Thanks piedudeaus!

    This area has a little transition between two biomes, though very subtle.

    Here's a picture of a quick transition between biomes.

    This mod is a quick remake of the idea by Nandonalt to create biome compliant water, grass, and leaves. This mod does not include the biome colored splash, underwater fog, or rain, but it may be a future goal before Beta 1.7 comes out, most likely with biome compliant water.

    Support Banner
    Thanks to Sword_Frog for the banner!
    Use this code in your signature:



    Doesn't NEED ModLoader, but it is compatible.

    Alternate watercolor.png, with much less green.

    BiomeColors v3.0 - 1.3.1

    Version History

    v3.0 - Updated to 1.3.1
    v2.0 - Added support for biome tall grass and vines.
    v1.0 [NEW] - Added support for biome grass and leaves using the same algorithm as the biome water instead of using specific colors for each biome. This will alter the biome colors of swamps so they look like they did back in the old days.
    v4.0 - Updated to 1.0.0
    v3.0 - Finally does not require any other mods to work correctly! This should still work with Optimine/Optifog HD, but I have not tested it yet.
    v2.0 - Update for Beta 1.7.3
    v1.1 - Fixed lava from turning green. Added a different way for users to use the custom water, instead of requiring them to use a texture pack.
    v1.0 - Initial Release for Beta 1.6.6

    ReefMantas v4.1 - 1.0.0
    Credit for the idea and textures goes to Daveyx0. Thanks!

    Video Demonstration
    (Posted again here in case you didn't see it at the top)
    Thanks again TheCrazyMineCrafter!


    Reef Mantas underwater

    Here's a better view of the Mantas above water

    Some Manta eggs

    Here's a baby Manta (bubbles appear when hungry)

    ReefMantas, at the moment, is just a simple mod that adds an extra water creature into the game. v0.2 adds a lot of new features. You can now tame a Manta by right-clicking it while holding a cooked fish. You can also feed it by right-clicking while holding a fish.

    Feature Overview
    -Mantas spawn randomly in oceans and water
    -These creatures come in four different varieties (textures).
    -Adult Mantas will drop 1-2 Manta Meat and an egg, while babies will drop only 1 piece of Manta Meat
    -Cooked Manta Meat can be used to breathe underwater about 5 times longer than usual (must be used while already underwater. Going above water will reset this)
    -Mantas can be tamed using a cooked fish
    -After about 10 minutes, Mantas will become hungry, and rise to the surface, jump, and bubble
    -Use another cooked fish to feed it again
    -You can right-click a tame Manta to mount it and ride it
    -You can ride untamed Mantas, but you cannot control them
    -Tame Mantas that are adults have the ability to lay eggs
    -Right-click a Tame Adult Manta with a piece of Flint to make it stay
    -Eggs will start moving after about 4 minutes in the water
    -Once an egg hatches, a baby will spawn. You need to feed the Baby Manta for it to grow
    -Baby Mantas will become a tame adult after one full MC day. These babies cannot be ridden
    -Riding a Manta that is hungry will go about 50% the speed of a full Manta
    -Mantas cannot hold a human at the surface of the water for a very long time, and will fall back down to the ocean floor from exhaustion, but will quickly rise back up when told

    Support Banner
    Use this in your signature! (Made by Sword_Frog! Thanks!)




    ReefManta v4.1 - 1.0.0

    Version History and Bugs

    Version History:
    v4.1 - Corrected texture problems, along with major code-cleanup
    v3.0 + v4.0 - Simply updates
    v2.0 - Updated for Beta 1.7.3, lowered spawn rates slightly.

    Machetes v5.0 - 1.3.2

    Video Demonstration
    Thanks again piedudeaus!


    Adds 5 new machetes: Gold, iron, diamond, wood, and stone.
    And a special machete: Slime
    Machetes can be used to break through leaves, cactus, and cloth very quickly.
    These new tools also deal 75% of each sword's damage. I.e. diamond machetes deal about 4 damage, while diamond swords deal about 5 damage.
    The slime machete allows for a random chance for a slime ball to drop when used on mobs, and when hitting a slime, there's a chance that 3 slime balls will drop. Great for getting slime balls for sticky pistons. :D

    Support Banner
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    Requires ModLoader & ScotTools
    Machetes v5.0 - 1.3.2

    BetterWinters v6.0 - 1.0.0

    Video Demonstration
    Note: This mod should not create any framerate lag, but may lower the speed of the light calculations of each chunk on slower computers, but mostly when it is snowing, not when it isn't.
    By TheCrazyMineCrafter! Thank you!

    Prevents snow, snow blocks, and ice from melting when a torch is placed nearby.
    Makes ice drop ice, and not water
    Makes Ice much more transparent than previously
    Makes snow "grow" over time while it is snowing. Snow will also "melt," but never completely, to keep the feeling of cold. Instead, snow will decrease in thickness when it is near light, and will increase while snowing
    Makes more snowballs drop from snow
    Snowballs will deal 1/2 a heart of damage to all mobs
    Snowballs will create snow when it hits the ground
    Includes property file to change most values
    And has an optional "Always Raining" Tweak (check the "optional" folder in the download)

    Property File Description

    Name=default - Description
    alwaysRaining=false - When set to true, it will always rain in your world. You can turn it off, but it will take the same amount of time to stop raining as if it had just begun to rain.
    moreSnowBalls=true - When set to true, snow will drop 1-4 snowballs depending on the height of the snow.
    maxSnowHeight=11 - This will change the height of snow. Note that snow will not go above 13 in height. Also note that changing this value will decrease performance on slower machines.
    iceDropsBlock=true - Set to false if you don't want Ice to drop a block of Ice.
    iceDropsWater=false - Set to true if you want ice to create water when broken.
    snowBlocksMelt=false - Set to true if you want full snow blocks to melt in the light.
    snowMeltSpeed=55 - Set LOWER to INCREASE the time between checks of light.
    snowMelts=true - Change to false if you don't want snow to melt in the light.
    varyingSnowLayers=true - Change to false to completely disable the varying height of snow.
    growingSnow=true - Set to false if you only want snow to melt; it will regenerate like in vanilla minecraft still.
    minSnowHeight=2 - Increase or decrease depending on how thick you want the snow to be at it's thinnest.
    snowGrowthChance=11 - DECREASE to SPEED UP snow growth.

    Looks best with Biome Water!

    Support Banner
    Thanks to Sword_Frog for the banner!
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    Requires ModLoader
    BetterWinters v6.0 - 1.0.0

    Version History

    v6.0 - Update for 1.0.0
    v5.0 - Update for Beta 1.6.5.
    v4.0 - Adds "alwaysRaining" option. Update for Beta 1.6.4

    PremiumWood v16.1 - 1.0.0

    Video Demonstration of version 12.0
    By PieDudeAus! Thank you!

    Video showing all of the trees added in PremiumWood by dsmjas. Thanks!


    Layout of everything since v6.2, with the exception of the Magic tools and machete.
    Magic Wood tools have 208 uses (iron is 250, diamond is 1561), 6.5 speed (iron is 6.0, stone is 4.0), can mine Iron and below, and deals 2 hearts of damage (meant to be higher). The leaves on these trees are actually "crying" in a sense as well.

    v6.2 Picture above, Maple Trees, sort of orange colored wood, and Silver Bell trees, the one with bright leaves, and of course, Magic trees with a newer more unique texture. The 'weeping' effect has been re-added also.

    Here's a picture (above) of the new chests that will mix and match, and don't add new block IDs!

    v8.0 Purple Heart Trees. The planks change color over time, as depicted in the above image. The darkest color can be found at the bottom left.

    v9.0 Wood-Bordered Glass. Crafted by placing one glass block and a wood plank of your choice.

    v10.0 Apple Trees and Golden Apple Trees. v11 - Apple trees do not have apples on all leaves. Also, apples can now be "picked" by right-clicking the apple leaf block. After a little while, the apple will grow back. Only blocks that originally had an apple on it will grow back, so the tree isn't covered in apples. Golden Apple trees will grow a red apple in place of the golden apple to keep things fair. Also, saplings have a 10% chance to grow a golden apple tree instead of a red apple tree.

    v12 - Tigerwood Trees (not the golfer).

    v13 - Willow Trees. Wish they looked more like they were weeping though.

    Misa's Realistic Pack 64x64 by Sword_Frog again. Thank you!

    Support Banner
    Thanks to Sword_Frog for the banner!
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    This mod fixes the insides of Birch and Pine/Spruce Logs. It also allows crafting of different colored planks from those logs without adding any new block IDs. Also adds six new types of the following (spruce, birch, magicwood, maple, purple heart, and silverbell): Bookshelves, Boats, Crafting Tables, Fences, Planks, Half Blocks (planks and logs), Torches, Doors, Stairs, Chests, and Sticks. A new tree has been added in v4.0: a very rare tree know as the Magic Tree. New tools can be made from this wood, and it's stronger, but slightly less durable than iron (subject to change). v6.0 adds two new trees: Maple and Silver Bell trees. Fairly common, and they're just trees, like the Birch and Spruce trees. v8.0 adds the Purple Heart wood. Uncommon, and has magnificent color-changing planks. v9.0 adds new wood-bordered glass blocks to use. v10.0 adds in Red Apple and Golden Apple trees in the world, though it's wood only makes normal planks, but who uses apple trees for wood? v11 - Apple trees do not have apples on all leaves. Also, apples can now be "picked" by right-clicking the apple leaf block. After a little while, the apple will grow back. Only blocks that originally had an apple on it will grow back, so the tree isn't covered in apples. Golden Apple trees will grow a red apple in place of the golden apple to keep things fair. Also, saplings have a 10% chance to grow a golden apple tree instead of a red apple tree. v11.1 New sapling textures by Zekrom9! Thanks! v12 adds a new "Tiger Wood" tree, and has nothing to do with Tiger Woods, the golfer. v13 adds in Willow trees, which yield forest green planks and items.

    Magic Tree saplings will explode 2/3 of the time instead of growing. Plant these saplings in a safe location away from anything you may care about!
    Explosion is not very large: the crater is only about 4-5 blocks wide.
    Use extreme care when using bone meal!


    Requires ModLoader - Thread Link
    Requires ScotTools API - Thread Link
    Optional HD Texturepacks - Thread Link
    Optional "Defined" Texturepack with PW Textures - Thread Link
    Optional Patinterly Texturepacks - Thread Link

    Main Download

    PremiumWood v16.1 - 1.0.0
    Read the Common Errors section at the top of this post before reporting bugs! Thank you. Also, the wooden-slabs issue is a known bug.

    Version History and Bugs

    Version History:
    v14.4 - Fixed slabs and bone meal.
    v14.3 - Actually fixed breaking animations.
    v14.2 - Fixed texture issues. Compatibility with ID Resolver and MC Extended, and any other mods that use uu.class (Block.class).
    v14.1 - Fixed textures of oak wood so they were correct, and weren't from another texture pack.
    v14.0 - Update to Beta 1.7.2. New leaves will not burn again, since it was causing incompatibility with some other mods, mainly BetterThanWolves.
    v13.1 - Added compatibility for Better Than Wolves, and added an alternate premwood.png file for people who want the old Purple Heartwood trees.
    N = Not important
    I = Important
    I - Inventory crashes in creative mode
    I - Wooden Slabs appear as stone slabs
    N - Fences as items look the same color, but when placed, they are correct
    N - Blocks using the premwood.png terrain file sometimes appear white
    N - Magic Boats are not in the mod, just skipped them temporarily

    NetherCraft v2.0b - 1.0.0

    NetherCraft Contents
    Pictures and Backgrounds
    Installation Tutorial
    List of Blocks and Items
    Version History and Bugs

    NetherCraft Wiki, by Death_possum
    Thanks to Death_possum, NetherCraft now has its own wiki! Not much is on the wiki (at the time of me typing this), but I hope that other users will contribute in the constructions of this database of information over time, so that the NetherCraft Wiki will become complete in the near future. Visit the Wiki by clicking this link: NetherCraft Wiki. Hoping it turns out awesome!

    Linium and Pyridium: Important info!!!
    Linium and pyridium tools are now crafted using Ghast Rods. Ghast Rods are crafted by placing one Ghast Bone on top of another Ghast Bone, like you're making sticks. This recipe yields 8 Ghast Rods, since Ghast's Bones are so difficult to obtain.

    How to Install NetherCraft!
    By TheCrazyMineCrafter! Thank you!

    Many sprites for this mod were made by Johndona1245! Thanks much for the help!
    This mod will make the Nether 100% survivable, so that you never have to travel back to the Surface to collect items or blocks. All parts of the Glowood Tree are explosion resistant (to a degree), making ghast fireballs hardly a nuisance! Tools, weapons, blocks, trees, sand, glass, minecarts, boats, stairs, almost everything in the Surface world now has its own equivalent in the Nether!
    The Nether takes a few MineCraft days at least to acquire lava and make obsidian, so making a portal and travelling to the Nether shouldn't be a break, but should be a greater challenge than the surface, so it's not as boring. The Nether is very similar to a world like the Surface, but always night, and very dark, and hellish, obviously.
    The Nether is survivable, but that doesn't mean it's easy!
    So don't complain about how difficult it is, and how you've died too many times! This means you just need to try harder and get better at minecraft. This mod doesn't--to any degree--make the Nether so hard that it's impossible to play. Remember: Have fun!


    Nice series by Mattchinima! Thanks!

    Great video by CavemanFilms! Thank you! Leave a like on his video so he does more of these episodes!!!

    Pictures and Background Info
    Thanks goes to chalenged for some of the background info! Thanks! (Edited by me!)

    For a real story written by "WayofTime" click the link below.
    The Book of the Nether

    Legends of the Beginning

    In the beginning, there was nothing but Netherrack and Lava, and the other parts of the terrain not mentioned here. Eventually, after a mortal dies, their soul may go down into the Nether if they've done wrong in their life. Most of these souls simply turn in to Soul Sand. All of the souls are constantly pleading to be let out. They will pull anything that walks on it. However, some of the more evil souls turn into Ghasts. Both of these are guardians of the Nether. Ghasts keep out intruders, with the help of the Soul Sand, which slows down the intruders, making Ghasts' horrible aim still deadly. Ghasts feed on souls that are coming into the nether, a small cost for their vital protection.
    As you travel through the vast labyrinth of the Nether, vast columns of lava can be seen gushing through the overhanging bedrock. Since the Nether is only slightly similar to the surface world, it sees regular heat and cold flashes ... once every millennium. As the lands of this territory of fire started to reduce in temperature, the pillars of fire started to slow down, and eventually stopped. Over the years, small drops of the original lava flow collected, and conjugated in their respective areas. As each drop pooled on the ceiling, the eternal light that shone in it turned to glass. By the time the Nether started to heat up the environment, great stalactites have formed of a bright yellow glass, illuminating the surrounding landscape. Now, if you brake this glass dust will fall out, showing the vast impurities that the lava held an entire five centuries ago.


    Foulite's Anger

    Souls aren't the only thing that end up trapped in the Nether. Whenever a human or a creature feels anger, it is released through the human's pores on their skin as pure energy. This "energy" then travels down into the Nether, where it settles onto the Netherrack and solidifies into a luscious green colored powder.

    Glowood Trees

    The Nether, being such a dangerous and brutal area, makes surviving as a herbivore near impossible. Ghasts often killed entire species with their constant barrages of explosions. Because of this, Glowood Trees have inhabited this fiery hellbound terrain, developing the strongest and most fireproof material known in the Nether as their trunks and leaves. Glowood trees are the only living being that is made entirely out of metal!

    Dark Wheat and Lava Reeds

    Other vegetation besides the Glowood Trees have also survived the harsh conditions of the Nether, such as Dark Wheat and Lava Reeds. Dark Wheat made its living underground, hiding from the Ghasts destructive explosives ever since the Glowood Trees have broken down the Netherrack into soft soil, and have learned to grow and flourish with the total absence of any light. Dark Wheat has adapted to absorb the heat generated by the Nether as the source of energy to grow. Seeds from the Dark Wheat plant can be found at any level of the Nether's dirt, since these plants have grown in the tightest crevices and holes in the soil. Regardless of the temperatures of which are produced by the lava, Lava Reeds have learned to live from the minerals and rich nutrition from the lava in the Nether.

    The Origins of the Dark Zombies

    A century ago, when the surface world recieved its first few reports of the dead waking up from their eternal sleep, a vent opened up into a deep subterranian mine, mixing for the first time the deep searing mass of lava with the rivers above. Then, on one fateful day, a creeper was chasing one of the early adventurers of the lands into this cavern and detonated, sending his body and the tools with him into a wall of a deep purple stone. While going through one of the natural vents of this volcanic glass, his flint struck the stone and set it ablaze, and in the ensueing explosion and deep purple fire, was sent to a world where no human has set foot before...
    But today was not to be the day that a man would take those steps, for the explosive force of the creeper changed this adventurer, and the ensueing corruption rented through his body, denying him of his final, restful sleep. As the darkness of the Nether engulfed him, his eyes opened with a deep crimson gleem, and the dreadful Zombie of Darkness started to walk the lands of this world of fire.
    They say that if you ever meet one of these beasts in the depths of Hell, these monsters that are now readily formed by the culmination of the creeper's explosion and the deep purple glass, you can still see the rags that cling to the body ... of the ones who did not get away.

    The Chaos; The Order

    The Nether in the past has been known to launch into states of random chaos. Imps were the solution to this. They were "employed" to assure that evil souls are attracted and contained in the Nether. Nobody knows who or what they were "employed" by. Nobody. Not even the Imps themselves, can even recall. The Imps just mindlessly work, somehow generating a spiritual, gravitational pull to make sure everything acts as it is supposed to. Unfortunately the Imps were obviously designed for one thing only, keeping order. Thus, they have no kind of self defence, save for an odd splitting action that was presumably implemented to attempt to restore order by increasing the Imps in numbers, although this seems to be a failure as a defense mechanism.

    Tribals v. Pigzombies

    After an accident occurred in a deep cave littered with obsidian, a strange portal apperead. The Tribals stood in it with their iron weapons ready for protection. When they got through, a Pigzombie was walking towards them with it's Pyridium sword drawn, not sure what to make of the new, strange arrivals. The Pigzombie was frightened, and spontaneously attacked the Tribals. This angered the Tribals, causing a fierce rivalry between the two Tribes. The Tribals found protective glowing trees and beautiful new plants and strong metals to use, and decided that this was a better place to survive. Eventually, the Tribals took use of these materials and learned to become the more dominent race. The Tribals also developed a very strong skin, much like the Glowood trees did. This protects them from the extreme temperatures in the Nether. The Pigzombies now retreat in the darkness, hidden, and afraid of these new Tribals.

    Ghast Bones

    Shortly after the discovery of Pyridium by the Tribals, the Tribals discovered that this material would outlast the Glowood's sticks that they had used since they had arrived. The Tribals had observed the unique property of durability that this material held, and the Tribals found this to be a problem, and sought to understand why the PigZombies used such a material although the tool would continue to break. The Tribals then noticed the one and only difference between their Pyridium tools and the PigZombies' tools: the PigZombies used some sort of bones. The Tribals searched, and tested, and failed, many times, until one day, they tried using a Ghast's bones. This material was much more durable than the old Glowood sticks, but couldn't be obtained near as easily or safely as the original Glowood sticks. This is why the Tribals do not use Ghast's bones for tools created with materials weaker than Pyridium.

    Bonemeal from Ghasts

    Before the Tribals even arrived, PigZombies had been using the Ghast's bones for more than just tools. The Ghast's bones could be crushed up into bonemeal. PigZombies found the marrow inside of the bones to have very special and unique properties that were extremely useful. The bonemeal they had discovered was an extremely potent explosive material, and also could be used as a super efficient fertilizer in the Nether. When the Tribals arrived, they often used this material to instantly grow crops, and almost instantly grow trees. They also used this material in combination with the Heat Sand, which created a very strong explosion when friction was applied. Tribals used these blocks, known by name as "Ghast Bombs" as a way to find minerals hidden deep in the Nether's walls and caves and "earth."

    The Closest Analogue to Water

    Ghasts are trapped in the Nether forever, fated to guard and protect its powers from Surface visitors. Ghasts occasionally mourn because of this, and cry. They cry a special type of liquid, known simply as Ghast Tears in their liquid form, and W Dust, in it's solid form. W Dust simply stands for "Water Dust," and is formed by the combination of Netherrack blood, Ghast Tears, and heat, and has properties very similar to water, since it can easily cool anything, especially lava, forming obsidian ingots. This Netherrack containing the dried product of this combination is often extremely dense and strong, and can only be mined with Pyridium and Linium, the two strongest materials found in the Nether. The W-Obsidian ingots, as they are called, are often used as very strong and durable armors, but are also used to recreate portals back to the Surface world.

    The First Sign of Fire

    Drip... drip... drip...'
    After a long and tiring fight, the Chief of the Tribals allowed himself to relax his grip on his sword of dark purple. Covered in the foul blood of the zombie pigman that the chief had just slain, the sword almost seemed like it vibrated along with its master over their latest victory. And why shouldn't they, since it was for the cause of the war.
    The chief went over to the river of lava that was flowing through their village, and began to rinse and clean his sword, for even the hilt was red. The War of the Damned... As he turned to head back to the main area of their village, he flicked a final drop of this liquid that gives life off of the hilt and into the river. As if his condescending attitude has awoken a god of fire, great spouts of fire erupted 20 feet high from the river, and out comes a gelatinous entity that has never been seen before. Unable to move from sheer terror, he watched as this new force ebbed closer and closer. When he finally raised his sword to strike, it was too late.
    When the village came looking for him, wanting to hear his tales from the latest battle, they only saw a viscous residue sticking to the stone where his sword still lain. From then on, the Tribals attacked these blood-red Fire Slimes on sight, as if killing them would rid the thought that even more bloodshed could bring an army of them knocking on their doors.

    GloShrooms for the Dead

    Since the caves of the Nether are very deep and dark for an area of such abundant fire, the tribal explorers are sent regularly down in the deep pits with torches of foulite, reminded to be resourceful as they go into the bowels of 'The Rack.' One of these such explorers was quite feeble minded and as such forgot to bring sticks to replenish his supply. As he neared one of the many bends in the tunnels he noticed a faint purple glow reminicent of his neridium pickaxes, and investigated, and what he found was an absolute valley of deep-purple mushrooms.
    Fearing that he would never see this sight again, he promptly collected as many of these new treasures, and decided it was best to leave.
    The head cheif of his village, near a river of lava, commended the explorer, and told him to hold the supply for a special occasion. Such an opportunity presented itself the day after ... The tribals are a very proud race, not prone to death easily, but when one dies in battle it is a very tragic loss. As such, when their chief mysteriously died next to the river, a ring of mushrooms was placed on his grave. From that day onwards, whenever a battle has taken place, a purple mushroom is placed on the grave of the fallen; and only when it has soaken up the blood of the tribal's enemy does it glow an acid green.
    When you travel through this valley of death and see a mushroom planted in a pack, take heed before picking it up; for you are standing on a burial ground.

    PigZombies and Bows

    After consistent wars between the Pig Zombies and the Tribals, the Pig Zombie population began to drop severely. These Tribals that came through the portal had great advantages over the Pig Zombies; They held strong swords, and these weapons of which shot dangerous 'Arrows' as projectiles. If the Pig Zombies got within 10 meters of a Tribal using this device, even two or three Tribals could take out an entire pack of Pig Zombies without even getting close to them. The Pig Zombie race began to observe how the Tribal's 'Bows' worked. After many hours of trial and error, a pack of Pig Zombies crafted this powerful weapon that the Tribals used. They developed an attack form, and charged towards a Tribal pack, with one or two of them firing arrows made from Pyridium that the Pig Zombies had been using as a form of currency. Because of the success, the creator of this 'Bow' alerted many other packs of Pig Zombies, telling stories about the attack, and also taught these packs how to craft these 'Bows.' The Pig Zombies now had a better chance of surviving the Tribals' deadly force, and as soon as the Pig Zombies learned better techniques to use this device, their numbers began to rise once again.

    Linium: The Strength of the Gods

    As the battle between the Pigmen and the Tribals raged on, each side was trying to deduce a way to increase the strength of their weapons. Since increased honeing of their weapons only yealded slightly better results, the Tribals eventually looked towards previously undiscovered minerals. One of the tribal archers, a master at his craft, was hunting Ghasts in the Great Valley of the Heat Sands, when one of his arrows of brittle netherrack sailed right past his target and into a yawning gourge cut by a river's flow. Investigating more closely, he discovered a strange substance, as white as glowood, clinging to the inside of the rock. After smelting this substance, he fashioned a shining bow, with a set of arrows that were the sharpest that he has ever created.
    As he started hunting again, he placed the arrow on the string, notched it ... and let fly the arrow of speed. As it sailed through the air, faster than any ghast that has ever seen the face of this world, it struck its target with a resounding 'thwack!' and the defeated enemy layed dead at the archer's feet.
    This Linium, as the tribals named it after the one who discovered it, was the most powerful substance that has been found, to date, in the Nether. Be careful, though, because many warriors have met their end when their powerful tool of cast Linium brakes because of its sheer force.

    More Pictures

    Only a few of the new pictures added in v1.4

    Most new tools are here. From left to right: Neridium, Pyridium, and Netherrack

    More of the tools. From left to right: Foulite torches/fuel, Glowood, and Glowood Charcoal torches.

    New Crafting tables and such, with cool effects!

    List of New Items, Blocks, and Mobs:

    New LavaBoat:
    New LavaBoat added (unlimited speed, and will not move when not in the boat)
    New Mobs:
    Netherrack Spider (blends in with netherrack almost perfectly! Drops string.)
    Netherdirt Spiders (blends in with netherdirt =P Drops string.)
    Imps - Only Passive mob in the Nether (ATM), they have 3 different sizes, which will split into two of the smaller sizes! Drops Imp Skin, used for armor.
    Dark Zombies (very high health and damage, but very slow, drops Red Feathers)
    Fire Slimes (deals damage in fire, drops throw-able slime eggs, causing fire on block hit)
    Tribals - Warriors and Archers! Attacks mobs that would normally attack you! Varying drops.
    Tribal Trainees - Small Tribal warriors in training! Varying drops.
    PigZombie Archers - Holds a pyridium bow, but only fires netherrack arrows, drops cooked pork chops.
    New Changes:
    Ghasts will only fire if you are within 32 blocks of them, previously 64.
    Ghasts spawn less often than before, and drop Ghast Bones
    Zombie Pigmen now hold Pyridium Swords, and if you're lucky, maybe they will drop one!
    Zombie Pigmen are now hostile IF you bump into them, and will attack Tribals.
    Tribal Archers and Warriors will attack Zombie Pigmen, and will drop different items.
    Tribal Archers now fire Netherrack arrows, so they aren't as OP.
    Tribal Warriros now hold Neridium Swords, and will drop one if you're lucky!
    Mobs have varying textures, like in Randomobs, and varying stats depending on the texture!
    New Blocks:
    Heat Sand (Can be smelted into Heat Glass)
    GloTrees (Flame Retardant, saplings only grow on NetherDirt, light < 14)
    Ghast resistant Glowood Planks/Glowood Logs (They glow too!)
    Ghast resistant Glowood Fences (Also glows)
    GloShrooms (Purple and Green glowy things, can be crafted into GloStew)
    Smooth Netherrack (for looks, also ghast proof, flammable like Netherrack)
    Foulite Torch (ghast proof)
    Charcoal Torch (made from glowood charcoal)
    Heat Glass and Soul Glass
    Ghast Bombs (crafted like TNT, with Heat Sand, and Ghast Bones)
    The NetherCrafter (crafted like normal Workbenches)
    Netherrack Furnace (crafted like a furnace, using netherrack; Smelts 50% quicker)
    Glowood Chest (crafted like a chest, using glowood)
    Netherrack and Glowood Stairs
    Lava Reeds (used for Glowood Bookshelves)
    Glowood Bookshelves
    Ore Blocks - Neridium, Pyridium, and Linium Storage blocks
    Dark Wheat - only grows in the dark
    Glowood Doors
    Glowood Ladders
    [New]Parchment Paintings - Crafted like normal paintings with lava paper in center (v1.4 - more art)
    New Tools:
    Neridium (purple ore) Tools/Sword/Hoe/Armor/Bow/Arrows (same as Iron)
    Pyridium (orange ore) Tools/Sword/Hoe/Arrows/Bow (same as diamond/armor will be later on; crafted with Ghast Rods)
    Glowood Tools/Sword/Hoe (same as wood)
    Netherrack Tools/Sword/Hoe/Arrows/Bow (same as stone)
    Linium Tools/Sword/Hoe/Arrows/Bow (slightly better than diamond; crafted with Ghast Rods)
    Netherrack, Neridium, Pyridium, and Linium arrows (deals 6, 8, 10, and 16 damage respectively; Pyridium and Linium use Ghast Rods)
    Ghast Bonemeal (grows crops instantly, and speeds up tree growth by x10)
    Flint and Neridium (3x3 square of fire, and 3x the durability!)
    Neridium Bucket (only carries lava)
    W-Obsidian Armor (equal to diamond armor)
    Imp Skin Armor (equal to leather armor)
    Ores have tool harvest levels
    Foulite - Glowood+ (might be Netherrack+)
    Neridium - Netherrack+
    Pyridium - Neridium+
    Linium - Neridium+
    W Ore - Pyridium+
    Surface Tools and Weapons are useless in the Nether
    New Fuels:
    Foulite Dust (3x longer than coal)
    Lightstone Dust (As long as coal)
    Glowood Charcoal (As long as coal; Made from smelting Nether Logs)
    Neridium Lava Bucket (About as long as an Iron Lava Bucket)
    Glowood sticks, saplings, planks, and logs
    New Recipes:
    Signs - Crafted like a sign with nether items
    Placing two glow saplings on top of each other yields 2 nether sticks
    Obsidian Blocks - Crafted using 4 W-Obsidian Ingots in a square, yields 2
    New Foods (more will be added for sure):
    GloShroom Stew (Heals 6 hearts)
    Glowood Apple (Heals 3 hearts)
    Devil's Bread (Heals 5 hearts)

    Uses Block IDs 181-215 and Item IDs 2356-2440
    Requires ModLoader - Thread Link
    Requires ScotTools API - Thread Link
    Requires ItemSprite API - Thread Link

    Optional - Painterly Pack textures - Thread Link
    Optional - MixCraft HD (32x32) textures - Mediafire DL
    Optional - Faithful HD (32x32) textures - Mediafire DL
    Optional - SimplistiCraft (16x16) textures - Customizer Link
    Optional - Flexible Portals - Thread Link

    NetherCraft v2.0c - 1.0.0

    To download previous versions (for whatever reason):
    NetherCraft Folder

    Version History and Bugs

    No known bugs
    Version History:
    v2.0c - Makes ladders climbable again.
    v2.0b - Fixed Imps not appearing
    v2.0a - Fixed various bugs caused by MC updates.
    v2.0 - Added ItemSpriteAPI usage and updated to 1.0.0.
    v1.9b - Fixed issues with Netherrack Furnace.
    v1.9 - No more Netherdirt, glowood trees are now on Netherrack. Spawn increased about 100%. Fire Slimes are no longer fire resistant, since they were causing issues with spawn rates.
    v1.8b - Added Ghast Apocalypse mode to the config file (this is off by default). This mode is very arduous, and may cause extreme rage. You have been warned!
    v1.8a - Fixes some bugs. Can't remember all of them though, lol.
    v1.8 - Updated for Beta 1.6.6. Fixed torch, gloshrooms, ladder, and glosaplings so they only use a block, instead of a block and an item. Using ScotTools to make Smooth Netherrack burn. You MUST have ScotTools v8.0 or later to use this version!

    Use this in your sig to support!


    Preview of sig:

    Ray Gun v6.0 - 1.0.0

    Updated video of the Ray Gun!
    Thanks TheCrazyMineCrafter!

    This is the new Ray Gun. As of version 1.0, Element 115 ore will drop 3-5 pieces of element 115.


    New block - Element 115 Ore; Found below 32 height, glows slightly.

    New gun - Ray Gun; Kills hostile mobs in 4 hits.

    New item - Empty Canister; Used to make Ammo.

    New item - Energy Canister; Ammo. When used, you will get back an Empty Canister. You can also craft an Energy Canister by placing Element 115 in the center of the Empty Canister recipe!

    When fired.

    Tainted Iron. Used to upgrade the Ray Gun and craft Advanced Canisters.

    Advanced empty canisters.

    How to fill the canisters. Now fits in a 2x2 crafting grid.

    Advanced, or "Upgraded" Raygun. Kills hostile mobs in two shots.

    Version History and Bugs

    Version History:
    v6.0 - Updated to 1.0.0
    v5.0 - Update to Beta 1.7.3
    v4.2 - Added harvesting level required to mine Element 115 to iron. I meant to add this last time.
    v4.1 - Update to Beta 1.6.5
    v4.0 - Update to Beta 1.6.4
    v3.1 - Changed lots of the recipes. Check the recipes spoiler for details. Also changed a few recipes to include Tainted Iron, which is like alloying iron and element 115, and can upgrade the Raygun. Canister recipes also yield 2, instead of 1.
    v3.0 - Added a new Advanced Ray Gun. Deals about twice as much damage as the old one, which deals less damage now.
    v2.0 - Updated for Beta 1.5_01
    v1.0 - Element 115 Ore now drops 3-5 pieces. Sound changed to a earlier version, so it doesn't destroy your speakers.
    v0.3 - Changed recipes, changed the way ammo works, and added new images
    v0.2 - Increased the velocity of the ray bullet ten-fold; Fixed a bug
    v0.1 - Initial release; Beta 1.3_01
    -Doesn't use custom "ray gun" particles when hitting objects like intended

    Support Banner
    Thanks to Sword_Frog for the banner!
    Use this code in your signature:



    Requires ModLoader
    AudioMod suggested (enables RayGun sounds)
    Requires ScotTools API - Thread Link

    RayGun v6.0 - 1.0.0

    Randomite - 1.0.0

    Thank you PieDudeAus!
    This adds a new ore: Randomite
    When broken with a pickaxe, this ore will drop one of these items:

    -Iron Ore
    -Gold Ore
    -Redstone Powder


    Version History

    Version History:
    v7.0 - Updated to 1.0.0
    v6.0 - Updated to Beta 1.7.3; Next update will finally add Lapis to the ore drop, and replacing the egg with a slime ball or two, since slime balls are hard to get and are very useful if you enjoy playing with Pistons.
    v5.0 - Updated to Beta 1.6.6
    v4.0 - Updated to Beta 1.5_01, changed ore generation to be somewhat lower
    v3.0 - Updated to Beta 1.4_01, fixed the drop items and drop rates again
    v2.0 - Updated to Beta 1.4, finally, but accidentally ported an old release, lol
    v1.1 - Ore is slightly less common, and now drops diamond less, and coal more, etc. to keep it balanced =D
    v1.0 - Initial Release; Beta 1.3_01

    Support Banner
    Thanks to Sword_Frog for the banner!
    Use this code in your signature:



    ModLoader Required
    ScotTools API Required - Thread Link
    Randomite v6.0 - 1.0.0
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    posted a message on Scokeev9's Mods [13 Mods] RegenOres and Machetes for 1.3.2
    Quote from DarkenMoon97

    Hell yeah, Scokeev is coming back! :D

    Haha. I've been gone for 6 months, so I don't even know if many people remember my mods.
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    posted a message on Scokeev9's Mods [13 Mods] RegenOres and Machetes for 1.3.2
    Updated ScotTools. More mods are going to be updated whenever I buy a new computer (which should be soon). Sorry for the wait!
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    posted a message on Scokeev9's Mods [13 Mods] RegenOres and Machetes for 1.3.2
    Quote from DarkenMoon97

    First Thought..

    "HOLY ****, ITS BEEN DONE!"

    Haha, It's been done a few times in the past, but thank you!
    Quote from pwrocks5648

    so let me get this straight item sprite EXTENDS the amount of items minecraft has so if i have all these mods addinig items and i cant get another mod cuz the first one it fills up the gaps for the other one then if i download itemsprite and do teh stuff to get it on minecraft then i can download the mod that wasnt working before cuz there then space for the items? is that how it works and helps you? cuz i have all these mods and i wanna download more creeps and weirdos but i cant and i read the error report so i think there a space problem because there isnt enough space for its items so will this fix it? sorry for all the questions but i really wanna ifx rthe problem

    If I understand correctly, yes. It will resolve the issue behind the mod conflict.
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    posted a message on Scokeev9's Mods [13 Mods] RegenOres and Machetes for 1.3.2
    Almost done with NetherCraft! Expect quite a few bugs at the first release since it hasn't been updated since 1.7.3 (which means lots of code changes have occurred and it's extremely likely for me to have missed some of them), but I will be sure to work out bugs once the users and myself have found them.
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    posted a message on Scokeev9's Mods [13 Mods] RegenOres and Machetes for 1.3.2
    BiomeWater and BetterWinters updated. Enjoy!
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    Quote from Sword_Frog

    Minecraft 1.0.0 release :ohmy.gif:

    An amazing event; too bad I still must wait for MCP. I look forward to updating, including NetherCraft, though I do worry about bug updates for Minecraft. By the time MCP updates, Minecraft should be done with bug updates, so it shouldn't be an issue.
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    ScotTools is being updated right now (hopefully without any issues), as well as ItemSprite API.
    To modders: ScotTools has a couple changes; 'ItemCustomTool/ItemCustom(ToolType)' is being merged with 'ItemTool/ItemCustom(ToolType).' Just remove the word 'Custom' out of your code and everything will work (unless there are any bugs).
    ScotTools should be compatible with MinecraftForge after this update. I will test the update for stability, but not fully until after the release (I'll release the API, then test immediately afterwards, if possible). I will post any bugs found after the release and fix them as quickly as possible. Thank you for being patient! =D
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    Bump for awesomeness and hoping other modders with GL11 experience will notice this and/or work on it more! =D
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